A Single Parents Life

{August 27, 2016}   Best Friend

My Big Boy came home the first or second day of school and told me he made a best friend, he likes Phineas and Ferb, he likes star wars and start-trek along with robots and the many other things my son likes. They get to sit at the same table and they talk during lunch and other times when they aren’t doing their work.

Their school goes from 1st grade – 12th grade and there are only 12 kids in the school ages like 7-21. I asked how old his new best friend was if he was his age? He said no he thought he was younger probably 7 or 8. My Big Girl who is 12 even said he was younger than my son who is 10 almost 11 and that the little boy was probably about 8 or 9. One day this week or last I had to go into class before school started and he introduced me to his new best friend. I said hi and they went on. Looking at him I figured he was probably about 9 about to be 10. Between the 3 of us we have this kid being between the ages of 7 and 10.

Today my son comes home and he said mom you know my best friend at school? I said yeah what about him? He said he is 14!! I said what? So and so that I talk to the other day that you met like the first day of school? They both said yes and started laughing. I said you all thought he was like 8 or 9. He said today he was talking about his work and earning credit for it. My oldest ask him what kind of credit was he earning for it and he told her high school credit. Her being Miss. Smarty Pants I am sure was floored that this 8 year old kid was doing high school work if she wasn’t. So she asked him how old he was and he told them then that he was 14. I never would have guessed 14 looking at him and to hear the kids talk about the things they all talk about.

It was just so funny to see the shocked look on my sons face. I think he was probably more shocked that older kid talked to him and they had so much in comment and became such good friends so fast. He has a hard time fitting in a lot of times because of his likes and things. And the fact of how young he looks and how young they thought he was. I said so are you all still friends? He said well yeah why wouldn’t we be? I said no reason you just looked so worried or surprised like there was something wrong wit h how old he was. He said no it was just funny we thought he was younger.

I get all the kids up and take them to school today, since my Little Guy was fine by Wednesday evening and had no complaints, fever or puking Thursday. My little ones have to be there at 8:20 and 8:30 while the big ones don’t have to be there until 9. I get my Little guy there by 8:20 and then hang out until my Little Bitty’s teacher gets there at 8:30. I could put her in before care but she always wants me to wait with her until her teacher comes. She says she don’t like it in there in the mornings. Today she said it was to much in the mornings. So dramatic at 3. But there is a lot going on kids going in and out parents going in and out and I am not thrilled the way the daycare is ran. My friend is the head teacher over after care and she just came back after being a way for a while. She even said it is way different and she wasn’t crazy about it either. I am hoping she changes somethings since she is the head teacher. I like that she is there in the after noon when they go she keeps an eye on them better. But she isn’t there in the mornings. I don’t mind staying with her in the mornings it lets us have a few minutes together. If I wasn’t standing there with her I would just be sitting outside the older kids school waiting for them to be able to get dropped off. I still have some time with them waiting after I drop her off and get them there so they get a little time as well. I don’t think her teacher likes it that I stand out there and wait for her to get there since she don’t come in until the last minute and then has to go get her class from before care and bring them around. She always seems a little bothered that I am standing there waiting on her. I’m really not rushing her I wouldn’t be there that early if it wasn’t for having to have my other one dropped off by 8:20. I a few of the staff have told me I could drop her off in before care. I just told them she likes me to wait with her. I told her teacher this morning when we went in that I try to get her to go play with the other kids but she says it’s to much over there and she rather me wait with her by the door.

Anyway I took the other two to school after I got her settled in class this morning and came home. I laid back down for a little bit it was only 9 when I got here. I figured I would lay down an hour and get up. About 10:15 my phone rang and I didn’t answer it. I thought it was someone else. I fell back to sleep and woke up about 20 minutes later. Something said check the message so I did and it was the school. They said they had Little Guy in the office he said his throat hurt and that he had two white places in his mouth if I could come and get him. I sat down to print something out I needed to take with me since we were going to go to the doctors when I picked him up and the computer was taking forever. The school called again, I answered told them I didn’t have my phone but just got their message and was on my way out the door to get him. I got up there they had him in the office. I took him straight to the doctor to get a note because I knew at this point they weren’t going to let him back in school without one. She checked him out said nothing wrong in the mouth throat looked red but no thrush like the school though. She checked his ears and said he had a double ear infection and they were going to do the strep test. So he was home the rest of the day. He was so funny he kept asking me whats this and whats that how to say your abc’s and different things. He was board I could tell. Hopefully we will make through the weekend and next week with no sick kids. We better anyway. I do not want anymore puking kids that is for sure.  I also had her give me a note for all the days he missed this week and for today and the school said all those would be excused since he was able to get a doctors note. I told her he was sick Wednesday with the puking kept him home make sure it was all gone yesterday and then he got sent home today. She said not a problem. She is really a great doctor. Most the time I say I think they have this or that or they have been doing this and this so we figure it’s this and she will look at them and go yep your right do this or that for it. If I ask for any kind of testing she will do it and add others she things would be good to go along with them or other things we should look at while we are doing them as well. She don’t like to give tons of medications for no reason or just because to make mom and dad happy.

Just like when I called last Friday evening about Little Bitty, I said she is saying her head hurts really bad, she has a fever of 101.7. She stopped said fever I’m not worried about. I said well I’m not worried about the fever and that isn’t why I called. I told her how she would be fine one minute then almost passing out the next and crying in pain. Not able to do anything. She that I am worried about take her to the hospital and get her checked. I said ok I said I wasn’t worried about fever but was worried about that and that is why I called. I said just fever it will go down it isn’t that high, she said yes but the other needs to be checked. So we sent most the night in the er to get checked out.

{August 26, 2016}   Going On Vacation

I told you about my friend and her budgeting problems in my post It’s No Secret last week or so. Well she has called me a few times since all upset because all they are doing is fighting and things are really bad they have never been so bad. She is worried this maybe the end of her marriage. Her husband has said maybe they need to split up for a while and things already as well.

