4 Days Behind

I told you all about the 30 day prayer challenge and prayer journal I started. I am now 4 days down in writting. While I haven't written I have prayed for my list of people. It hasn't been as in depth as when I write but I haven't forgotten or stopped praying for them. Its … Continue reading 4 Days Behind


Nobody Knows How I Feel

Nobody knows how I feel about Starfish other than you guys and my friend J who moved away. I talked to her yesterday about it a little more and she was more encourging than she was when we first talked about it. But I told her more about him, she has a different picture of … Continue reading Nobody Knows How I Feel

Prayer Challeng and Prayer Journal

I seen these two things and decided they were something I wanted to do. Finally now a month or two after first seeing them I have decided to start them. One is a challenge to pick someone and pray for them for 30 days without telling them. Just pray and watch and see what happens. … Continue reading Prayer Challeng and Prayer Journal

40 Things About Me

1. Whats your philosophy in life? If you really want it don't take no for an answer.  2. Whats the one thing you would like to change about yourself? My hair I would love for it to be straight and long again.  3. Are you religious or spiritual? Both 4. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? … Continue reading 40 Things About Me