A Single Parents Life

{December 6, 2016}   Breathing a Little Easier Today

I went to the social security office today to find out what I needed to do to show I am not getting support from Father of the Year. Since they took about a $100 away when I started getting it. So instead of putting a $100 with it to pay rent every month I have had to put $200 with it. I figred it would be a huge run around like everywhere else I would need a letter from him or someone else stating he wasn’t paying me.

I got my number sat there in for an hour or and finally got called back to talk to someone. I told the guy I was getting support and now I am not. I don’t know when I will get it again. I didn’t come in sooner because he was only suppose to be out of work for a couple weeks and now it has been a month and a half he hasn’t paid. He ask his name and started looking in the computer. Then he said something about child support enforcement. I told him it did not go through them I thought it would but when they granted the support and divorce they didn’t that I was all the time running him down to get my money and now he wasn’t paying at all.

He pulled out a form marked a few places on it and said fill out this area and write a statement that he isn’t paying you right now and sign it. I did and he said it will up date in the computer. I asked him how long it would take to update and he said with in 24 hours so his check the first would be for the full amount instead of what he has been getting. Then he did some more figuring and said in about 5 days you should get a credit for October for what you were short because he only paid you for two weeks not the full 4.

I figured it out and with the credit for October and him getting the full amount on the first I will be $11 short of having my rent for the first. My friend lives on the other end of the main street they are on. I went there to give her and her boyfriend a ride and pick her up when I got done. She asked how it went what all they wanted to change it back or if they were going to. I told her they did and they were even going to credit for the check I already got for October. That I would only be $11 short the fist, her boyfriend said no your not going to be $11 short the first I will have money you will have the $11. I wasn’t worried about the $11 I knew I could come up with it some how if I had to ask my sister for it or sell something for next to nothing to get it.

My mom called why I was standing in like at the social security office I couldn’t answer because you can’t have phones in there. I text her told her I wasn’t home couldn’t answer ask what she wanted. She got all mad I couldn’t walk outside and call her. I was waiting in a line to get a number to wait in line to get to talk to someone. If I had gotten out of line went out then came back I been farther back in line and a higher number. They had just open and I was already number 27.

Once I finally got a number and knew they would not be calling it anytime soon I went out to call her. She said Father of the Year went to work and then got called to go down south somewhere for an interview and was talking about what to do. I said I guess he is going to have to tell this job he had something come up he has to take care of and go to it see what they tell him. The job he is at that he started Monday is by the job and he is not going to make money there. Then she said he had an interview at lunch time with them. So he told them he had to go he be back later or in the morning he had to take care of something.

On the way to the interview someone else from the same company called and was wanting to set up and interview he told them he already talked to someone and was on his way. They ended up telling him to come back and start work at 3:30 tonight it is second shift. I am just wondering how long it is really going to last if they were that desperate to have someone start. It is doing the same thing he was doing at the last job he got laid off at November and in schools down there I guess. He says they just started this job and have others they are waiting on approvals of paperwork or something for. He said they work 4 ten hour days and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I bet he still has next to nothing to do with the kids even with three days a week off. He could take them Friday to Monday when he dropped them off at school like he is supposed to. Because he don’t have to be at work until 330 now. He also could take them Thursday until Sunday instead but I know he won’t.

At least with this job he will get paid every week and will have a check for 30 hours next week plus the check from the junk yard for the day and half that he worked. Pretty much a full check then he will get two more full checks by the 30. He should have $1760 without the day and whatever from the junk yard. He better start giving me something again here soon.

He could pay his rent pay me what he owes me and still have a few $100 left over for the month. I am sure he will tell me how he has to pay his bills and catch up there. I bet he don’t bother to go get the kids anything for Christmas. Or that will be what he does tell me he can’t pay me he has to buy the kids stuff for Christmas. But no big deal that I have no money because he hasn’t been paying me. But that is ok they will have a nice Christmas.

He will be making between $2560 a month and $3200 a month. The way they get paid and I bet he still cries about having to give me money or having to help buy the kids clothes or extra stuff they need for school or clubs. His support is figured on him making half what he is really making. If I have to keep tracking him down and asking for my money over and over I will go to child support enforcement let them know he got a job make twice as much money and that I have to call and ask over and over for my money so I want to know how to have it take right from his checks. The guy today at the social security office said that I can go request that they take it from his check and that they will take his income tax check since he is behind. That is just what I am going to do if this keeps up and he don’t want to help with their other stuff. That was the deal he would help with whatever extra they needed since the support was figured lower. It was also figured by how many over nights they are with him and how many they are with me. They never have any over nights with him at all so that would make it go up as well.

