{April 12, 2012}   Life Couldn’t Get Much Better

A lot has been going on the last two an a half weeks since I posted last. I haven’t been around a computer much with internet. By the time I get time at mine I am ready to pass out. But life is going great for me and the kids. They have been spending every other weekend with their dad and spent most of spring break with him too. I spent most of the time they were with him with my new friend I met a month or so ago. Things are going so good between us. It’s so nice to have someone who really cares and who is there for you. Its nice that he is great with my kids too. He treats them like his own as I do his. I hate that we don’t live closer there for we don’t get to see each other to much unless it is the weekends. It is only about 20 miles a way but with the kids and work. By the time you make the drive and spend anytime the kids are getting to bed late and it isn’t fair to them. All though they all love it when we get together and do things or just spend time at one of the houses. It would be nice if we lived closer. I want to move and he wants me to move closer to where he is. But I don’t know because of the kids schools and things. I would like to keep them in the same schools until I decide to move out of state. He just moved but don’t like where he is they don’t want to fix things. But his job and his kids schools are all up where he is. I don’t know I guess we shall see. Mine had said he wouldn’t fight me moving out of state with the kids. Then when we went to file the papers he said he didn’t want me to move out of state with them. He says he is going to fight it because he wants to keep having them every other weekend and stuff. Then he can move too. Why keep your kids in a area that isn’t good for them and who has nothing to offer them but crime and drugs when someone is trying to get them out of it and give them a better chance at life. Just because you don’t want to make the trip to see them or because you don’t want to pay for them to come see you or you to see them. That’s crazy.

I filed for my divorce Tuesday. I finally was able to get the pack of papers to fill out to get it started. Then I filled out a form and they said I don’t have to pay for the divorce. She said Tuesday that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get it final since he went with me and signed everything. We each have to go take a 3 hour class about helping kids deal with divorce. We can take it at the same time or different times. I am taking it the 21st of this month why he has the kids. then the next one will be the 5th of next month. He will take that get them turned in and set a date to get it final. I am so happy he has been really nasty the last few weeks since he found out I have been talking to someone new. On the way to file the divorce he was telling me how he was glad we were doing this and he couldn’t wait to be rid of me and blah blah. But then he will turn back around and say something about how we could make this work and if only. He has been so nasty a few times this week then come over and start doing stuff around my house. He can’t stand it I am really done and really don’t have any feelings for him and that he still does and that I could careless. So he wants to make me think he don’t and he can’t. He post all kinds of stuff on facebook and everything. everyone knows he would come home right now if I would let him. But that isn’t going to happen. Because he hasn’t changed. He wants to say he has but he has’t.

Other than that not a lot going on. I am trying to sell my new truck I just bought now that I have it running good. I don’t know why but I keep wanting to go back to my old one. I like this one but it just isn’t the same as driving my old truck. But hey still not a bad deal I will more than likely double my money or more. What I paid for it and what I should get out of it. I found a truck I really want and if  I sold both trucks I could probably get it. But I need some of that money to do other stuff with. I am going to try and bank most of what I get from this one to move a way this summer if I win in court. Guess we shall see how it all unfolds.

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