Black Book

I finally got the big dent pulled out of the hood of my truck Friday. I met the guy at his shop and he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. We were going to set up a time to have it done so he could take pictures and things of it. I get there he looks at it gets the tools out and pops it out in just a few minutes. No pictures nothing. Only thing I can think is it wasn’t what he thought it was at all. From pictures and talking to him he seem to think it was going to be pretty hard to fix and that it would cost a lot to get it to look like it hadn’t been there.

He showed me a few other things I didn’t know. I thought they were because of one thing and they are because of something else. He said he would like to do a few other things to it but the guy he was supposed to meet came up and was waiting. He told me what he would do and gave me a price. Said to call him later s0 we could meet up and he could do it if I wanted too.

I said something about the other truck and getting it sold. That I didn’t know if I would be able to do it that day or if I would have to wait since my $9 part turned into a $300 part.  He had told me before when we were talking that he could put it threw auction and get at least $3000 easy since it runs good and it is in good shape body wise. Then why we were talking standing there he said this one would go for $5000 or more. Because it is in good shape runs and it is newer. I had thought about selling them both when I got the new one going and buying a Excursion. I want to have room for people but I also need the cargo room when all 3 seats are in that the Expedition just don’t give. He then told me about a couple of guys who deal with bigger trucks and things like that.

I asked him how much he thought it would cost me to run them threw the auction between the fees for them and something for him for doing it. He said a few hundred. later that night I talk to him about just selling them both so I could get something else. He starts talking about what my budget is for a new truck and all this. I told him that would depend on what I got out of the two trucks when they sold. I needed to put some of that money back into savings but the rest would all be for a new truck. That I needed very little to put back into savings. Then he ask me what I was looking to get out of the two of them. I told him I needed to get at least $6500. He says oh no the most you can probably get for them is $3000 to $3400.

That’s a big difference in what he told me to start with. He says he looked up the value for the years and the miles on them and all that and that is all it is showing they would be worth. I had already done this before I bought the new one and why I was at it I looked up the old one too. This way I knew if it was worth buying the new one and have an idea what I could get out of the old one. It showed just about what he was saying to start with. Then he shows me a screen shot and he is looking up Black Book value. I hate the freaken black book. Most people don’t even know there is a black book.

Black Book is what the dealers use to buy the cars at auction and then mark them up to Blue Book or more and sell them. Black book is less than half of what the blue book is. I found out about black book when the guy hit me and totaled my car a few years ago. It seems now that the insurance company now don’t have to give you Blue Book value or even close to that when something like that happens. They can give you Black Book and there isn’t anything you can do about it. At least where I live there isn’t. From what I hear they are starting to do this every where. Just like when it happen to me you can’t take the black book value and replace your car. You get stuck with something cheaper or stuck in payments like I did so that you have something to drive. All the money these companies make off of people every day they should have to give you something closer to what it will cost you to replace. I even told them if you say my car can be replaced for that amount then bring me another car just like mine and keep the money. They didn’t want to talk about that and do that. Because they know they can’t do it any better than I can.

The Perfect Couple

Really? Us the perfect couple!!! I have heard this time and time again in the last 4 months now since we split up. It just seems so odd to hear people say that. I don’t think I have every looked at any couple and said that’s the perfect couple. What would make you say a couple were the perfect couple with the perfect little family?

It isn’t like we do anything so great or so different than everyone else. We work come home take care of the kids and live our lives like everyone else. What about that makes us the perfect couple? Up until the last two years or so we were very close and always together and doing things with the kids. But isn’t that what most families do?

If it isn’t you guys were the perfect couple it is the, we really thought you guys would be together forever. Compaired to what you look at other couples and go they won’t last, or I bet they only make it a few years. You take bets on others to see how long you think they will or won’t stay together?

Do you all look at couples and think w0w there’s the perfect couple?

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About

It has been interesting to hear all that has been said about me around the last few months since everything that has went on with me and my soon to be ex. People talk like they think it isn’t going to get back to you then come and still want to hang around and be your “friend”.