{December 6, 2016}   Good Morning

It’s 8:30 and my two little ones should already be at school but they are not. One is somewhere in the house doing who knows what and the other is sitting in the floor throwing a fit because she wants to wear her black sparkly shoes. I don’t care if she wears rainbow colored sparkly shoes but she can not wear her black shoes because cause she decided to wear them in the bathtub last night and they are still wet. So now she is rolling around in the floor crying. Shoes are a battle I do not pick to fight or worry about as long as they fit, match, and they have socks on. But I can’t let her wear soaked shoes to school.

Now I am sure her hair is going to need to be brushed again she is rolling around and now she has one shoe off. I guess she will be going to school with her shoes in her hand because she is wearing what she is told to wear. When she gets there and they tell her she has to put them on she is going to have to listen or sit and watch all her friends play and do fun stuff.

Now the boys decide to eat and put all their lunch stuff in their lunch boxes. I don’t know why they didn’t put in their boxes when they laid it all out 30 minutes ago. I have to go to the SSI office and wanted to be there by 9 it looks like I am not going to be there until 930 at this rate. At least I get in and out most days.

I should be up after them to get ready but I am not in the mood to fight with them. They are lucky my Little Bitty don’t get counted late since it is more like daycare and my kinder isn’t late until like 9. His teacher lets them have free play and takes care of things she needs to do so she don’t count them late if they miss free play.

Now my oldest is asking for help putting her earrings in. Why I don’t know because she never wears them. I mean never ever in her life does she wear them. If she wears a pair once every two years is a lot for her. That is why she needs help putting them on her holes kind of close up.

Now the little has ripped her shoes and socks off and putting her wet shoes on. I guess I better go make this child listen. It is to early for this I didn’t sleep good and I got beat up all night from my little one sleeping in my back and tossing turning and kicking me all night.

{December 6, 2016}   Fighting Already

As if everything that I already have going on I had nothing better to do than listen to the two of them tell me about their big fight. I had an exam to take on Friday and my mom calls me at like 9:30 Thursday night and started telling me all about a big fight her and Father of the Year had. She said he was yelling and screaming at her and calling her names. Then she starts telling me how that is abuse and she isn’t going to take it. Over and over for an hour or more while I am telling her I need to get off the phone and go to bed. I am just thinking yeah so what I really don’t care he is Mr. Wonderful and I should stay with him remember. Still thinks if something happens I should let him come here and stay or I should move in with them both there and put up with abuse from both of them.

She said he dirtied this up and that up and they got in a fight about it. He called her a bitch and all kinds of stuff. Then took his stuff and left. She is boohooing how sick she was how dirty it was and she had to go clean it up and he wasn’t coming back there and things. She started about how it was abuse and how he was an lies he has told and how he don’t pay the bills, she has to beg him for the money to pay the rent, he tells her he has it then she finds out he don’t. I said well I told you all this before nothing you say surprises me at all you already knew all this. She just kept going on and one said she figured he come here and want to stay or to stay for the night. I told her he wasn’t here and he wasn’t coming here. I am not getting that started again.

The middle of talking to her he tried to call me about three times. When I got off the phone with her I called to see what he wanted. He wanted to drop this wooden trunk off that his grandpa had made, in it is a bunch of wooden trucks and things that he had made as well. He said he wanted the boys to have them and he didn’t have no where to keep it. He said he screwed up and said shit he shouldn’t have he burnt bridges and that he didn’t have anywhere to stay and didn’t want to carry it around in his truck. I asked him where he was he said sitting towns away in front of his parents house. He said he called them his dad was gone and his mom told him he could only stay there a day or two that was it. I told him he needed to go take care of the mess he left and to try and patch things up with her so he had a place to stay and stick it out until he got caught up on everything and knew what kind of job he was going to have and be making so he could get a place of his own later.

He just kept saying he couldn’t he had done burnt that bridge and everything. I told him if he waited until the next day he probably had but if he went tonight and tried to make it right he may have a chance. He said he was going to go inside and talk to his mom and decide what to do.

Damned if she didn’t call me back talking about it all again and how he was probably going to come back wanting to stay there and how she didn’t want him there but she should let him come back. Then when she gets her money rent the room out and tell him he had to get out. I know she isn’t going to do it as much as she says she will or is. Just like before that in the first call she wasn’t ever letting him come back there or helping him again on and on.

