Day 20 Song of Challenge

A song I listen to when I am angry. This is one I like when I am in a mood. I do not own this song or rights to it.


Talked to My Boss

I had somethings to take care of this morning so I did that and messaged my bosses and asked them what time they would be at the shop this morning. The one messaged me back and said about 9:15. I told okay. Later he messaged and asked if something needed done first thing this morning … Continue reading Talked to My Boss

Child Support Lawyers, Oh My

I spent over an hour on the phone with child support enforcement trying to figure out the letter I got for court. After I looked at the letter closer they have things all screwed up. The letter came from the lawyers office I will just call there and have them fix it no problem. Wrong, … Continue reading Child Support Lawyers, Oh My