He wants her to go to work and help him with the bills and get caught up. She isn’t really looking for anything or wanting too. She says she has never really had to work he didn’t want her to work he wanted her home with the kids and to take care of the house and the things he needed/wanted. And she could go to school. She is going but she started way before me and I don’t think she has as many classes and credits done as I do. She has dropped or been dropped from I don’t know how many classes and then failed some too. She is in trouble with the school and can not get anymore aid because she has had so many problems. Now she has to take a class or two and pay for it herself and pass them before she can get aid back. That is almost $500 on top of all the other bills and rent they are behind in. Most of her classes are a hour away from home because of the program she is in. She needs to take something online so she can save gas and money. I helped her get into a computer class the only thing open online in her field to take. Then find out that she can’t take it from home because her computer is so old. I have told her for over a year let me go with you and help you get a laptop when you get your extra aid money so that you can do your classes from where ever you are. She took online classes before and had to go to the school and use their computers because hers wouldn’t work then. She said she had her upgraded so it should work with this class but it wasn’t upgraded enough to take this class it is to old to upgrade any more. She always say she was going to then complain later that all the money got spent and she didn’t get one because she gave it to him or used it to go here or there or to get this or that before they were ever behind on the bills. So now she need a computer that is going to be around $300. Or she has to figure out how to get the school. She applied for a scholarship through a different program that should pay for most all her classes she has left if not all and give her some left over. She could get her computer and books and get her other aid back once she takes this one class. She is still waiting to hear and do to what she needs to for them.

She calls the other day and tells me she is going to South Carolina to spend a month or two with her sons and their kids. I said what why? She said because things are so bad between her and her husband and they just need a break and she wants to see her kids. I said I think it is a horrible idea and if you go your marriage will probably be over for sure. She couldn’t understand why I.

I told her he has told you and told you that he needs your help getting out of this debt that you all are in and that you need to get a job. Now your basically saying fuck you I’m going to go on vacation for a couple months you stay here and figure it out work your ass off working 6/7 days straight and trying to pay it. On top of that she has the cost of the ticket to get there and money to spend when she gets there. She says yeah but he is really mad everything is my fault and I don’t understand whatever I try to do he gets mad he says I need to get a job. I said and your going to leave instead of getting a job. I said once you ask and as and then tell someone something and that you need help and they do not do what you ask or show no regard in trying to help, it gets to the point that anything they do down to breathing gets on your nerves because you feel they have no respect for you because they are not doing what you ask or offering to try and help and then come at your needing money for class and a computer and now want to go and take off for a month or two to spend time with family. I said do you not think he might like to go see the kids and things too. I said he isn’t going to tell you not to go because at this point it’s like I have told you what is up and what we need to do to fix things and to have things on better terms and you could careless your over here doing whatever and making other plans. I said you get to the point that your just like whatever do what you want to do. Because you are anyway. I said then you just decide that you are doing it on your own anyway why do you need them when they do not care and are not helping and off doing their own thing why you are stressing over everything and trying to fix it and you decide you if your doing it on your own now and they don’t care then you may as well be on your own and find some one who is going to to care and help when things get hard. I told her she sticks around and is fine as long as everything is good but every time they get hard she wants to split. That this time he has told her and told her. I said so don’t be surprised he has said maybe you all just need a break or what that if you go he tells you just to stay and don’t come back. She said yeah your right I wasn’t looking at it that way and things. I said I think he is telling you that yall need a break to get you to see that he really needs help and needs you to pick up some kind of job even if part time and get a little extra money in the house. In two weeks you could pay a months rent take off a big load of worries. Work a few months get rent and bills caught up and then work a few more to put money in the bank that is for times when something happens you don’t touch it unless you have to. She said yeah she wasn’t going to go and she was going to tell him the car needed fixed so she could get a job and that maybe if they got ahead they could go at Christmas time together.

She called me again the other day telling me her son’s wife is pregnant and they are having trouble with the girls she needs to go up there and get things under control. Her sons girls are out of control the mom does not make them listen she threatens if she does anything at all and does not follow through with any of it. She sleeps all day why the girls run the house then complains about the house being a mess. Now they are in school so they are not there making a mess why she sleeps. But they were way to little to be allowed to be up in the house all these years with no one watching them or enforcing rules. Now they are older they want to start being parents again and enforcing rules. You have a kid that has never had to follow rules and start laying down rules it isn’t going to go over well.

She can go there and they may listen to her like she is the warden but as soon as she leaves they are going to go right back to the way they always have been because mom and dad are not going to make them listen or enforce the rules. She has said it herself. So why is she going it is going to do no good.

She called me yesterday asking me if they can get in trouble for the kids being late all the time when the mom takes her and they are sitting in the parking lot of the school and the kid refuses to get out of the car? I said yes for being truant. But she is at school she just can’t get her out of the car and into the class. The only thing that counts with the school is if she is in her seat when the bell rings they do not care she is in the car and not getting out, in the car is not in the class ready to learn. It is not the schools fault if you can not control your child and get them to go to class that is another issue all together that has nothing to do with the school. She said they told her that they reported another family and they took the kids the mom did 10 days in jail and CPS was involved. I said yes they are right she can do time in jail for her not going to class.

I know this because my step brother skipped school all the time. My step dad or mom would take him to school give him to the dean, teacher or other staff member in charge at the school. they would let him go to go to class and he would leave. Even though they brought him to school and they know he did he still did every weekend in jail for months over him skipping and not going. So no they do not care you are in the parking lot with the child in the car or that you hand delivered them to the office and then they left. They only care that you get your child into class and that they stay there. So then she needed to go there to help her make her go to school. I said what good does that do? she knows that when you leave she can go back to same old same and your to far away to do anything. If her mom can not get her out of the car and get her to class then her dad needs to go there and make her do it. Yes he is going to miss work, it’s going to be a hassle but then she is in trouble for not listening to mom and for dad having to come there and get her into class. Once she see’s that dad is going to come and she is going to have to go and she is going to be in trouble when she gets home for causing problems she will start listening. Because she knows dad is close and dad can come. She knows your states away and can’t come so she can do what she wants. This kid has no respect for her mother or her father and until they all get it worked out she isn’t going to and she isn’t going to do anything they say. She has had no rules or anything up until this point why is she going to start following any now or letting someone else tell her what to do. She has been fine to do what she wants and make the rules for herself up until now what has changed.

Just like my kids respect me and listen. I get told all the time how good they are, what good manners they have and everything else. My kids are hardly ever punished for every long at all and not often. Most the time I will ask them or tell them this or that needs to be done and they do it or that they need to stop this or that and they do. If they don’t I can say if you do not stop or you do not do what I asked this is going to happen. They know that it is and they straighten up and do it or stop doing whatever it is they were told to stop. If not then I do whatever I tell them was going to happen. If you have that respect and they know that you will follow through with what you say it isn’t empty threats then they will listen and you don’t have to punish most times. They are kids they have their times they just aren’t going to listen they are wound up from whatever, they are tired or they just want to be brats and do what they want to do or not listen. We deal with it and move on. But the more we go the fewer and farther between those times happen.

