{January 28, 2012}   Hoping and Praying

Today he had to take the truck to take the kids to breakfast with his family for Chey’s birthday. So I wasn’t able to get out and do what I wanted to do today. But maybe that was for the best I slept in. I think I really needed that. When I got up I checked my facebook page. One of the first things I seen was a store in the area I just found out about last weekend is looking for help. I decided that as soon as he got back and dropped the truck off I was going to apply. It is Wednesday-Friday and probably weekends too. When he got back I told him I was going to apply and asked him if he would be able to take the kids every weekend instead of every other. He was fine with that. He will keep the baby and pick up the other kids and sit with them at my house until I get off the other days. He is going to get something working the evenings so that I can work daytime hours. We are trying really hard not to put the baby in daycare and we have to have some one to run the other two to horse back riding and therapy through the week. It just works better if one of us can do it.

But anyway it is a small little clothing store over on the island. I went in with two things to accomplish apply and get a job and to get a pair of boots lol. When I got there he had some customers. I just walked around and shopped. I seen Halloween costumes so I asked if I could look through them. I did looked through and pick some of them out and when every one left I took them up to pay for them. I asked him if I could have an application to apply for the job. He gave it to me. He then told me that it was only going to pay around minimum wage right now and that it would be 26 or less hours a week. He wanted me to know before I spent my time to fill out the app. in case it was something I wouldn’t want to do or be able to do. I told him that was fine. We talked a little more. After we talked a bit he said I am sure there will be chances for a raise and I may even do commission also. I just depends how things work out.

I told him I would fill it out and bring it back in for sure. He asked me when I thought I would bring it back. I told him I was going to go out fill it out a bring it right back because I was very interested in the position. I left my info at home so I took it up the street to Mc Donalds sat down filled it out looked everything up and took it back to him. He wanted to know if I had time to talk now or if he needed to call me back. I told him no I was free today and that I could talk now or when was good for him.

I ended up talking to him for a while. He told me all about how he ended up with the store and why he needed someone to work. What he was looking for someone to do and how things were run. He said he wanted to rearrange the store and if I would be willing to do that and interested in that. Of course I told him yes. He talked about different ideas he was thinking about to get more customers into the store and things like that because it  had been a little slow and he didn’t think to many people knew they were there. I gave him a few small ideas and told him I thought I had some more that would help get people in and things. He seemed very interested in what I had to say.

I he sounded like I had a good chance at the job. he was a little worried because I do have kids and I will be the only employee and he is going to be working another full-time job so he couldn’t come in. If I can’t be there the store would have to be closed. I told him I was very sure about the kids and had things arranged with a few different people to take care of anything that may come up with them. That it would be an extreme thing I needed to call off or take off for something. He said he understood that and wouldn’t expect me to be there if it was something extreme. He is really nice and seem like he would be really good to work for. I would open and close and handle everything day-to-day. It seems like the perfect job for me right now. he is looking at starting the other job in the next two weeks plus has another company he runs. So he really wants to get someone started. He said I would probably be hearing back from him in the next two to three days. I figure by Wednesday of next week. They are closed Mon-Tuesday. I am going to stop rambling I am just so excited and really want this job.

That is awesome!!! Good luck! I really hope it works out for you! 🙂

Thanks I am going to give it until about Wednesday I think and then go back in and talk to him or call him. Will keep posted.

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