{January 31, 2012}   Mr. Not So Shy

The other day I posted a picture and told what happen with it and a somewhat friend. After I posted that a few other people had liked it. Then I thought I am just going to like it and see what happens. This way he knows that I seen that he liked it and responded back you could say.  I did that on Monday.  Wednesday I was up later than normal doing stuff about 12am I looked and I had a message in my inbox. I looked and it was from him. It just said how have you and soon to be ex been? He is on both our pages and soon to be ex has said a lot about us not being together and I have gotten upset about a few of his post and said a lot about everything that has happened and why things are the way they are. I have said little things here and there indirect about things. Not like he shouldn’t already know since this has been going on since November.

I asked how he was doing and told him that we had split up back in November. That I was doing really good and that soon to be ex seem to be getting use to the idea and that we had pretty much worked everything out. We just had to get it through the courts.  He never answered my question about how he was doing either.

By like 7 that night he was back online and replied back to me. He just said sorry to hear that I thought you all would be together for a long time. I sent something back but we keep missing each other. by the time I can reply back he is off-line. This happen both times. I was on but not showing on. But it has been 6 days now and he hasn’t been back on and said anything. I don’t think he has been back on at all really because he is hardly ever on. I figured it would be days before I would hear from him the first time. But it was like he got on to see if I replied but hasn’t gotten on since.

I am wondering if he wasn’t trying to get info maybe for the girl my soon to be ex is talking too. But I talk to her and made it very clear to her that I did not want him and that if she did she could have him and told her way more than what I told him. lol She should know what she is getting into. Or if he didn’t say more because maybe the fact that we aren’t divorced yet or if he was just waiting to see what I said again. But it seems like he would have gotten back on and said something else sooner. I don’t know.

The thing is like I said before we know each other because I got my soon to be ex a job with his uncle when we first got together. My family and his family have known each other for over 40 years. My mom his uncles aunts, dad and things and my mom and them all use to be really good friends. He had just moved here and they all don’t talk as much as they use too so we had never met.

Today soon to be ex’s girl who also knows them texted him and said that the uncle wanted him to call him about going back to work. He came and told me I didn’t know what to say. It is just the uncle and Mr. Not Shy working there now. They want to find Mr. Not Shy someone to help him because the uncle had another heart attack and more surgery the last few weeks and really can’t do it anymore. I didn’t say anything to soon to be ex about this. He knew he liked the picture but that is it. I didn’t feel he needed to know more. I didn’t want him to say anything to the one he is talking to or someone else and blow something up that isn’t even anything yet. I don’t know if he found out maybe they were going to ask him to go back to work with them or not either. That would be way to awkward I am sure if he went back to work for them because they are the only two and would be together all day every day. Right now everything is still up in the air with him going back to work. but boy it’s funny how things work and how small the world is.

[…] Mr. Not So Shy has been sending me messages again here and there that last month or so. I don’t know what to think of him he will send me a random message here and there and we will talk. We might talk one night then I don’t hear from him again for days or a week. I hadn’t heard from him since before me and RC got together and he sent me those few messages. About a month or two ago it was late and I was online and he started talking to me. Mostly just hey how are you why you up so late and things. Then in little bit he said he was going to go to bed and try to get some sleep. Something got said and we ended up talking for almost two hours. He started telling me how he likes to sleep and how he needed a massage and what they normally lead into and things. Said he was pretty good at giving them and if I ever wanted to swap massages to let him know. […]

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