Then she tells me she is looking for airline tickets to go to New York so that he can get them out of his next check. They are going because his mom and dad are going to be here for their anniversary and they are going to have a party for them. Then they are coming here to spend a week or two at their house before they go home. I said how are you going to do that when you owe all this back rent and other bills? The tickets alone will cover most of a months rent if not a full month or more. She said I know it’s going to have to wait and we will have to pay on it out of the check he gets when we get back. I said that is crazy why not just wait for them to come down take out a little money and go to a nice dinner with them? If you must do something, it will be a lot cheaper than flying up there and back and all the money you are going to spend. She said she knew but he said they were going he was not missing this time with his family. I said and what are you going to do when you come back and your homeless? I said because she has been very understanding and working with you all this time. But she has made comments because you were supposed to be paid up by now and your farther behind. I said if that was me and you were staying in my place and owed me months of rent and I found out you went on vacation I would evict you no questions asked. I said that is so rude and disrespectful. I said you know she needs her money just like you all need yours when he works and gets paid. You know she is working to stay a float and you owe her months like 3 or more in rent and then go on vacation.  It isn’t right and your not doing anything but digging yourself into more debt. She says I know, I know but he says he is going this is his family and he isn’t missing it. I said I would refuse to go and spend the money on my ticket tell him to pay on rent with it. Oh I can’t do that you don’t understand his family. I said his family isn’t the one going to be homeless, his family is why you were renting a car when you had one that was fine, his family don’t have all the debt you do trying to pay off right now. You have seen his family a lot this year they have been here and you all spent money you didn’t have and his parents are coming here a few days after the party.

I just do not understand how people make it to almost 50 years old and see nothing wrong with partying and vacationing instead of paying bills and rent. It’s not like someone is sick and dying, they are good on bills but may be late if they go. If they were not behind and someone was dying I could understand. But they aren’t they want to go to a party nothing more nothing less just to go to a party. No regard that their bills are months behind. I just can’t wrap my mind around how they justify this in their minds. I really don’t think she was raised that way because her mom was a single mom who worked two jobs a lot of times to keep up with everything and would not apply and get any kind of help. Their aunt would help put when they needed it but I don’t think her mom just spent and blew money like they are. I don’t know how he was raised but I don’t see him being raised that way either because his mom and dad both worked and had decent jobs. His brother and sister both have really good jobs as well and are well off. I don’t know if it is just a keeping up face with his family or what. But your almost 50 you have to figure out what really matters and forget what others think of you at some point.

I know if something happens and they get thrown out of there they are going to be asking if they can stay here for a little bit until they find something or save some money. I feel bad because they have offered to let me and the kids stay there before or if we ever needed to to help us out. I never took her up on it but they did offer. But when they are just blowing and spending money when they have it and not paying bills then I have a hard time with saying sure come stay with me until you find something. Even if they said hey we are in over our heads we can’t get caught up we need to just move and start over she agreed to let us move so we don’t keep getting behind could we stay a month until we save some money and find a place so we can start over and fresh I would be more inclined to say sure. I had to do that twice when me and farther of the year was together because he wouldn’t pay bills and we would get behind. I paid what I could with the money I had but that was all I could do. But when they say we are going to a party states away instead of paying our rent knowing we are behind I have a problem with helping. Either way it will probably put a strain or end to our relationship if I did or I didn’t so it won’t really make a difference there. I have done everything I can to help and to try and help her set a budget because she says she don’t know how or where to start she is over whelmed with it. If they want to party instead then there is nothing I can do

I think she got a little mad about me telling her that she was in the wrong wanting to leave instead of get a job and about going to this party instead of paying her rent but I can’t help it. She wants to call and tell me all her problems and ask what she should do or just to complain how bad things are and then tell me she is going to do this. She better bet I am going to call her out on it. She still calls so I guess she isn’t to mad. Like I told her when she was talking about going to see her kids. I will tell her all the time no what he is doing isn’t right or he is in the wrong or your both need to work on things. But this time she is in the wrong to just take off after he has asked her and told her he needs help. She knows not to tell me what is going on or for advice if she don’t want it because I am going to give it and it isn’t going to be sugar coated or watered down.

I just hope my kids learn to manage their money better and handle things differently. I try to show them and teach them and they see me do it all the time. I just hope it sticks with them and they don’t feel that partying is better than paying what they owe. I ever done that my dad would roll over in his grave. I have never left anywhere owing money. I may get behind or what but I always make sure they are paid and leave before I get to the point I can’t pay the one or two times it came down to that. Like I said then it wasn’t my fault I paid what I could.

{August 25, 2016}   Two Unexpected Calls Yesterday

I got a call from the insurance office and the lawyer yesterday. I called the lawyer back and they wanted to send a financial paper over so I can tell them about all the money I have coming in and all over the money I spend every month. She said they will email it to me and the lawyer is supposed to call me next Thursday or Friday to go over it with me. I wanted to tell her there would be no need for that because I have nothing. I didn’t.

I called the insurance office back and finally got a hold of the guy. He was a lot nicer and better than the first two people that have had my case. He just said he wanted to let me know he was on my case now and what was going on. If I had any questions or worries to give him a call he would help me out or get the answers for me. I told him I had talk to the lady at the lawyers office and she was sending paperwork.

I told him I just got divorced it finally went through that we hadn’t been fighting in court but we had been fighting outside court for a while now and he finally agreed to everything and we got it done. He said he thought they just needed my information because the car was only in my name. I said yes it was and I asked him what they were looking for because I truly have nothing. He said anything other than your home you live in, anything over 1 car that you own, bonds, stocks, employment, any businesses that you own and other things.

I said I am a single mom of 4 kids, I am a student. I told him I rent, we hadn’t owned our home in years now, that I had one truck and that was the truck that I was in the accident in and other than that I have the contents and furnishings for my house that was really it. That I just have what we needed and had to have to get by right now because I wasn’t working and because we did not plan to stay here once I got out of school. We plan to move a way and start over new when we get where ever we decide to go. He said he understood he said State Farm sues everyone not to worry about it. He said we try to take your information on that paper and show it would be a hardship for you to pay and that you really do not have it to pay and probably can’t even if ordered to and try to get them to just settle for what we have to offer. I said the worse case is they are going to get a judgment saying that once I start working they can ask to be paid and to look at my income and see if or what I can pay then or if I ever get anything they get their money right? He said yes worse case that is all that they can do is get a judgement. He said I have seen people say I can’t pay over $6 a month and that is what they pay. He said just don’t stress or worry about we are going to do our best to get you out of it and not have to pay anything. He said he pays good money to have the coverage he has and these companies make a lot of money every day. That is what they are here for is to pay claims when something like this happens. They aren’t losing money, but they are going to try to hold onto as much as they can and if something happens they jump straight to suing instead of seeing if it is worth suing even.

I said well I’m not stressing about it I’m just waiting to see what happens. I said it was nothing more than an accident I wasn’t speeding or doing anything wrong, I looked because a car was to close to one side and when I looked up there was car stopped in front of me. I said I was trying to avoid hitting anyone why I swerved off the road but then he turned and I couldn’t avoid it. I said so if they get a judgment then if/or when I can pay them something I will. It is what it is and I can’t give them something I don’t have. He said that’s right. He said just let the lawyer know everything you told me and give him the papers and we will do everything we can to help that’s what you pay us all these years for.

That is the first I have heard from them in months. I heard from the lawyer in a letter right after I got the papers saying I was being sued. Then sometime over the summer I got a letter from them saying they were still taking care of my case that I didn’t need to do anything they would get a hold of me if they needed anything. Yesterday was the first time I have heard from the insurance company in almost a year. I didn’t know they were still really involved or anything like that.

I guess it is a good thing that the places I wanted to rent to start a business rented before I could rent them. If I had started that then they would have had something to go after. I couldn’t have paid them and the business and keep it going. I would have had to close down. I wouldn’t have had a chance to even start really making money with it. I have kind of decided to just work on school forget everything else until I am done. Then find a job for a little while until it is time for us to move. After that then work on the things I want to do and have. I will have my degree to get a job until I decide what I really want to do.

{August 25, 2016}   Still Jealous

Father of the Year was here last night and he acted kind of funny. I could tell he wanted to say something but wasn’t. I was sitting here at the table doing stuff on line, he sat here at the table for a while. He acted like he wanted to bring something up but didn’t. I could tell he wanted to say something, ask something or something. But he never did so, I asked him about the wedding to see what he would say. I just said isn’t that the card to your brothers wedding over there that you were supposed to have sent back? He said yes he needed to get a hold of them. I asked him who he was going with or something like that. He said his self. I said your not taking the kids? He said he was thinking about it, he wants to take the older two but not Little Guy. I didn’t say anything. He said I guess I should take them all I just don’t know how he is going to do or something like that. I don’t know why he is so worried he is 6 and he is a pretty good kid. He can be a little rowdy at times but if everyone is sitting and watching the wedding he will sit and watch he isn’t going to be up in the middle of it or anything. There are going to be tons of other kids there as well so I am sure he won’t be the only littler one.

Oh then he tried to say well wouldn’t interrupt their schooling and stuff. I said they might miss a day or two but it isn’t like they miss a ton of days. The older kids had kids that didn’t even show up to school until like the week after because they had things planed. They aren’t going to miss anything because the teacher doesn’t stand up and “teach” the class any one given thing at any given time. The kids all sit at their tables with whoever they want to sit with there is a group of 12 kids ages from about 7 to 20 something. They each get their workbooks and pick whatever subject they want to work on and work on it. Some maybe working on math while others are working on reading and others on social studies, they are all on different levels. They work through it on their own at their pace and if they get stuck or need help they go over to the table where the teacher sits and they sit with her and she goes over it with them and shows them until they understand. Then they go back to their table. My oldest brings her books home almost every night and works ahead. My Big Boy is on track where he should be and even a little ahead in math. He brought home a notice congratulating him on finishing his first math workbook already and making a 100 on it. So they could bring their books home and work ahead before they leave, they could take extra time and work ahead at school or they could do either of the two once they got home. They wouldn’t miss that much they could even just add a few pages each day so that they stay on track. My little guy can always bring his home and work on it or they will work with him at school. He was like oh I guess your right.

I said it don’t matter to me what you do but if it is a family party and all the kids and family are getting together how are they going to feel when you say you are going alone or leaving some home and taking the others. He isn’t even taking all 4 of them he is only taking his three. I just don’t get it but he did have to have his mom go with him last time he took them up there for the week and came back. She is going but her and his dad are driving up and they are going before he would be leaving because he was going to follow them up or go together. I think he is scared to go on his own with them. I have a feeling he won’t go at all. If he does I will be surprised. I really don’t care if he goes or not or if he takes the kids or not. But I do need to know if he is going and if he is taking them. They will need stuff to wear they will need to let school know and he is supposed to let me know no less than 10 days before if he is leaving the state with them and give me the information as to where they are going. If he is going and not taking them then I need to know what he plans to do about that. I have to do hours for school and I do not know when they are going to be and they could be the weekend or during the week. I do not know if it falls on his weekend or not but if it does and he is not going to be here then it is up to him to come up with a sitter if it is needed. But he don’t think of any of this stuff. The odds are I will be here and won’t have that to worry about but it is possible. Plus I may like to make plans and do something if they are not going to be here. I will have my little one but I could take her to do something or get a sitter for a little bit and do something. I could do both they will be gone for the weekend. But he will wait until the last minute and then decide if he is going and then hasn’t even told them he is or isn’t and they probably assume he isn’t so then are they even going to be ready or prepared for them. That is the bigger question of it all right there but again he don’t think of that kind of stuff. Well he knows we talked about it he just don’t care, he does what he wants to do on his time and that’s just that everyone deals with it.

I finished at the computer went in the other room to do some stuff and talking to the kids. He just sat there not saying anything just looking around. Then out of nowhere he says so what do you want to say? I said what? He said you act like you want to say something but you haven’t yet. I said no just trying to get stuff done and figure out why your here. He didn’t like that, but it’s true why was he here? Why didn’t he go home after work? Instead he came here. He said because I called and ask him what time he was getting off work he thought I wanted something. He knew I didn’t need him to come over here I told him I was going to go take care of it. My mom wanted something from the store I figured if he was on his way home it make more since for him to get it or take her then for me to drive all the way over there and have to deal with her. He really thought I needed something he could have called before he went out of his way to stop here to see and he didn’t ask when he got here what I needed or anything.