I knew when she was saying it all that she would let him come back and stay. If he come back a week later she would because she don’t want to lose her place and don’t want to have to move over here. If he came back she would let him stay as long as he would and as long as he wanted to because she don’t want to let anyone else move in there and rent the room out because she can not control them like she can him. There isn’t anyone going to move in there and live with her and let her do the things that she does they will move out with in days or weeks unless she finds someone as OCD as her.

We were on there for a while then and he hadn’t called or text her or shown up. I text him why I was talking to her and ask him where he was what he was doing and things. He said he was just going to stay there that night and maybe talk to her the next day. We talked a few times and he text her and ask her if she was up said he wanted to talk about what happen and clean up the mess he made. She told him to do whatever he wanted to do and she wasn’t talking about it in a text or on the phone. I finally hung up and I honestly don’t know if he went back over there that night or the next day. I never did ask either one what happen but he is back over there.

I don’t plan to ask either because I really don’t care and if I ask her she will just go on and on about it and if I ask him who knows if it is true or not. He may not have went back for three weeks and would say he went back that night. I have bigger things to worry about than their spats.

Oh and she told me this wasn’t the first time that he has started and been screaming and yelling at her. But again not my problem.

{December 6, 2016}   Wish She Would Just Give Up

I am so tired of talking to my mom, every time I talk to her all she talks about is what we are all going to do. Tonight we got into it because she started talking about it again. How I shouldn’t have paid my rent I should have came over there and I would have that money to pay bills and buy Christmas with. How if we don’t get together and do this and make a plan then we are never going to get out of here. I finally had enough and told her that they didn’t have to pay theirs and she could have come over here just as easy. She said well you said you didn’t want Father of the Year over there so where is he going to go? I said I don’t know not my problem. Then it was well my landlord would throw us all out if they found out and hers is never there. I said mine is never here either and that my rent is cheaper and I have more space. Then she says what are you doing to do when they raise your rent? What are you going to do if they don’t rent it to you again. I said there is no reason for them not to and what are you going to do when they raise yours again. She just kept on. I said well I am not going to be moving over there everyone is miserable there and we can’t have anything. She wants us to come there because she don’t like my dogs so they would have to go. I would have to get rid of my fish tanks and my oldest would have to get rid of her birds. She would rule everything and have any and all say and there would not be a day without fighting because I won’t just sit and keep my mouth shut. They lost pets last time because she lied her ass off told them they could have them and when we got there she refused to let them take them off the porch they couldn’t live on the porch and it was getting cold. I had to give them to someone that could get them in and take care of them so they didn’t die. I was so mad they were the kids birthday gift they just got about a month before.

She started about well we have to come up with a plan and we have to figure something out because we are not going to have money to pay rent here and money to pay rent there too. Kept going on and on about what are you going to do and you have to do something. I said I don’t know I have to figure something out for us. What do you mean by that? I said I will have to figure out how to pay our rent and get it taken care of. She started about how was I going to do that? I had tried everything this time even selling my blood like it was such a horrible thing. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with selling plasma there is no where around where you can just donate it, they are the only place that take it and they pay. Blood donation isn’t the same thing and I guess she to stupid to know that or something because blood you do not get paid for I have given blood before but can’t anymore. She has never given anything in her life but then telling me how it all is. Then she keeps telling me how we shouldn’t have gotten divorced yet and now we can’t file taxes together and he can’t claim the kids because they don’t live with him blah blah bullshit she don’t know about again. Normally you can’t claim them if they didn’t live with you but he has a court order saying he can claim them. But like I told him he technically can’t claim them because he hasn’t even paid support for them other than for like two months.

I received a few checks in January but not a lot because of being sick. I don’t know if I will be able to file and get anything at all back even with claiming the two kids. I have to go to the Social Security office tomorrow because when I told them that I was getting support from Father of the Year they lowered his check by around $100. I thought when I reported that I wasn’t getting it anymore they would be told and fix it but they didn’t. I have to go there tomorrow and see what I have to do to get that money back. If I get that back then I will be only $100 short of my rent money Jan and February. I do not want to lose my place over a couple hundred dollars.

I am going to go to the place I went before and see if I can get help with lights and water. I have only ever gotten help once in the past with my lights and that was years ago. I hope that they will help me this time to get them paid up then I will be able to hold things over until I get my money in February probably. Then I am paying my rent up for at least 3 months. Then pay it each month as the monthly check comes so that it stays paid up.

