Funny For Tonight

I seen these and thought I would share. I went through them and was like yep that's me, that's so and so. Do any ring true for you? Psychotherapist Johan Deckmann Creates Brutally Honest Self-Help ‘Books’ Inspired By His Patients, And The Result Is Hilarious. I seen this and thought I am scared to see … Continue reading Funny For Tonight


Have To Move

I was talking tobmy "friend" Sunday and he told me he was going to have to move. He said they were upping his rent it wasn't worth it. I told him to try the places Bff lives and where Sleeping Beauty was staying before he moved in with me. He said he knew about them … Continue reading Have To Move

Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife

I opened yesterday and before long in came the owner to check up on things and complain. But okay whatever. He hung out then until after I left. But he said something about having to go to the social security office. I said yeah I have to go there too. He daid he was going … Continue reading Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife