Like I said in my other post I want to get back into church but need to find another one. When I met RC he was going to church not sure how often or how into it he was. But probably more than I have been the last few years. We were talking last night and something was said about the weekend and what we were doing Saturday. Then he said and Sunday. I said and Sunday I am going to church. He said I know I want you to go to my church and just try it one time. If you don’t like it then that’s fine we will go to some others.

I wouldn’t mind going to his church but there are a few different reasons I don’t want to go to his church. One I didn’t really believe what his church believes in. Not so much what they believe in but that a lot of them don’t believe and preach different parts of the bible that I believe in and if it is there in the bible how can you say you don’t believe it or preach it or preach ageist it. Then turn around and say you are bible biased and preach what the bible says. He said he understood that. I would still be willing to try it and go a few times maybe they are different because I know not all of that kind of church is like that.

But the main reason I don’t want to go is because his ex and her family go there and are big into the church there. I don’t feel comfortable going there. I feel like that is their church or where they go and it would be rude of me to come there in their face all the time in this situation. I know it is church and anyone is free to go there and things. But it is just the point. He said he couldn’t balm me for that and that he couldn’t really say anything because he wouldn’t want to go around my ex or his family like that all the time either.

I feel bad because I know he likes it there and knows a lot of people there and went to groups and things. But I know that is just something I couldn’t get use too and would feel funny about all the time. I have asked him to go to church with me where I use to go but it is different there. Yeah me and my ex went there and got married there but there are a lot of different people there than there was then. Plus the ones who are there most all know how things went between me and my husband and things. They understand why I left. Plus nither of us have went there for a while and he don’t go there now. He started going to a different church. None of our families go to it or anything like that. I don’t really want to go there all the time either but I wouldn’t mind going there until we get moved and find some place we like. I had been looking for a new church for a while. But if he don’t want to I will understand that too.

I have been looking today trying to find a church to go to but really haven’t found much online. I have seen some in the area but don’t know anything about them. The few I did find that I thought I might be intrested in don’t seem what I am looking for either. It is hard to find something because I want something with good adult and kids programs and things but I don’t want something with 1000’s of people. Or what seems like 1000’s of people. I am sure we will find the right place we just have to get out and start going to some and see what they are really like and what they have to offer. I did find a few that haves schools also that I did not know where in the area. I am looking to go back to school here soon so I was glad to find that out.


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