They are coming to get my couch Friday evening. I owe two weeks on it now. I told them give me until last Friday I would see if I could get it for them. I thought I was going to have it. Then everything fell through. I went in Friday and told him I didn’t have it I was going to have to turn it in for a while. He said ok but he couldn’t do anything until Monday to get back in contact with him. Today I stopped in and talked to him and he said he can’t come get it until Friday now. I told him ok after 4 would be fine. I didn’t see anything in the book I think he is just buying me time but I just don’t have it right now and need to save all I can to take care of rent the first. Because I am not losing my place over two out of eight hundred dollars. I can also pawn something to maybe get it come the first because then I know i have money coming the next month to get it back because all I have to pawn is the things my dad left me and I am not going to lose them. I will work it out. I have a friend that is selling his truck and they said if they did they could give me what I needed to hold me over until I get my money in February.

I am trying to keep the faith, although I have done it so far it isn’t easy and then hearing from her all the time about what “WE” are going to do just makes me mad more than anything. There is no “WE” I still find it funny that they are two grown adults and they can’t figure out how to pay their bills and then want to try and push or bully me into giving up my place and all our things to come pay their bills so they don’t lose their place.

I am also going to go to the housing place and see if there is anyway I can get any kind of help through them. I hate going these places and asking for help. But like I said before I am desperate and not moving in with them. At this point the way I feel is I am going in there I tell them the truth about everything, they can either turn me down or help me. I am not twisting the truth or skirting it to try and get them to help me. I know so many people around here who do it and get everything taken care of for them. If I am telling the truth about everything and there is help there then I may as well take it. That is what it is there for people who like myself have hit a ruff patch.

I love how she tries to make it sound like she is worried about me and the kids and what is going to happen to us. But then she isn’t willing to give her place up and move in over here. She says because Father of the Year can’t come. That don’t make a difference where ever he is staying it is up to him to pay me. It isn’t like he pays the bills when he was here. He would pay enough to keep them from going off when we got the final notice but that is it. She says he isn’t going to be homeless and still pay you if he can’t afford to pay for a place to stay. Well I can’t help that he has had chances to make money all these weeks he could have been paying me half the weeks or more he has missed. But he hasn’t so why would I care if he was homeless and still had to pay. He don’t care that we need things. He don’t care that we may lose our place. Why should I let him come back here and take care of him the way he treats all of us and does. But I am wrong for thinking he needs to grow up and find his own place and help take care of his kids. They act like he gives me so much and I just blow it. What he gives me hardly pays for the things they need for school and stuff like that.

Like me and my sister were talking about, what he pays is based on what he makes, what I make, how many nights they are with me and how many nights they stay at his house. He was making $16 an hour and his support was figured at $8 an hour, and it was based on them spending the night with him from Friday night until Monday morning and he has never ever had them for even one night much less the weekend. So if he wants to keep fucking around and playing games I will take him back and tell them he has not paid in months now and that he has never ever even once taken them for the night. He also don’t get them one day a week like he is supposed to. Most the time he don’t even have his phone on we can’t get a hold of him for days at a time, sometimes a week. If something was to happen we couldn’t get a hold of him. Like I told him last night or the night before when he said something about us not telling him something. We had told him I told him and one of the kids told him right here standing in my house. He ignored us both and went on talking about something else like we never said anything he was looking right at me. I told him the other night that we can’t get a hold of him when we call and that I refuse to call someone else to get a hold of him because he don’t answer his phone or text. That from now on he will find out when ever he comes around or calls. He started well this and that and giving excuses why. Like I told him I don’t care what his excuses are and that they are very lame.

I guess we will see what happens. They don’t have their rent now and he just started a job today and already talking about not going back to it and going to another one he got but can’t start for a few weeks. At the one he is at he would get three checks he would probably be able to pay their rent. But if he changes jobs he probably won’t get checks until after the first. The lady over their house is looking to get them out because she don’t like shit she has done and went over her head to the owner about things.


{December 5, 2016}   Their Miracle Is Coming

Last week my friends boyfriend sent me a message and asked if she was going with me that day. I told him yes I was coming later to pick her up. He said he needed to talk to me when I got there. I told him I would come early so that we had time to talk he said okay. That was the day I was going to try to donate plasma and I had an appointment we had to be there by.

I went over to pick her up and they were sitting out front on the porch. I got out and went up to talk to them. He said I did something I have to tell you about and I really hope it don’t make you mad. But I felt like it needed to be done and now I need some help from you.

I said ok so what is it that you done? Go ahead and tell me so I can figure out what to do or needs to be done and how to handle it. He said I know you are having a hard time right now and that you are doing what you can to just get the bills paid and keep a roof over your heads. That I have helped them a lot and the kids are such good kids. What he said next I wasn’t prepared for.