He hung out for a while, I kept making the comment why was he still here and why he wasn’t going home? What did he really want, why did he really come over or what. He kept saying nothing he told me. I say why are you here he just look at me. I say then go home he start doing something with the kids. My friend that’s been sick called and wanted to know if I could give her a ride from the hospital again. I went and go her and left the kids here since he was here anyway. I got home he gave the kids dinner I had making. The next thing I knew the kids all went to bed. I was sitting here back at the computer. I asked him a few times again why he was here still and what he wanted. He just say nothing and mumble.

I finally said something and he said fine I’m jealous!!! I said what, of what, why? He said your going to meet someone or have met someone and I’m having a hard time with it. I want you back I don’t want you to be with anyone else. I’m mad at myself because I screwed up and I lost you. I just want to get back together. I said yeah that isn’t going to happen. He said I know, I know so are you seeing someone or talking to someone?

I said yeah I am with all this free time I have between taking kids to and from school, dealing with my school stuff and shuffling everyone else around here and there and taking them where they need to go. Well the kids are in school all day, I don’t know he say. I said and I am working on my stuff or taking my grandma and them places. Besides they would probably be at work that time of day if I was seeing or talking to someone. Well I don’t know it just bothers me to think of you with someone else and I ‘m having a really hard time with it and moving on. I said you sound like your feeling guilty to me who are you seeing or talking to? He said no one I don’t want no one. I don’t go anywhere to meet anyone I go to work and home that’s all. I said when your around your always on that phone. He said he was on facebook. I said facebook don’t respond right back all the time. I talk to my friend sometimes, that’s it. She just a friend. I said so whats wrong with her why don’t you go out with her? This is the one he asked to the wedding. He said she is just a friend, I said well you liked her for more than a friend before you told me a long time ago you liked her and wondered about her and things. She lives states away too. I said oh well you could change that. I don’t know I don’t want anyone else I just keep thinking about us and blah blah. I said oh well you need to go find you someone else to think about. Something else was said he finally got up and went on. Not that he should feel guilty if he did meet someone else but that is how he acted. And when I said something about finding someone else he said he was scared too. I asked him why he said he was scared of messing things up like he did with me. I said well don’t do the things you did with me with them and maybe you won’t.

Funny we are back to the how  he screwed up and that is why I left. It wasn’t that long ago he got all pissed off about something and I was the bitch and everything else again. Then it was all my fault we weren’t together and I was a horrible person for leaving him when he didn’t do anything wrong and it was all me. I just wanted to go out and fuck around. I wanted to party all the time and go out with all these guys. Funny in 6 years I was in one relationship that was it. I sure wasn’t out parting all the time. I was home taking care of 5 kids and now it’s been me and my 4. I am sure we will get back to the how horrible i am how I did this and it is all my fault again down he road. We always do. He just can’t seem to get past any of it. He goes from being pissed off to jealous. I don’t know I hope he don’t get like he did before because he got really nasty and pretty bad. There were many people scared he was going to do something really bad to me or to himself and maybe the kids. I am going to tell him he can’t just pop in over here anymore and that he needs to let me know when he is coming if he is he needs to pick the kids up and go did whatever not come and hang out all the time. I am also getting my key back. He never gave it to me when he moved. When I was so sick he was helping with the kids I didn’t say anything but forgot it after that. I don’t know why it has been on my mind and bothering me that he has my key still and something that keeps saying get it back get it back. I hadn’t really said anything because I know he is going to get pissed and probably start something or say something then. I didn’t want to start a fight in front of the kids. When I do it’s probably really going to piss him off even if he don’t say anything or start. He will sit and think about it and think about it and blow it up to something in his head. He is always like a ticking bomb, you never really know how he is going to react to something and then if he don’t if he is going to blow up about it later or start about it. Mine is about broke in half I figured I just tell him mine broke I need the other key and go get it from him at work. He won’t think anything of it maybe. If he says something about getting another made I just forget. Or tell him he don’t need one it is my house.

He did all he did and it took me all these years for me to get him to agree and go through with the divorce and I finally got it. Does he really think I am going to turn around and go oh I changed my mind lets get back together? He must be stupider than I thought our think that I have just lost my mind. There is no way I would ever get back with him, divorce or no divorce wouldn’t happen no reason no how. He knows this I have told him that before. He just acts like oh the divorce is over now he has a chance. What the hell is he thinking? I mean really does he really think this far into things there is still hope or a chance? I just don’t get it. I notice he been acting different lately.

{August 24, 2016}   A Puking Kind Of Day

My Little Guy started complaining his head hurt last night at bedtime so I gave him something for it and put him to bed. I figured here we go again a few days of fever and not feeling good home from school. This morning I woke the older kids up to get ready for school and my Big Boy decided to wake Little Guy up. As soon as he stood up off the bed he started puking everywhere. I went to the bathroom and he was then on using the bathroom. There was puke all over the floor. I spent the morning cleaning that up getting him into some clean shorts and finding a bucket. Well needless to say before I could find him a bucket he puked on the bed. I stripped the bed and had them put it in the wash why I finished cleaning the mess inside.

I then had to put him in my truck and take him to two different schools so I could drop the kids off. I was so worried he was going to puke in the truck. I don’t do puke and then in the truck where it is harder to clean is like the worse thing that could happen. You have that smell you have to get out and if you can’t or it takes a little bit. Yeah I don’t even want to think or talk about it. Thank god we made it through our 7 mile trip with no puke.

We got home and he wanted to lay on the couch and watch tv. There was already a blanket folded and spread out on the couch so I told him to get his pillow and I put a towel over it in case he got sick I could just take it up and wash it. I gave him his blanket and a bucket and he watched a show or two and went back to sleep.

It really stormed here for the first time in a while. I laid back down for a little bit as well. It was so relaxing to listen to the rain and thunder and just sleep. That is until that one pop came that woke us both up. I thought lightening had hit something next to us it was so loud and shook the house. I felt my bed shake it was that bad. My poor little guy ran down the hall and said I’m scared what was that? I told him it was fine to go lay on his bed where he would be closer to me and the dogs were right there it was just the storm. Once he knew it was the storm he was okay.

He won’t be at school tomorrow either as they have to be fever free for at least 24 hours. Well supposed to be I am sure a lot of parents don’t follow that rule. He is also still just laying around and using the bathroom a lot so I am not going to send him tomorrow anyway even if he does seem better. He is one of my ones that will go from just being sick like he is now to extremely sick, even when we think he is starting to get better. I don’t want to take a chance and hopefully don’t pass this to anyone else.

