{March 5, 2012}   The Dating Pool. Swim at Your Own Risk!! Running is Allowed


I hadn’t really been looking for anyone else since me and soon to be ex split up. I did what I did with the one but that has been it. I had kind of decided to wait until I had at least filed for the Divorce and gotten that on it’s way. But considering I have no idea how long that will take and the fact that I was ready to move on a year ago. That isn’t working out for me. I am not looking to jump into anything major right off the bat or even to have someone to be intimate with or whatever you want to call it. I just want to find someone to talk to to be close to and just see how things go from there.

But it is down right scary out there anymore. Like I told my friend when we were talking the other night about the the guys around us. a) they make your skin crawl just looking from across the room. b) look good until they start to speak. c) way to young d) in trouble. Don’t forget taken and happy or taken and trying to step out. My family all the way around are known here, all three sides have been here forever. It really don’t seem like that small of a county but when you get out there and start talking to people everyone knows everyone, That don’t help either.

Soon to be ex has been telling me how he signed up for this dating site and how he got emails from a few different people. I know others who have went on them or who still do. But I just can’t see how people can go on sites like them and meet people like that. Not that there is anything wrong with it or the people that do. But I just can’t bring myself to just randomly pick some stranger off a page and contact them and say hey lets talk or do you want to go out. I don’t know why I find this to be such a big deal? But I do I can go up to a guy if I’m out and talk to him and things if I like him. I don’t know what it is I can’t put my finger on just one thing that bothers me about it. It just does.

I have never pulled one up and looked at it so I decided to just see what it was all about and how good or bad it really was. It wasn’t as bad as I expected.

First off if you are on there looking for a girl why you going to put a picture of you with some other girl all wrapped around you? What are you trying to prove and to who? To me that says still hung up on someone else and not ready to move on.

Then you have the women on there it says they are 40 something and you can clearly tell that the picture is a shot from when she was like 20. Looks like she is high school even. Did you really age that bad that you have to get them to talk to you with what you use to look like and hope that once they talk to you they won’t care when they meet you?

Then you have the pussy stretcher come on really what kind of response are you expecting to get from that?

That is just what I seen looking threw the pages at everyone. Then I decided to click into a few and see what that was like.

Most have one little line of something they have said about them self or what they are looking for. then there is the area where you answer the questioner about yourself. It looks like this.

It has height body type, hair color, and ethnicity. Most people answer these questions. Then it gets over and ask Marital Status, Religion, Have Children, want children, smokes, drinks.

How does anyone not know if they are married? That is pretty simple yes or no answer. Ladies if you don’t know if you have kids or not I think finding a date is the least of your problems. I don’t know about the rest of you but I know that sure isn’t something I will be forgetting anytime soon or later for that matter.

Why would you put no answer or don’t know for all or most of these? It isn’t like you wrote anything about yourself then you don’t want to give even this basic info either. Seems like they have stuff to hide.

Over all it really was better than what I expected it to be. It was like everything else you are going to have good and your going to have some bad or crazy. But the good seemed to out way the bad on this site.

And I do have to say I did see three guys that seemed like someone I would really like to talk to. But I still can’t bring myself to sign up and contact them.

As I write this and think about the three guys I did see on there that I was interested in I think I have figured out two of the biggest things that bother me about something like this. One is that a lot of the people you find are a couple hours or more a way. And the fact I have no idea who I am really talking too. Seems different talking to a stranger I meet out somewhere as to just some random person online. I don’t know where I would even start if I did sign up and contacted them. I just find it much easier to talk to people face to face I guess.

julie says:

yeah i find online dating weird. people suggested i do it, so i signed up one day. the first day on there a guy messages me, “why is a girl like you on a dating website? what is the world coming to?” LOL i also felt like online dating was like online shopping. like i was browsing for shoes and trying to find which one i liked best. i think chemistry is so crucial. i need to feel that bond upon seeing someone for the first time. online dating just seems so fabricated and unnatural.

That is it right there Julie it is like shopping for something like the movie the TOY from way back. That’s what I was looking for the chemistry is there when you see someone in person and talk to them. It was right there I just couldn’t spit it out. I have no problem finding guys it is just the ones I am finding for what there is around here. To me going on there I feel like I am going to get more like I already have talking to me now. Or my luck the murder HA HA.

The Old Heave Ho says:

I tried internet dating when I was separated from my husband. Living in a small town that I only had lived in for three years I just didn’t know where to go to meet viable men that were not in a bar (and alcoholics love me) so I tried internet dating. It was a disaster. But I only went on three so maybe I didn’t give it a shot. I know it has worked for others jut not me at all! Good luck 😀

See that is how it is around here too no where to meet people either other than bars and things. I still can’t bring myself to sign up for the other. My brother in law done it and it turned out really bad for him too. He got some crazy girl.

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