{February 20, 2012}   Free Will

Everyone thinks oh god can change this or that. He can make everything all better so why am I still in this situation or why are things still the way they are for me? Why don’t he change it and make it better, why does he want me to suffer or why is he punishing me. I have heard many say these things. What some people forget is sometimes he can’t because everyone is under their own free will. Just because you are doing what you can or feel you need to do to make the situation better does not mean he can change it. He don’t want to see us suffer or hurt but he can’t go against someone else free will. God can only help the ones that truly want to be helped. He can’t help them because you want them to change or because you pray for them. They have to want to change, he can show them things or give them signs just like he does for anyone else. But he can’t make them do what they need to do. It is up to them to listen or not.

I also believe that he does not leave us in a situation with no way out. It may not be the ideal way out or a way out we are crazy about. It isn’t always going to be a easy way out either. He never promised everything would be easy he just promised he would be there. I feel that sometimes the way out he gives us isn’t easy because he is trying to see if we really want out or if we just say we want out. To see if you are willing to work to get out and have better or if you are just looking for the easy way out. To see if you really trust him like you say you do. Sometimes I think he gives us a hard way out to show us that we are stronger than we give our self’s credit for. Other times I think its us who see it as the hard way out or that there is no way out. But there is always a way out. We may have to give up somethings we would like to keep or do somethings we would rather not do. But it is all part of his plan.

I know sometimes we look at a situation and the only ways out and think there is no way we could do that. We don’t have this or that. How would we do it how could we possibly make it through all of it. I have felt that way and said the same things. But then that’s when you have to remember you are trusting him and listening to him. You are relying on him to get you through. I truly believe that if you get out of it he isn’t going to let you go with out. You may not have the best of everything or the greatest of everything. But I believe that your needs will be met until you can get back to where you can do what needs to be done. I also believe that if you do the best that you can with what he gives you and strive to have and do better. He will let us have and do better as long as we don’t forget how we got there.

But even if you are in a situation and you are trying to make it better or fix it if it involves anyone but yourself it may not be fixable. Not because of anything that you have or haven’t done but because of every ones free will. It is your free will to try and fix it. But it is also their free will to keep doing what they are doing and careless. In order for us to be in any situation that involves anther person and have it work we must work together. No matter how great it would be if everyone seen that and it happened it just isn’t always going to be that way. Because we are all free to do whatever we want. Sometimes we have to just decide what is best for us in the situation we are in and do it. Because your free to do whatever you want with or with out that person.  Sometimes it takes doing something drastic to make them see and want to change. Sometimes that don’t even work they are happy just being the way they are. But you don’t have to be happy with it and stay and live with it. You have the free will to change things for your life and to make the best of your life and be happy. You deserve to have better and to be happy even if you think you don’t. Like I said before God does not want to see us unhappy hurting or suffering. That’s why he always gives us a way out. Now it’s all up to you from here, are you going to keep sitting in the situation making excuses or are you going to find your way out and make it happen?



You are so absolutely right!!! This post made my cry. I am going to print it out so I can read it every day. Thank you so much for writing it!!!

Something has pushed me for over a week to write this. I just didn’t do it, I even started it and then left it on my drafts. Finally last night something said just said finish it tonight. When I would come across it or work on it you were always there in the back of my mind. I hope it helps you in your journey ahead with all that you are going threw. If nothing else as a reminder that you can do it and that you are not alone. There are so many others who have been there too.

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