That is a problem and that is where I am with one of my 5 classes I am taking. I don’t know why it seems so easy but I can’t wrap my mind around it and get the work done right. I got like 70% for the first week and he gave me points on that because it should have been lower. He said he was going easy the first week until we get things figured out. But this week I am sol if I don’t figure it out and get it right. We do not have papers and things due for this class like research papers so that is great, so I thought. But that means our board post have to be longer and a little more involved than most. That was fine as well, because they are easy to do, so I thought. Well he wants it done by the FAIR guide. I response has to be done by a guide to but that isn’t that hard I can get that. I do not know why I am having such a hard time figuring out how to write my responses in FAIR guidelines. It makes since but it don’t to me. I don’t know why. Last week we had two responses that needed to be done that way in one post. I did one but not the other because I ran out of time and because I was having such a hard time with it. He said my work was very lose and not very good basically I know it wasn’t I won’t deny that because I didn’t know what I was doing and I was just trying to get something turned in and do the best I could working around what I was supposed to be doing. It does not help that the work is due by 8 pm Friday night instead of 11 pm. I know it shouldn’t matter but I need those last few evening hours to work a lot of times. I am trying to transition over to doing it in the morning why the kids are at school it just don’t seem to work that way. I just work so much better at night when I get them to bed. I end up working most the night sleeping for a little bit, taking them to school then napping in the morning. I am really working on changing it and trying hard to. I went to be early last night then laid there for hours before I fell a sleep.

But the biggest problem is Figuring out how to write all my stuff in this FAIR format I can get stuff in when ever it is due rather I like it or not. But I can’t get it in if I do not understand it and it is not making since to me. I have researched it and read over it and looked at what he did and the examples. I thought about asking him but I don’t know what more he can tell me to get me to understand it. It’s just not how my mind does things or works when it comes to writing and I don’t know how to get it to break it down like that and make since too. At this point I would almost rather write a paper or two for the class and be done with it than doing the boards. I figure he is going to say your in college you should know how to write, it’s simple enough or whatever. I feel so stupid that I can’t figure out something this simple. Well it looks simple and I am sure it is to most but like I said it isn’t something I have ever seen or use to doing and can’t really figure it out.

I guess I got to go get the kids from school run to the store for my mom and then get home make dinner and get kids to bed so I can figure it out. Anyone use FAIR and can explain it to me in a way I may understand?

{August 23, 2016}   Wants To Go To North Carolina

I was reading Father of The Years phone last night, he has been talking to his friend from home for a while now. She found him or he found her again online. They hadn’t talked in a while I guess her phone was broken. She sent him a messages saying she got a new phone. He told her the divorce was final that it had been for a little bit at that point. She asked how he was he said he was alright and that he been working staying busy helped. That it been a long time and he really needed to move on. He said he feels like he failed some how. Really you think, how about the year he knew their was problems and refused to do anything, the promise after promise he was going to fix things work on it and then go on like nothing was wrong and do nothing. Yes you failed no two ways about it, no sugar coating it, no way to change it. You not only failed, you failed to even try and the last ditch effort to go to counseling was an epic fail because you lied to them all.

she told him as long as he truly tried and felt he did everything he could he didn’t fail. He said there really is no changing her mind once it is made up. She was done she didn’t care anymore. She says no I’m a women and once we make our mind up there really isn’t no changing it. Well you know what maybe if you had tried before my mind was made up you could have changed it. Not doing anything made my mind up for me and why would I change it when you done showed you didn’t really care?

His brother sent an invitation to his wedding and a rsvp card in the mail months ago. It should have been back by now I am sure and it is still sitting over there on my counter. I don’t know why he brought it over here but he did. Then he marked on an was going to send it back in. I said something about taking the kids he was like well I don’t know blah blah about them wanting to go, them having fun, the little one and if he should go and things. Then said well I don’t know if I have enough money for all of us to go. If he didn’t spend it like water I am sure he could take them no problem and they all will be staying with his older brother so he don’t need money for a place to say and things. He started about why did I always have to start when he wanted to do something or planed to go somewhere. I said I didn’t start I said I just asked your not taking the kids? It’s a family event all the families and kids are going and your just going to go by yourself? He started with his I’m just a bitch and I go places and don’t take them and do things without them all the time. I said no I hardly ever walk out of this house alone to do anything and if I do it is when they have their time with you and you don’t even take them for that anymore. I said I do not get baby sitters and go out or drop to go out. If he has them for his weekend then there is nothing wrong if I want to go somewhere with friends or go do something on my own even. What do I get 4 days a month I don’t have them while he does. I said and when it is a family even we either all go or we all stay home. I don’t go oh well everyone in the family from all over are getting together for a family event see you when I get back and leave. I said I think it is wrong but hey if you have no problem with it that is fine. I will let them no that you didn’t not bring them because of me but because you didn’t want to. He got all mad. I said well you like to tell everyone I do this and that I am sure you will tell them that I would’t let you leave the state with them and bring them how you wanted to but the bitch would’t let you. I said you know I talk to your grandma and I am sure it will come up because she will want to know if everyone is going. He then put that he was taking the kids on the card and put it in the mail then later I found it on the counter again. I don’t know why he took it out. I seen last night he ask this girl if she would go to a wedding with him. She said she would but she didn’t have anyway to get there and things. He told her it was in NC not far from Virginia and that he would come pick her up. She said ok. I am thinking he don’t have money to take his own kids and had such a fit about it but he has money to go out of his way and go pick her up and take her home and probably pay for them a place to stay for a night or two why she is there. I am sure he will go get her as soon as he gets up there and not take her home until he has too. I don’t think he brother and wife are going to let her stay there and I am sure he isn’t going to want to stay there with her it would make it harder to get into her pants. But he has money for all this but it cost to much to take his own kids. To start with when this all came up he was going to fly up if he didn’t take the kids. I met he don’t take them and he goes by himself so he can go see this girl. He has even told the kids before this came up they were going after we talked about it. I finally told him I really don’t care if you take them or leave them it’s just the idea when all of your family brothers, cousins and all are getting together and bringing their families/kids and you leave your out says a lot. You just want rid of them blah blah. I said nope don’t matter to me if they are here or not I use to having them all the time, be just another day for us we will find something to go  do. I said they are use to it your family always excluded us when they did things anyway and found reasons not to come if we tried to have them over and do something when they were around. Just never thought it be their dad doing it but hey. Only you see it that way I said nope they are old enough when they ask where your going they know that they always have big family things and everyone goes when it is something like that.