He said that he had Christmas for the kids taken care of. He said he had talk to some friends and they needed a list of things the kids like and some things they have asked for. He said he had no idea what they would get but he knew they would get at least a few things each but probably much more.

He said that a few years back he had a man approach him and ask him about helping his family for Christmas because him and his wife had just taken in 4 of their grandchildren. He had heard they would help at the holidays sometime. My friend wasn’t part of the organization the man thought he was but he knew a lot of the people in it. He talked to them and they helped the family out and the kids ended up with a lot of nice things. They even brought them Christmas dinner with pies and everything. I told him I could get the food that was fine and thanks so much for what he was doing and that it took a lot of the stress off with everything that is going on. He said they needed a list that night of stuff and they said they wish he had told them before Black Friday. He told them we thought we had it all worked out but that things fell through. They said they understood and they would get on it and make it happen.

I got the kids together and told them I needed a list of about 5 things they would really like to have. They said mostly books and things like that. Nothing all that big or expensive. I know my oldest has wanted a basketball hoop so bad and they had one at the church thrift store I have been wanting to get for her she seen but couldn’t. It’s nice I told him about it and that they could probably get it for a lot less because most people don’t know it is there or for sale and that it was probably nicer than the cheap ones at the store. That she would be happy with it. My kids really are not picky and are very great-full and thankful for what they do get. They know that their list is just for ideas, they may get things off of it they may not they may get a few things or a bunch. But they never ask for over 5 to 10 things and know they get 3 to 5 gifts from me depending on what I am able to do and what kinds of deals I can find.

I have not told them that anyone has offered to help with Christmas at all. I do not want to tell them in case something happens and it don’t come through for some reason. I talked with the big kids over the weekend. I told them that I didn’t know what I was going to be able to buy this year, that I was working on getting them at least one gift each so that they got something. But that I couldn’t promise what it would be or if it would be their top pick. They understood.

My oldest took a few dollars that she had and bought the other three each a book to give to them. She asked me if maybe this one club would help us, I told her we weren’t a family getting services from them anymore they help their families because they have so many. She said if I wanted to get my Big Boy his laptop and skip hers for now it would be find she understood. I told her I wouldn’t do that it wasn’t fair. (I can get it with his scholarship so no money out of pocket.) She then said maybe we could go through their stuff and dig out toys they have not played with in forever or stuff I put up to get rid of and wrap up for them so they would have something. I told her I would figure something out. Not to worry about it. I told her to use her money to get something she wanted to read or do and she said she wanted to get them something.

I am going to try and get her something as well for them to give her. I can probably go to the dollar store and find her a book for a dollar. I might be able to get her a few.

It may not be the miracle she thought was going to happen but she will be surprised.


{December 5, 2016}   Didn’t Get My Hopes Up

Over the weekend I was going through a couple of trunks I have in my room. They just have mostly pictures and different keep sake stuff. I use to have craft stuff in them as well and was looking for that. I found a life insurance policy on my Dad. My oldest was looking with me and she was excited. She said this is the miracle we been needing I told you we were going to get a miracle. I told her not to get her hopes up I didn’t know anything about the policy and that it probably wasn’t good. It had me and my brother listed for who it would go to in equal shares.

I tried to call about it thinking that maybe the eight hundred number would have someone to answer but it didn’t. My oldest has been so antsy wanting to know if it was good or not all weekend. I wanted to get my hopes up because my dad swore up and down he had two polices one for me and one for my brother. Plus he had one to take care of him and would leave a little extra. He found out when he was sick that the one he had to take care of him and that would leave extra was only for accidental death so it would not pay out. But he said he still had the other two.

Once he passed all we ever found was the one that was left in my brothers name. We turned it in took care of daddy and split what was left. I wanted to do something with mine I could keep and remember my dad by but had to spend it on bills. Story of my life.

Today I called to find out about the other and it was not any good. She said it had lapsed. I asked when it lapsed wondering if it was in the last year and half since he passed or if it was before. I was thinking that if it lapsed after he passed but was good when he passed maybe we could still turn it in seeing as it lapsed because of his passing. She said it lapsed in 2011 long before he passed. I think that was around the time he got laid off and then was waiting on his disability. He probably wasn’t able to keep the payment up on it. The policies he did keep and pay were worth more so I can see why he did let that one go. But he probably wouldn’t have if he had known the other was accidental death only. But that’s okay he was trying to do what was best.