I have tried to be a good friend to everyone I meet. It don’t matter how much you do or don’t do for them. They will stand up and talk about you like you have treated them like dirt from the time you met them. I have helped some of them move, some with their weddings watched their kids, gave them rides, helped them move, went found clothes and bought for their kids when they needed them and ever thing else. I am never judgmental about what they tell me or what they are going threw. They can call or text me any time night or day and I am there to listen, help and be supportive anyway that I can be. I have changed, cancelled or put plans on hold to help some or to be there for them when they needed someone.

But let the tables turn and the shoe be on the other foot and look around for a friend to be even half the friend you have been to them. They are few and very far between. What I have found is they are there but not to help. They are there to judge you and get whatever info they can so they can go and talk behind your back. They listen and look for any little sliver of info they can twist and turn into something it isn’t. They don’t care that isn’t how you are most of the time or that you are going threw a stressful time and trying to deal with things the best that you can.

Even if you do something to upset someone or to offend them they should come talk to you about it. It would be one thing if that’s just how you are and you do that kind of thing all the time. But when they know you and know that this just isn’t like you and that you are dealing with things right now they should at least come and give you a chance to make it right. There has been a few times that I know I said something I shouldn’t have and I have tried more than once and a few different ways to make it right. But that person still won’t say anything. But then still wants to talk. how easily they leave out the fact that you have said sorry and have tried to talk face to face and say sorry and work things out.

I told my friend I think I should have some stickers made for my truck with some of the things that have been said. since everyone is talking and thinks that the people they are talking to isn’t saying anything to anyone. See their reactions when they see me pull up and what they said is right there in black and white why they are pretending to be friends because they need something again.

I think I will have put on the front windshield at the top in big letters STALKER. Yes I am a stalker because I go to the park by a so called friends house. The thing is they have only lived there since October and I have been going to that park and taking my kids to that park for 8 years now. We have a lot of parties and play dates at that park. it is right down the road from my sister.

On the back glass I am going to put BEWARE THE BITCH You Can Do Better. This is what I don’t know how many so called friends have told my soon to be ex husband. If only they knew how many of their husbands and boyfriends have asked me to sleep with them and I have said no. Do they think their better is that what they are getting at? Because if it is funny your man has you but wants me.

The other one is going to say People either Love Me or Fear Me it’s your choice. The one I am supposedly stalking says he is scared of me. I have no clue why I have never said or done anything to him. I told him off once but I have never said I was going to do anything to him as far as harm or anything. He was acting like a ass one night and snapped at me. I was not happy already and was trying to ask him if he would like me to do something for him because I knew he was busy. I was upset and snapped back. The other one is one who said my husband could do better. I did threaten her. I told her if she kept talking shit behind my back I had no problem telling her husband all the shit she has said about him behind his and that I would make sure that everyone else knew what kind of things she said about them behind their backs. They know her they know how she is but I know they don’t know she is saying the kinds of things she really is saying. I didn’t even tell her she couldn’t talk to him anymore. I just told her she needed to stay out of what was going on between me and him like I had asked her to do from the start. She told him she couldn’t talk to him no more because she was afraid I would tell her secretes from the past lol. This was right after telling him she didn’t have anything to hide and she didn’t know what I was talking about.

I just thought I think I will have one more made that says The rumor is true I have been with someone else. But don’t worry it wasn’t your husbands who keep asking.

I bet that would give them all something to talk about. Who are they going to talk to about it because they will know real fast that the ones they been talking to can’t be trusted.






I was tagged by The Way I Live Naturally I know it has been a few days but here goes.


1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

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The questions she asked me and my answers are……………………………….

1. Have u ever had a failing grade? When I was in highs school and things I did here and there. Really I would just do what I had to do to pass the class most the time. Since I have gotten out of high school I have taken classes for a lot of different things and Do very well.

2. How u cope up with that? It didn’t really bother me as long as I could still pass the class. If I thought it was going to hurt me I would do an extra another paper to make up for it.

3. When you are stress, what is/are your stress reliever? I like to listen to music, or go for a drive

4. Back pack or Sling bag? when I was in school back pack. now a purse.

6. PC or Laptop? Lap Top

7. Where you choose to go for a vacay? Don’t really have anywhere in mind

8. Why you choose WordPress? It seemed it would be the easiest to upgrade later if I decided I wanted too.

9. What’s your passion? I love to learn and read

10. To where you are now, have u found yourself? For now I have. I think like everything around us we are also always changing and that sometimes we don’t take time to notice or think about it. One day we wake up and wonder what we are doing with out life and who we are and we have to go back and find who we are at that point in time.

