{May 27, 2012}   What a Fun Sunday

Today we get up and RC tells the kids he is going to take them fishing. He said he hadn’t been in a while and wanted to go and it would be fun for the kids. I got soon to be ex to watch the baby because taking him fishing just didn’t seem like it would be fun for either one of us. After he came and picked him up we headed to RC’s house to get the fishing stuff. We go buy some bait and he tells me go this way  is telling me where to go.

I thought we were going to go fishing but he wanted to go and try to catch some bait also. We go down into a wild life reserve area on this little dirt road with no room to pull off on the one side and a little room on the other. Water all around us. We pull off a few times and we aren’t having any luck so he says lets just go fish. I had been out around this area but wasn’t to sure were we were so I wasn’t sure how far ahead we had to go to get back out on the main road. I was worried about gas because I forgot to get some. I decided to turn around because I knew we were probably only a mile from where we came in. Not the best idea I have ever had I do have to say.

I pulled over to the one side where I could get off and went to swing around and do a 3 point turn. When I pulled up I knew I was in the grass what little there was on that side. But I wasn’t worried I was going to back up no big deal. Then why I am trying to do this RC starts talking to me. I turn to see what he is saying and he is telling me I am off the road. I said I know I’m not going faword anymore. Move my foot on the break and go to put it in reverse. The little bit of movement on the break let it go enough to let it roll the slightest bit. With the rain the ground shifted and I went over the edge almost into the water. There was no pulling it back out at that point. The back drivers wheel was off the ground and spinning in the air. Two of the boys start freaking out we want to go home we want to go home are we going to die. My big boy is telling them it’s ok just calm down we are going to live everything is ok.

I get out tell him lets get the kids out. I didn’t think it was going to move but still didn’t want them to jump around in it and it would get hot sitting in there. He called his friend to come and get him so he could go back to the house to get the other truck and his friend had no clue where were at so he had to run up to the road and meet him. In the mean time I been texting my friend at the store and I texted her and told her I stuck the truck. She was like what how and wanted to know how bad it was. She thought I was joking so I hung up and sent her pictures of it. She called me back and said we are on our way. Her husband just started driving a recker on the weekends like a week before. I called RC and he was already at the house just about he said he didn’t know if they should come. I had two guys come up they had been sitting out there talking and seen the top of the truck in the air and came to see if they could help. I told her just let them see if they could get it and see if RC got it if they didn’t. But she said they were headed that way any way that they could always turn around if they got it out. The two guys pulled on it a few times but it wasn’t going no where it just broke their straps. I told them I had a tow truck on the way but it would be a little bit before it got there because it was coming from farther a way. And that RC was coming back. They said they weren’t going to leave me out there until someone came and they stayed hooked to it since they had jerked it around so much.

RC got there like 2 minutes before the tow truck they must have been flying in the tow truck. He put the kids in the truck and went to meet them in the tow truck because they weren’t sure where we were either. They had to back the tow truck down and around in there to where we were because he couldn’t turn around either in there. But I am happy to say after almost rolling it over twice he got it pulled out. Three of the guys had to stand on the back to get it weighed down to get the tire on the ground still to help get it out and going once he got the front unstuck. At least he got it out because he couldn’t get behind me just beside me. That made it harder to get it out. Lets just say I won’t be trying that again anytime soon. Once we got out we took the kids fishing for a bit and they still had fun. That’s all that really matters and that no one got hurt.


Thank God for great friends it would have cost me a ton to get it pulled out if we couldn’t have gotten it and he didn’t have the tow truck.

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