{February 7, 2012}   Mike Got A Miracle

I wrote this July 14 2011 around 2:30am when we got the news a close friend of the family had passed away. Just thought I would share. My feelings about what everyone was saying and feeling.

Tonight a family lost a Husband, father, brother son, uncle, son in law, friend. He was called many things by many  people but all who knew him loved him. He would do just about anything for anyone and all ways upbeat and happy. I don’t know that I ever seen him upset or mad about something. He was just all ways positive even in the hospital fighting this horrible battle so many have fought and lost we call cancer.

We all have been praying for a miracle a healing for him for a long time and praying even harder the last month or so. When he past tonight so many I am sure thought and some said what about our miracle? Why lord did we not see a  miracle happen. But we all know that the lord has plans for all of our lives and that they may not be the same as his. Just because we ask for something we are not promised the answer we want just an answer. I truly believe that the lord has bigger and better plans for Mike in heaven than we could ever imagine down her on earth. And know that he will be looking down watching over his family with the lord from above. Together they will keep their arm around them and bringing them comfort, peace and strength to get through this difficult time. Most of all happiness back into their life.

I do not think that Mike didn’t get a miracle at all. I think he got his miracle years ago when the doctors told him he only had 6 months to live and how bad things would be. We all see he lived over 4 more years. I think God gave him the  of miracle life then. He let him have more time with his family to make memories, to see them accomplish things, and to show them that no matter what the devil throws at you to fight and not give up. That with the lord all things really are possible. He was able to get things to gether to make sure his family would be ok if something did happen and to prepaid his kids as best he could incase something happen. All things that I am sure went through his mind and everyone’s mind when they have a family and are told something like that. It is a miracle he didn’t suffer a lot more than he did and wasn’t a lot worse than he was over them years either. He had some bumps along the way and had to have surgery and treatments and things. But he came through all of them pretty good compared to what he could have been like. So yes I think we did see a miracle  in all of this just not the one we all would have liked to see and maybe not one everyone has realised yet. So before you start to say why lord why not this time why not for Mike why didn’t you answer our prayers. He did years a go we just didn’t see it. I hope you everyone does now.

I will tell you this has really impacted my life in a very big way. Most of you may not know but I lost my grandpa to Brian cancer just about 10 years ago I was 21. They found out he had it went in removed the tumor did radiation chemo the whole nine yards. He got better for a little while. A very short while. In the mean time he was sick from all the treatments and meds they were give him. Not long after he found out he had cancer my aunt found out she had it. they spent their days together sick on the couch watching tv. Nether one of them ever got anywhere near as good as Mike did through their treatment at all. They were sick they were very miserable all the time. They couldn’t eat and every thing you hear that goes along with having cancer. My grandpa lived less than a year. In the mean time my other aunt found out she had cancer also and her too got very ill and had a very hard time for a while. my aunt who found out right about the same time as my grandpa died just 8 months after him. my other aunt fought it for a while longer I think it was two years she lived with it. but most the time she wasn’t able to really do anything and didn’t feel good.

After seeing all that I always said that no matter what if I ever had anything like that I would not want to know. I would not want any treatments and I would not want them to tell me that they found anything. Just let me go on living my life as normal until I no longer could. Then just not let me be in pain but not to give me treatments or hook me to machines. I did not want to know and I did not want treatments because everyone I had known who found out and then opted for treatments were never able to live their life no where near normal again and did not live more than a few months to a year.

After seeing what Mike has went through and how good he did for so long after them telling him he only had 6 months to live I feel much differently about that. I would now want to know and I would want to do treatments. I know no one is promised or can expect to do as good as he has done the last sevrial years. But we can all pray to be as strong as he was if we are ever in that position. I will tell you the truth I cried and cried when I first found out that he had this and that they were going to do radiation and chemo on him. I wanted so bad to tell them not to do it and ask them if they knew how horrible life would be if they did it. I wanted to beg them not to do it because I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing him go through that like I had seen my grandpa go through it. The thought of Tanya and the kids having to see him go through it like I did. He had done so good after his first surgery I thought just leave him alone. Let him live the rest of his time as normal and happy as he can. don’t go messing him up with all these treatment. As much as I wanted to say all this stuff to them I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them something wouldn’t let me tell them. I tried a few times and changed my mind. then I would come home and tell gabe why why are they doing this don’t they know. They knew I didn’t. God knew I didn’t he was yet to show me. And let me say show me he did.

I still remember the last time I seen my grandpa when he knew what was going on and who I was. I see him plain as day and hear him clear as a bell. Siting on his porch giving me a hug and asking me when I was going to get married so he could come to the wedding. I wasn’t even dating anyone at the time or anything. But he use to ask me that all the time. I never knew why. 2 years later I got marred at a little church about 5 houses down from his house. I can stand at the church and see his house or in his yard and see the church. I know even though I couldn’t see him he was they’re looking down on me that day.

RIP Mike we all love you.

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