My oldest was a little disappointed but it will be okay. we will get by and make it. I wanted to get my hopes up but I knew not to and glad I didn’t.

{December 5, 2016}   Medical Stuff

I am sure there will probably be lots of it to come in the future as well. I thought I was supposed to go to the doctor on the 9th and got a call on Tuesday saying it was on the Wednesday. I went in and they said that my breast are full off cyst, but nothing looks like cancer. They would just have to keep an eye on it. I don’t know if that means I will have to go in once a year or every few years for test again or just if I have other problems besides pain. The letter I got from the place that done the test said to come back when I am 40. That would be in 4 years. Wow never really thought about turning 40 or how close it really is until I just typed that. When thinking about it, it seems so far away.

Anyway she then went on to the thyroid test I had at the same time. I knew they found something in it because I didn’t get a letter or anything about it. She said they called me and told me. I stopped her and told her no no one ever called and told me anything at all about it. But that I figured they found something because I didn’t get a letter about it. She said they found many tumors or nod-gels on the thyroid and that I need to have a biopsies on them.

I ask how many there was and what size they are but she said it just said many and since it is many they don’t do all that. I have to go to a endocrinologist they will do a ultrasound to see them and then take a needle and stick in them and do the biopsies.

Now it makes me worry about the kids a little more 3 of the 4 have been referred to the Endocrinologist as well. My older two’s numbers were a little off. Not enough the doctor was worried about. But when I told her that thyroid problems run in my family she sent them. Then I asked her if she could send my little one since the other three are going. They called about the older two and said it would be April before they could get them in. I have not heard anything about my little one. I am going to call their doctor tomorrow and tell her what they found on mine and see if she can call and get them in sooner.

Other than that she checked to see how much of my medication she gave me last time I had left and then told me to come back in 4 months. I don’t know why she is waiting so long to have me come back, I only have two refills for my medication. I don’t know if the thyroid doctor can give me more of if she is waiting to see if he wants me to keep taking it. I guess I have to spend tomorrow looking for a doctor and trying to get in.

I made an appointment to go back for my yearly check since I haven’t had one since I was pregnant with my last over three years ago. I told them I needed that and birth control but thinking that I maybe shouldn’t take any birth control until they figure out my thyroid.

A lot has been going on I didn’t get to update everything I wanted to the other night and haven’t been back. I did get some things taken care of the last few days but still trying to get the last 3 pieces of the puzzle to fall into place by morning.

Ok Friday I got up went and picked my friend up and we headed south to go to the plasma donation place. We only have one in the county. She seen a thing for it online and it said that they would pay you $60 for your first 4 times of donating. Not sure why they call it donating because they buy it but it is what it is. I figured that would give me a $120 of the $200 I needed for rent.

I am not crazy about needles or my own blood but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am desperate. I got there and they needed more paperwork because of my name change, it didn’t match on everything. I gave them that and they sent me over to this little half door that leads into the are where everyone is hooked up donating. They call it a vain check. This guy comes over he checks my right arm then my left then my right again. He says wait and goes to talk to someone, she comes over and she checks my right arm then the left and then the right again. She says I have a good one in both arms but the right is better. She said the left is on something and will probably roll. She says that I am dehydrated, I should have drink more water that morning. I should not have drink the tea I did. I only had a few sips of tea probably not even a half cup. I ask her if I could go and drink some more water and come back. She said no that it would be better to come back. She said drink a lot of water the day before and the day of.

I didn’t even make an appointment to go back because I do not think they are going to do it even if I drink a gallon of water every day for a week and only drink water in between. Every time I go somewhere  to get an IV or blood taken they always say I am dehydrated. When I was pregnant with my 2nd I was in the hospital two days a week and the doctors office once a week for most of my pregnancy because I was dehydrated. I could go to the bathroom in their little cup and it looked like orange kool aid it was that bad, even with being there getting floods twice a week for about 8 to 12 hours each time.

Father of the Year was supposed to go yesterday and today and give me what he got but he didn’t offer to. He could careless what we have, don’t have, or need.

{December 2, 2016}   A Day Early and Dollars Short

I haven’t been around much because there has been a lot going on. I have been trying to make money to pay the bills and looking for jobs. I haven’t done either one. For some reason I thought Friday was the first and realized today it was today. I still have my video’s to make I been so busy trying to figure out where the $200 for rent and the $100 for other bills was going to come from. Every idea I have tried to do or thought of has not worked or didn’t come through.

