{June 21, 2012}   Good News

I was so tiered last night all 4 kids were in bed and a sleep by 10 and I went to bed too. I was to sleepy to even think about getting on here. But I got a text right before I went to bed about my grandma. My mom said after about 36 hours she came around was able to talk and eat. She can walk but has to have a walker to help her. They let her go home last night finally. The test don’t show anything wrong. They think she is just her body is just exhausted from her mental state.

My grandma is one who if something is wrong you don’t tell anyone. She worries about what others will think of her because of it. She don’t tell the doctors or anyone. She has finally talk to a neurologist and a psychologist and they are going to start seeing her. They also referred her to a good doctor. She says she is going to go see them and tell them everything that is going on. I just hope that they can do something to help her and get her to feeling better.

Nothing else really happen yesterday I got a sitter for the kids for a little bit and went to a friends house and hung out. I was going to go see my grandma but they said she didn’t want anyone to come to the hospital. I picked the kids up and met RC after work we went with him why he cut a tree up so we can haul it off this weekend. Came home an tried to do a few things to the truck but it started to rain. We ended up standing outside letting the kids play in the rain for about an hour. They had a blast.

So far today we tried to go see a movie but didn’t get to stay for it. I told them before we went that we wouldn’t be able to stay if baby boy didn’t sit still and caused a problem. He would have done better than he did but they didn’t start the movie until late. We made it threw about 30 minutes of so of it. Then we had to leave. Glad it was a free movie we went to see and we hadn’t paid to get in.

Since we didn’t get to see the movie and we hadn’t gotten popcorn and stuff we went to lunch. They all wanted a sandwich and drink so that’s what we got. If it don’t rain RC has a lawn to cut when he gets off work then we are going to try and take them fishing this evening for a little bit. Right now they are all laying down taking naps. Well 3 out of the 4 are a sleep. Waiting on the baby to sleep. Hard to get him to lay down and sleep when he climbs in an out of his bed. I have got to figure out something to do with him.

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