11. If you will given a blank page of paper, what will you do:

a. write? b. draw? c. stare?

I would probably write, I have had somethings on my mind all day that I feel I should put down on here or paper.

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I Can See

All I can say is wow and oh my god how have I gotten around the last few years. I can not believe how much better I can see with my glasses. I went got them after we got done at riding today. Then we went to dinner. I keep pulling them down and looking at things and putting them back up and looking at things. It is such a shock. I had to stop it started making me feel sick lol. He said that he didn’t think I would wear them all the time but I got them at like 5:30pm and haven’t really taken them off since. My eyes were starting to hurt and things before I picked them up. One thing that made me call and see if they were set to come in tomorrow or the 28th. I couldn’t remember. My eyes stopped hurting since I have been wearing them tonight even. I notice I don’t hold my head up and look down like I have caught myself doing lately either. So my neck isn’t hurting as bad.

I Have My Truck Back

On a happier note today I got my truck back this morning? We got it done just before I had to pick my sister and them up and take them to the doctor. I was able to drive it around all day test it out. It runs great. It is so much nicer driving it than mine even though they are the same truck. I think because it sits up higher and I things adjust more so I am more comfortable driving it. It seems to be a little bit bigger than mine too. I love it!!

The poor guy who wants to look at the dent texted me again just as I was getting ready to go put gas in it and take him to the doctor. We thought we had to go back to the ER since we couldn’t find a doctor. I had to ask him if we could put it off one more day until tomorrow. I just told him I was on my way to the ER with a finger that was just about cut off lol. He said oh ok. Is it yours? I got a hold of him tonight and told him I finally had everything done and the truck going so we decided we would meet tomorrow morning after we got our kids dropped at school. I hope he can fix it like he thinks from looking at the pictures.

Broken Finger

As if it hasn’t been a long two weeks with all I have had going on, my sister calls and needs a ride to the ER at like 10pm last night. She tells me my brother in law is up there and did something to his hand. They think it is broken. I get dressed and go take her up there. It ended up being just the pinkie finger. But what a ordeal it has turned into.

They x rayed it last night and said that the tip is broken off and and it is smashed down past the nail bed. He got it caught in the back of a door as it was closing. I was surprised they didn’t do more for him at the hospital. They let him sit there for hours before they tried to do anything to it. Then told him the end of the finger was so dark colored by that time they didn’t think it would be able to be saved. Took the nail off and put three stitches in it. We went and got his meds and I dropped him off at home. By the time I got home they called and said it was still bleeding and by now it had been 4 hours since he done it and a hour or so since they stitched it and bandaged it. I told them to watch it and see that it may have stopped but just dirty from where it was still bleeding when they wrapped it.

The ER was very adament that he had to see someone today about it. They ended up going back last night because it didn’t stop bleeding. They kept telling them again that he had to go see someone today it was very important. They were worried it was still bleeding an hadn’t stopped but didn’t do anything to try and make it stop or get him someone to see him that night. Just changed the bandage and sent him home again. It is bad enough they said not to even change it at home.

So we spent most the morning trying to find someone who would see him today. You don’t just call a specialist when you have never been and get in the same day. The ER finally called and got him in to see someone. But they had to wait hours to be seen since they fit him in.

They looked at it and was setting him up to take that part off Monday. But after they got it cleaned the doctor reliased that it looked bad because the hospital never cleaned it. They didn’t clean it when he first went in just rinsed it off a little and stitched it. When it bleed threw and he went back they just took the bandage off and put a new one on. He still had blood all over his hand from when it first happen. He had the nurse get it all cleaned up. After he could see it better they said it was looking pretty pink on the tip and that was a good sign. He wants him to come back tomorrow to check the color and things again. As long as it stays pink and looking good they won’t have to take that part of the finger off. Just praying it don’t get an infection in it and it just heels nice and fast. Tonight he said he could feel it throbbing down threw his finger and into the tip so it is looking good.

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