{February 29, 2012}   Black Book

I finally got the big dent pulled out of the hood of my truck Friday. I met the guy at his shop and he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. We were going to set up a time to have it done so he could take pictures and things of it. I get there he looks at it gets the tools out and pops it out in just a few minutes. No pictures nothing. Only thing I can think is it wasn’t what he thought it was at all. From pictures and talking to him he seem to think it was going to be pretty hard to fix and that it would cost a lot to get it to look like it hadn’t been there.

He showed me a few other things I didn’t know. I thought they were because of one thing and they are because of something else. He said he would like to do a few other things to it but the guy he was supposed to meet came up and was waiting. He told me what he would do and gave me a price. Said to call him later s0 we could meet up and he could do it if I wanted too.

I said something about the other truck and getting it sold. That I didn’t know if I would be able to do it that day or if I would have to wait since my $9 part turned into a $300 part.  He had told me before when we were talking that he could put it threw auction and get at least $3000 easy since it runs good and it is in good shape body wise. Then why we were talking standing there he said this one would go for $5000 or more. Because it is in good shape runs and it is newer. I had thought about selling them both when I got the new one going and buying a Excursion. I want to have room for people but I also need the cargo room when all 3 seats are in that the Expedition just don’t give. He then told me about a couple of guys who deal with bigger trucks and things like that.

I asked him how much he thought it would cost me to run them threw the auction between the fees for them and something for him for doing it. He said a few hundred. later that night I talk to him about just selling them both so I could get something else. He starts talking about what my budget is for a new truck and all this. I told him that would depend on what I got out of the two trucks when they sold. I needed to put some of that money back into savings but the rest would all be for a new truck. That I needed very little to put back into savings. Then he ask me what I was looking to get out of the two of them. I told him I needed to get at least $6500. He says oh no the most you can probably get for them is $3000 to $3400.

That’s a big difference in what he told me to start with. He says he looked up the value for the years and the miles on them and all that and that is all it is showing they would be worth. I had already done this before I bought the new one and why I was at it I looked up the old one too. This way I knew if it was worth buying the new one and have an idea what I could get out of the old one. It showed just about what he was saying to start with. Then he shows me a screen shot and he is looking up Black Book value. I hate the freaken black book. Most people don’t even know there is a black book.

Black Book is what the dealers use to buy the cars at auction and then mark them up to Blue Book or more and sell them. Black book is less than half of what the blue book is. I found out about black book when the guy hit me and totaled my car a few years ago. It seems now that the insurance company now don’t have to give you Blue Book value or even close to that when something like that happens. They can give you Black Book and there isn’t anything you can do about it. At least where I live there isn’t. From what I hear they are starting to do this every where. Just like when it happen to me you can’t take the black book value and replace your car. You get stuck with something cheaper or stuck in payments like I did so that you have something to drive. All the money these companies make off of people every day they should have to give you something closer to what it will cost you to replace. I even told them if you say my car can be replaced for that amount then bring me another car just like mine and keep the money. They didn’t want to talk about that and do that. Because they know they can’t do it any better than I can.

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