{February 23, 2012}   Broken Finger

As if it hasn’t been a long two weeks with all I have had going on, my sister calls and needs a ride to the ER at like 10pm last night. She tells me my brother in law is up there and did something to his hand. They think it is broken. I get dressed and go take her up there. It ended up being just the pinkie finger. But what a ordeal it has turned into.

They x rayed it last night and said that the tip is broken off and and it is smashed down past the nail bed. He got it caught in the back of a door as it was closing. I was surprised they didn’t do more for him at the hospital. They let him sit there for hours before they tried to do anything to it. Then told him the end of the finger was so dark colored by that time they didn’t think it would be able to be saved. Took the nail off and put three stitches in it. We went and got his meds and I dropped him off at home. By the time I got home they called and said it was still bleeding and by now it had been 4 hours since he done it and a hour or so since they stitched it and bandaged it. I told them to watch it and see that it may have stopped but just dirty from where it was still bleeding when they wrapped it.

The ER was very adament that he had to see someone today about it. They ended up going back last night because it didn’t stop bleeding. They kept telling them again that he had to go see someone today it was very important. They were worried it was still bleeding an hadn’t stopped but didn’t do anything to try and make it stop or get him someone to see him that night. Just changed the bandage and sent him home again. It is bad enough they said not to even change it at home.

So we spent most the morning trying to find someone who would see him today. You don’t just call a specialist when you have never been and get in the same day. The ER finally called and got him in to see someone. But they had to wait hours to be seen since they fit him in.

They looked at it and was setting him up to take that part off Monday. But after they got it cleaned the doctor reliased that it looked bad because the hospital never cleaned it. They didn’t clean it when he first went in just rinsed it off a little and stitched it. When it bleed threw and he went back they just took the bandage off and put a new one on. He still had blood all over his hand from when it first happen. He had the nurse get it all cleaned up. After he could see it better they said it was looking pretty pink on the tip and that was a good sign. He wants him to come back tomorrow to check the color and things again. As long as it stays pink and looking good they won’t have to take that part of the finger off. Just praying it don’t get an infection in it and it just heels nice and fast. Tonight he said he could feel it throbbing down threw his finger and into the tip so it is looking good.

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