{January 30, 2012}   My Poor Baby

It’s 11:45pm and my poor little guy is up feeling so bad. He is getting all his back molars and his allergies are bothering him. Causing him to have drainage and his throat to hurt. I feel so bad for him he just keeps whining mmm mom mom over and over. There isn’t a lot I can do for him. I gave him some Motrin for the pain but it hasn’t kicked in yet. We sat in the recliner and rocked that is his favorite place when he isn’t feeling good to lay back with mom and rock why he sleeps. But even that isn’t helping tonight.  He went with daddy to see if he Wal-Mart has teething tablets. They are the only thing that seem to help when his teeth are bothering him like this. I just pray they have them most the time they are out. I wonder if they even really carry them anymore. There isn’t another 24 hour store anywhere near close and it is a hit an miss what stores have them. Hopefully if they don’t have them his other meds will have made him sleepy enough he won’t be able to stay a wake and he will at least get some rest. I have to find him something to teeth on that he can get back in his jaw so it helps the teeth coming in back there.

I had just finished cleaning my room and was getting ready to lay down and watch tv until I fell a sleep when i heard him crying. Well they just called getting out didn’t help to calm him any and they don’t have the tablets. We are going to try the gel and pray that helps him. I think it is going to be a long night for me and my poor Mr. Man.

Poor little guy!!! I hope he feels better soon!

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