Then he was telling her how he wanted to move and go up there around where his brothers are and get out of here but he didn’t know because he had the kids. He didn’t want them to feel like he just left them. So now I am wondering if he plans to just go up there and not come back. She told him just tell them he has to go and be able to take care of his self so he can take care of them. She asked if he could stay with one of his brothers or something for a month or two until he found a job and a place. He said yeah he probably could. She was asking him how he would get to see the kids and things if he went and if I would let him see them. He said he probably get them holidays and summer time. He told her I said I wasn’t going to be here in a few years that I was moving and taking the kids with me. That I just had to get my schooling done first so I could move.

Then he was telling her how he was staying with my mom and paying half the rent and he didn’t know what to do there because they can’t pay on their own. That he hated it there but he was kind of stuck there and it keeps my mom out of my house. How I hate my mom, I don’t hate my mom I just hate the way she does and the way she is about things. How my brother has nothing to do with her and my sister avoids her and has little to do with her. She was saying well just tell them your leaving you have to move on it isn’t your problem what they all do now. He didn’t tell her he had no where to go is why he went there. How he can’t make enough to get a place of his own and knows no one to rent a place with. How he stays at dead end jobs in stead of trying to get a better one or do away with the stuff on his background to better his chances at getting a better one. Just he is stuck there because they need help. He trying to look like the good guy oh she wouldn’t give me a chance wouldn’t change her mind I tried so hard she still divorced me and now she won’t even take care of her own mom or help her. So I do it so they aren’t stuck or homeless. I’m such a great guy he hasn’t seen her or talk to her in almost 12 years she has no clue what is going on or how he is. They were friends in high school before he moved here. He said he wanted to go to NC to be closer to his brothers and you when they were talking about it. I have a feeling he will end up going up to where she is if he leaves here. Her and her brother have a place together and I guess it is just them and her little boy. I bet that he ends up talking to her and going there. When he was talking about the wedding and how she would get there he said it isn’t that much farther from them to you. I can pick you up take you back. He is going to try and get with her and go there or talk her into letting him come there and staying until he finds a job and gets a place and trying to get with her when he gets there. If they go to this wedding he will probably try his ass off then. They were talking about something here and she was saying she like to come down for a week or two and see things here. He was telling her he wish she could and things. But that she didn’t want to move here it cost to much and things. That’s when he started telling her how he wanted to move up by his brothers and closer to her.

I seen where his mom text him they were talking. I don’t know why she brought it up but she asked him if we were finally divorced and he told her yes. She kept asking how he was and how he was taking it. She asked many times I was surprised because they never as how he is or care most of the time or just a how you doing whatever kind of thing. I am not sure how she knew we went and done it because they have known for a long time it had been filed and he stopped it but it never comes up. I don’t know if he told them on the phone or something before because he didn’t bring it up in any of the text she just ask out of the blue. Then she asked if his grandma knew he said no he hadn’t told her. She said they were going to probably see her labor day she just wanted to know so he didn’t say anything. That he probably wanted to tell her his self when they time was right. I thought when the time was right my ass everyone has known it isn’t a shock or surprise. But I think his grandma thought we were back together or trying to work it out for some reason I don’t know if he told her we were or because of us living in the same house for a while or what. I told her then that it was just until I could work things out on my own and she knew he had his own room. I guess that to her meant we were back together. I don’t know I really don’t care, I like her she is really nice and things but it is what it is and nothing no one says is going to change that. If it was going to be different he should have done different back when he had the chance. She told him if he wanted to come down for dinner that weekend he could and she should be there it be nice for everyone to get together. She didn’t say anything about the kids or ask how they were or if they wanted to come just him. I guess now that it is done and over they are going to decide to disown my kids and not have anything to do with them at all. That is fine with me my kids hardly know them hardly see them never really have in the time we have been together. I am sure they will be better of without learning their ways. life is better if you don’t judge people, look down on them and act like your better than everyone else. Lets face it they don’t need to learn to be an alcoholic like his dad or his mom because the last few times I seen her she seemed as if she was well on her way of joining him. I guess joining him was her way of handling the way things are between them since the counseling didn’t seem to work. Guess she figures joining rather than divorcing was better for her. To each their own I guess.

Oh my this girl he is talking to seems nice and all but she sounds so stupid. Just different things he has told me and I have seen her say on line and things. Then in their messages he was talking about all this stuff to do with work and hooking up electrical and things. She says I’m just going to act like I know what your talking about and go on. He says oh sorry and kind of explained it. She’s like no it’s ok I do that most the time in life just smile and act like I know what is going on gets me through most things and I get away with it. I was like wow. She didn’t say it like she was joking or anything all the stuff she was saying with it she really meant it.

I know your all probably thinking I shouldn’t have read his phone but he shouldn’t come over and just leave it laying around for any oh body to read. Gave it to Little Bitty to play with and she walked off and left it screaming some crazy stuff all through my house, he didn’t bother to turn it off so I did. I can’t help what I seen while doing it.

{August 21, 2016}   Topic of The Day Punishment

Yesterday the topic of punishment came up in one of the groups I am in. I was rather surprised by the majority of the answers.

The person was asking if the parents are not together should one parent’s punishment carry over from one house to the other parents house? And does it matter how often they see the parent they do not live with?

The poster said her kids did not see there dad but maybe all together 24 hours out of a week. He told her when she picked them up that they gotten into a fight over something and they were not allowed to do x and y as punishment. She was supposed to enforce said punishment at her house for what they did at his house. She was asking if others would do this or how they would handle it. He did not tell her what happen other than a fight over something and this was their punishment.

Most were saying that yes she should uphold it and that it didn’t matter how involved or not involved the other parent is. That it teaches the children to respect the other parent, it shows the kids they can’t get away with things, it keeps them from playing one parent against the other and that the kids are there for such a short time there really isn’t time to punish them and that if the parent wait to punish them until they come back it isn’t as effective as right when they do something.

I was one of the very few odd men out with my answer and probably the first odd man out before others started saying anything that didn’t go with what the rest were saying.