I went Wednesday to the furniture store and talk to the lady to see if she would just buy everything in a big lot and give me about $300 for it all. She said she was going to come by on Thursday and look at it see it in person. I took pictures. Thursday morning I got a text saying her and her partner decided to pass on it. I really thought the way she talked she was interested.

Me and my friend spent some time Wednesday driving around looking to see if we could find anything to scrap. Most the time I see tons of washers, dries, fridge and other things out at curbs. It is nothing to see three or four in close area. We drove three or 4 different area’s and didn’t find not one thing to scrap. I figured in two or three days we could find enough to come up with the money I needed.

I wanted to go Monday and Tuesday but then remembered that my door on the back wouldn’t open on the truck. Wednesday morning I went and picked my friend up took her to a meeting then we went back to her house. I had her boyfriend look at the door he said the only way he could get it for me to be able to open it was to break the handle off because when you take the panel off the door it is over metal. There is a little spot but not easy to get into and not a very easy to get to. He was going to unscrew the handle to see what he could find but it didn’t have screws just plastic clips. I told him to just do it I needed to have that door open so that I can get things in and out and that they would probably have to break it in order to fix it. He just wasn’t sure we would be able to open it after he broke it or not because we didn’t know what was behind it, he didn’t want me to be mad at him for breaking it and then maybe not be able to get in still. I told him I wasn’t going to tell him to do it then get mad because no one would know without taking it off. When he got it off we were able to just reach right in and open it up. I wish I had known I could open it so easy when we left for the storm it would have been a lot easier.

Thursday I went to a bunch of churches and other places to try and get help with rent. They all said they did’t help with rent anymore and that they helped with food and clothing. I told them I had that for now but thank you. One I didn’t even get to talk to there was a sign on the door that said no financial help today so I didn’t bother to go in and ask I figure I will check back maybe tomorrow.

One of the churches kind of made me mad. I went in and ask if they help with rent and she said no. She said well you have come in before you should know that. I said no I haven’t ever been here for help. I told her I had not had to ask for help from places but was in a situation right now, that I needed a little bit to go with my rent money. It made me man because when I said no she acted like I was lying to her or something and that I do this all the time. I wanted to say more but I didn’t. It sure wouldn’t have been good I know that.

{December 2, 2016}   My Meeting with My Lawyer

Well guys I sat down to start an update and could have sworn I posted something since what was showing up. I started writing feeling a bit confused and decided to stop and poke around. Sure enough I did write something and I guess I was falling a sleep and saved instead of posted it. So here is Tuesdays Post a little late.

I really did not feel like being at therapy or talking about anything at all really. Most the time was spend trying to figure out how or where to make some money and where to maybe get a job. I was fine with that I just felt in a funk and not like talking at all.


Today after therapy was my meeting with my lawyer about the accident I had last year. It was a phone conference I thought I could do from home but I couldn’t I had to go a few cities over to meet my lawyer who was coming from counties away to be with him while we had it. I got out of therapy a little early so I got down that way early. I found where I needed to be and was going to go grab a burger and tea through the drive through for $3, because I was thirsty and hungry. Something said to just go to the meeting so I could talk to the lawyer and explain some things to him. It’s a good thing I did because they gave me floor and room and when I got there they told me someone else was in that room they didn’t know who I was talking about. I called the lawyers office and they said they had that floor and different floor. She said to go down to the next floor and check there. I got down there and all was there was Federal Fraud this and that. She told me she was going to call the lawyer and call me back so she could see where he was. She said to go back to the 4th floor and ask for a different room. I got up there and the lawyer was out in the front waiting for me then. I guess the office had changed some things and his office had written some thing wrong when they were telling them.

When we got in there I asked him how it went from around $40,000 to $80,000 some thing? He said that At&T finally turned their numbers in for their damage and it was $42,000. I said how there wasn’t that much damage to their box at all. He said really? I said really the car came to rest against it but It didn’t really damage to it. He said man I hit said he didn’t think it was that much damage either. Surprising enough the At&T guy was the first on the phone. The lawyer started asking him about it and told him that we both were saying we didn’t see how there was that much damage to that box so we were questioning what had been done. He told us that they opened up an “engineering” ticket for the work order and that every time we seen an hour this day or hour that day they were out looking to see what they should be doing and what parts to order and things like that. Of course we don’t know how many times they were out there because we aren’t watching the pole all the time and things. The AT&T guy said to give you and idea it is $13,000 just for the box and then all the little circuit boards that go into it cost so much and the labor for the workers. The lawyer just said okay and if that is what they said kind of and we waited for everyone else to get on the line.

