{February 28, 2012}   The Perfect Couple

Really? Us the perfect couple!!! I have heard this time and time again in the last 4 months now since we split up. It just seems so odd to hear people say that. I don’t think I have every looked at any couple and said that’s the perfect couple. What would make you say a couple were the perfect couple with the perfect little family?

It isn’t like we do anything so great or so different than everyone else. We work come home take care of the kids and live our lives like everyone else. What about that makes us the perfect couple? Up until the last two years or so we were very close and always together and doing things with the kids. But isn’t that what most families do?

If it isn’t you guys were the perfect couple it is the, we really thought you guys would be together forever. Compaired to what you look at other couples and go they won’t last, or I bet they only make it a few years. You take bets on others to see how long you think they will or won’t stay together?

Do you all look at couples and think w0w there’s the perfect couple?

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