My thoughts on this is that both parents have rules for their house and the children are expected to follow the rules of the house that they are at. If said children do not follow the rules of the house that parent needs to take care of whatever punishment they feel the child should have for said miss behavior. It should be done at their house not brought home for me to enforce. There are many reasons for this, one the child being in trouble with me should not interfere with what the child can or can’t do with their time with the other parent. That is their time together to do things. Two if the kids are with one parent for such short amounts of time and are always getting in trouble with said parent then they are always coming home with punishments to be enforced by primary parent making them the bad guy all the time and straining their relationship. Three if they are in trouble with the primary parent a lot of times then that carries over to the parent they hardly see then the little time they do get to spend together is spent working around punishment from home. This limiting what they can or can’t do. Four What if my rules and punishments are different between houses and the child is being punished for something they wouldn’t have been punished for at home or in a way that the other parent does not agree with? How am I supposed to punish a child for doing something that I allow. Five If either parent or both are living with someone else and they have a blended family of kids all mostly living with them but going to two other parents houses with two other sets of rules the primary parent now has three houses of rules and punishments to keep track of for how ever many kids are involved on each side. You would just about not have a time that kids would not be in trouble for one thing or another and on some kind of punishment from somewhere and now again you have the primary parent and step parent as the bad guy enforcing these all. By the time they get back to the other parent that punished them the punishment is over so they have not really dealt with the problem or the child being punished and now it’s over and they just go there and have fun again. Again making the other parents home seem like the place they are just always in trouble in and not getting to have fun.

There are many ways to punish kids that would work for just about any parent regardless of how much time they are with the parent or not with them. My kids hardly ever get grounded from this or that or not allowed to go here or there. Most of the time just sitting down and talking to them works. Depending on what it is, if it needs more than just being talked to about then it turns into a in your room for the night or taking a nap. If they are just to wound up and off the wall hyped up being loud and things they get warred then they have to all sit down for so long on the couch. This giving them time to calm down. For little kids redirection works because they do not understand a lot until they are older. Other kids sitting for a little while or time out are good. These are things that you can do no matter how much time you have with the kids. If we go out to eat and they get in trouble or can’t act right then we box our food up and leave. If it is a group of us together then we go to the car and sit until they calm down and decide they want to act right sit and eat like everyone else. If it happens again we wait outside or in the car until everyone is done. In the stores if they are not listening then the little ones have to get in the cart and sit so that I can get what I need to done. If it is to bad then they will do more sitting when we get home or I will not let them have tv. But most of the time it is for the day and that is it. I have punished them for a week from this or that right before they go with their dad. But I tell them it starts when they get home or that the days they are with their dad does not count toward their over all days if they are in the middle of it. When they get back home we pick up where we left off and they finish their days.

The problem with most punishments that they do not work is because parents do not follow through with them. They threaten all day and night and until they are blue in the face, but they do not ever do it. Or they do it and the kid cries and begs and promises that they will be good and not do it again and the parent gives in and lets them off. So now the kid learns that if they beg enough or throw enough fit that mom or dad gets tired of hearing it and gives in so they just have to have their fit until they do. My kids use to think oh mom will forget by the time we get back from dad’s or she will give in and let us since we haven’t been there for a few days she won’t be mad anymore and let it go. They seen no mom said this is how it was going to be when we got home and mom followed through. That is why now most the time if my kids do something I can talk to them give them a warning and let them go. Because they know if I say keep doing this or that or if you do this or that again this is what is going to happen it is going to happen.

Guys your kids can’t play one of you against the other if you do not let them it don’t matter what rules or punishments you have or do not have in place or in common. Kids play parents against each other because the parents allow them to. You can back the other parent up without having the same rules or punishments and without them carrying over from one house to the other. Not carrying them from on to the other is not undermine the other parent. Telling the kids that they should not have been punished for whatever they did, telling them they do not have to listen to the other parent or go by their rules when they are there, going to the other parent and questioning why the child is in trouble and expressing that you think it is wrong or they were to hard or shouldn’t have punished. Doing these things are not backing the other parent up, under minding them and sets you up to let them play one against the other.

If my kids come home and complain about being in trouble at their dads I tell them he has his rules and if they did not follow them then they have to deal with whatever punishment he hands out. If I feel it was out of line or extreme or what then I go to him in private and find out what happen and why the punishment was what it was. We talk about it. How the kids feel about it and if it was or wasn’t handled in the best way. Because my kids try to start things between me and my ex and play one against the other. My oldest loves to tell the story to make it look like she was treated so unfair and leave out the parts about what she did or why she has the chores she has.

Like she told my ex she has to wash all the dishes in the house while my son didn’t have to do them at all and just had to vacuum. She left out that they use to take turns doing dishes and vacuuming but she didn’t want to vacuum so she made the deal with me and my son that she would do the dishes twice a day in return if my son vacuumed every day and she didn’t have to. Everyone was happy and fine with this. I didn’t care as long as chores were getting done and this everyone was happy with their jobs because my son didn’t like doing dishes. When I say doing dishes they washed cups, plates, bowels silverware after each meal so they didn’t sit all day. I washed all the pots, pans big bowls and things like that. So nothing at all really maybe 5 minutes of dishes after each meal for them. But she tried to get him to think she was spending hours in the kitchen doing dishes and things. He sent me messages going on about it. I stopped him and told him and when he brought her home we all talked about it right here and she had to tell him that was the deal that she made and when it took her more than a few minutes to get them done was because she had left them all day until after dinner so she had more to do instead of doing her chores when she was supposed to. she has tried it a few times between us when she does we get her and call her out on it and make her tell it how it really is and not leave out anything. She has learned that it just don’t work.

I can see if the child did something that was just really “bad” or out there that just needs to be handled right now and can not wait or what. If they got caught stealing, or doing drugs or just something above and beyond your normal everyday kid things. Then yes it needs to be addressed right then and there and by not just one parent. It needs to be addressed with all the adults involved in the child’s life and yes a blanket punishment or way to handle it needs to be put in place that would carry over from one house to another because that is a a problem that isn’t going to be fixed with just a little punishment or with on parent trying to do it on their own.

As for respect if a kid has respect of one parent or the other is going to come from how that parent treat the child and how involved or not involved they are. Not rather one parent carries out the punishment that the other parent puts in place or not.

I can tell you I cam from a divorced home and had that one parent that tried to control what we did when we went with my dad down to where we could go and what we could do.

{August 18, 2016}   Got To Watch This to The End

Ok I seen this online yesterday and I laughed so hard I cried the first time through. I know I have watched it way to many times and laughed since. Warning you may want to watch without your kids in the room I know everyone is different on things like that so I am just putting it out there. My kids watched it but they were more watching the lady than listening to what the song was saying.

et cetera

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