{March 9, 2012}   What’s Really Important in a Relationship

I think the most important thing is a relationship is respect, aside from having feelings for the person. If you have respect for the person you are with the rest will come naturally. You are going to want to do things with that person and care about them you’ll want to be honest with them. You won’t want to hurt them or see them upset.

I think what hurts a relationship when it comes to respect are that men and women look at respect like a lot of things much different than each other.

I use to tell soon to be ex all the time you have no respect for me and he would say yes I do. Then name off all this stuff that he did. Some I never asked him to do or told him I would take care of myself.

When I think of respect I am thinking of things like, calling them before they are on their way to pick you up from work to it’s going to be another hour. Or even better telling them after they get there 10 more minutes and it turning into an hour or more. Doing what you tell them you are going to do not changing your mind and doing nothing or doing something else instead. Not talking about them to all the guys at work and making them look at them like they are a bitch every time they pick you up or drop you off. Not letting people talk about her or to her like she is dirt even if it is her family or yours. Who are you in this relationship with them or her?

Respect is thinking more of her and her feelings more than anyone else’s. Not putting everyone else first because your worried about what everyone else is going to say or think about. Yes she is your wife and yes she should understand things and forgive things but only so much and so many times. Accidents happen but they don’t repeat their self over and over again every time something comes up.

Most of all respect yourself because if you don’t truly respect yourself you won’t be able to truly respect her or anyone else.

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