Once everyone was on the line they went over my financial paperwork. My lawyer told them I am a student I get so much SSI for my son and I have student loans for the rest. They asked about Father of the Year and him supporting the kids or what. I said we have not been together for about 6 years and he has paid maybe a year of child support in that time. I got about two months of support this year and that is it.

The lawyer started going over who was asking for how much and he got to AT&T and said they were asking for $42,000. The man I hit spoke up and said how are they asking for that much there is no way that there was that much damage ? He said Bright House was here before the car was even off their box and three guys spent a few hours or so out here to fix it, there was no internet service or cable why they were fixing it there was an outage. He then said I am a customer of AT&T and we never lost phone service, the box is right outside my door and no one has ever been here not once to look at that box. He said it is still leaning and has a dent in it.

The AT&T guy started about how the box had to be replaced, the box was tore off the slab and laying in the road, it messed up all the wiring and all this inside and all the boards. The guy I hit said what are you talking about the box was not in the road or tore off the slab. There was nothing in the road the cars and things were on the side of the road and in my parking lot, it happen right outside my company. He told them again he was looking at it and it was still there never replaced. He told them he had a time and date stamped picture of it then and he could take one of it now and show it. He asked them and my lawyer asked them what the address of this box they fixed was because they had not even put it on their paperwork when they turned it in. He started saying all these street names and the cross road of this and that. He stopped them and said wait there is not cross road we were right on the side of the high way. The roads they were talking about are across 6 lanes of traffic and a medium and blocks away. The AT$T guy was saying the wall is there and this and that and the stuff in the street. I was looking at my lawyer and shaking me head no this wasn’t right there was no wall and things. Then they gave us the address and things. So then the AT&T guy tried to say it looks like there were two accidents around the same time on the same day then and said something about November 2nd. Me and the man I hit both were like no this accident happen in September there is nothing close to being related here.

Then the AT&T guy just stammered and didn’t really know what to say. He was just like I don’t know how this paperwork got her name tied to it, I just got this case not long ago whatever whatever. But you know what whenever you got it you should have researched it and knew what was going on and that your going after the right person for the accident. Because this wasn’t a lawyer for AT&T or anything like that this was just one of their employee’s that is put in charge of investigating damage and handling this kind of things.

My lawyer I think it was said he guess they needed to wait on AT&T to get their information together and meet again with all this. That we really couldn’t do anything until we knew how much each part wanted. The guy from AT&T said we are out, I’m done. All the others went on talking and things like that and it came up again and it was said they had to wait for all the numbers to be turned in and the AT&T guy again said not being rude but I’m out I am done with this. My lawyer said so your pulling out of the suit then? He said yes I have no information on this the man is saying the box has never had anything done to it someone here has messed up. He said if something needs to be done I will sign the work order and we will eat the cost because I don’t know anything about this case we have no information.

I was like oh thank God this man I hit has his company right there by this box and he was able to say no this is not right and the same box is still there and it was pushed farther and we found out they were wrong. Because I had no pictures and I could not say if the box was or was not replaced or if work had or had not been done to it. I probably would have just been on the hook for it when it was all said and done. I was questioning why they started work in November myself but was waiting for them to all get done talking and when the man I hit started my lawyer was just like SHH just let him talk and let them figure this out between them. Then we will jump in but right now he is getting a lot of information and putting a lot out there. Let him get it all he has to say out there.

They are still saying I am on the hook for like $50,00o something I am not sure about all that, I am going to call and have the office send me a copy of everyone who wants money and how much. He could only do so much and get so much info today because he was working remote didn’t have printer and fax. The lawyer that is. He was super nice not what I expected at all. Some are just kind of stuck up look down on you or what. But he wasn’t that way he was joking around and things and wishing me luck on school and said he really wanted to make this go away. He even told the other insurance company’s lawyer with the insurance company and everyone else on the phone I know your client is not the easiest to work with and don’t do a lot that makes since but.

But he told me when we were talking before it all started that he seen the other company sue a kid for $500. He said the filing fee’s are about that and then they used a lawyer and the fee they had to pay the lawyer was $1500 so they spent more than they eve got but that is how they do. Even my company said they sue everyone. So hearing that I figure they are going to want to go to court and have a judgment put against me for the money they want. Like he said and the other guys said you can’t get blood from a turnip you know. But the other company kept talking about what would be available to me in the future. So they are going to be asses to deal with I am sure.

They dropped Father of the Year before we ever got together because of an accident. But the accident wasn’t even his fault the other people caused it and they hit him. They both had same company and dropped both of them. They are known for some shady things.

et cetera
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