{March 9, 2012}   How I Got The Grass Mowed

I have to share a funny story I thought of today. First I have to say there really isn’t anything I won’t say and not much that I won’t do. Get me mad and forget it.

Back around September I had asked soon to be ex to mow the yard. I asked a few different days made commonts about it as we got in and out of the truck. Talked to him about doing it later in the evening just before dark or right after he took the kids to school so it wouldn’t be so hot. This went on for about a month and it still hadn’t been mowed. I said something about it one day and he then called me from work and said that there was going to be a guy coming by to mow the yard. Not to worry about paying him he worked a deal out with him at work. Ok whatever as long as it gets mowed and I didn’t have to put money out I really didn’t have to get it done. He calls that after noon and asked if the guy came by or not. I told him no. I really never thought he was going to any way didn’t sound like a very good deal and it just seemed like it was the guys way of getting something for free. He just said oh it don’t get dark for a while maybe he will be there in a bit probably had to finish his customers first for the day.

I really didn’t think the guy was going to show and knew now that he wasn’t going to cut it anytime soon. It was already knee high just about. I heard someone cutting a yard around me so I went out to see who it was. There was a guy with a lawn crew at the empty house next to me doing the yard. I walked over and talk to him and got him to cut ours why he was at it and paid him.

I was mad at soon to be ex for letting it get that bad and for having to pay someone to do it when I could have used the money for other things. On top of it all I had to pay way more than if he had just said look i’m not going to do it pay someone to start with. Because it had gotten so high and out of hand. So when soon to be ex called back then to tell me he was going to be working late because he looked at his hours wrong once again. I told him oh by the way don’t worry about the yard I had it cut. He wanted to know how. I told him the guy who was cutting the grass at the empty house did it for me. He wanted to know how much that cost me. I said nothing I got him to do it for free basically. Of course he wanted to know how I did that.

I told him that I flashed him and let him grab my tits so I didn’t have to pay him. Freaked out what did you do that for I can’t believe you would do that I told you I would cut it. I said hey don’t get so bent out of shape and mad at least now you don’t have to do it and it didn’t cost you anything to get it cut. That’s not the point blah blah blah he went on. I said look I thought you would be happy you didn’t have to do it you have been working so hard and that it would be even better that you didn’t have to pay to have it done. I said go ask the other guys at work if they would be mad if they would be mad if their wives got the grass cut and it didn’t cost them anything. He said I’m sure they would be if they did that. I said I bet they wouldn’t since they didn’t have to do it. He was still going on and I just said look I have other things to do I am not going to listen to you have a fit the rest of the night. What is done is done. Oh and he said that he would stop in the next time he was over there and see if I needed the yard done again since he don’t have set dates he comes. Talk to you later bye.

He gets his friend to bring him home that evening since he had to work late and I told him him I wasn’t coming to get him because the kids would be in bed. If he had told me before I could have given him the truck and we wouldn’t have had that problem. His friend gets out when they get here to put water in his car. I said hey he can even get to the water hose now that I had the grass cut. We said something about it. I said what they are just boobs. We are all adults we all know that the other has different parts and I’m pretty sure we all have seen the other sex naked and felt them up before. His friend just kind of acted like he was not hearing what was going on shook his head and smiled. Soon to be ex was standing there going on about how could I do that to myself and all this. I said man I wonder what other things I could get done with a little flash and grab. I thought his friend was going to die trying not to laugh and at the same time looked so shocked.

I never thought he would ask them about it at work because he would not want them to know I did it or that I did it because he didn’t cut it. There were one or two there I figured he may ask off to the side. One is a friend of mine that I have known all our life and then another guy he talked to. But he asked this other guy and a new guy that had just started they were the only ones there. He said they just laughed at him. By the next day it was all over the shop about his wife and what she did. I didn’t care I thought it was funny and he deserved it for not cutting it for a month or more why I asked. I never told but one person that I really didn’t do that and that I paid the guy to mow the yard.

Let me tell you after that even when he didn’t live here if I said the lest little thing about the grass needing cut he was out there johnny on the spot cutting it. It didn’t matter if he had just got off work or if he had to go in to work in a hour or so. I would look for him and he would be gone. When I found him he was out there mowing the yard. To bad it don’t work anymore because it needs to be done so bad and he is back to his I will do it later or tomorrow and it hasn’t happen. Maybe I should tell him the yard guy should be coming back around in a few days and see what happens.



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