{June 26, 2012}   Poor Baby Boy

My poor baby boy got on the top bunk and fell off face first into the tile floor. My poor big boy was so scared and upset. He came and said mommy baby is on the top bump. I said ok and finished washing my hands and turned to go get him. About the time I turned around to head to the other room I heard him fall and hit the ground. Then I heard him crying as I ran in there to get him. He was standing up choking a little and crying. His nose was read his check was red. I was trying to see in his mouth to see if it was ok. The corner of his nose bruased right a way. I tried to call RC and couldn’t get my phone to work. I went outside to see if the lady next to me was home still her and another friend of ours had just left. I wanted someone to help me hold him and check him out. I called and called RC and it keep going to voice mail. Finally after like 5 times he answered I told him he fell off the top bunk and hit his face. He was here in just a few minutes. Why I finally got him to stop crying hysterical and was able to check him out more. He had a big bump and scratch on his forehead too. It was bleeding but not bad. He just laid there and whined he wouldn’t move. Most the time he falls he will cry a minute and go on. After about 5 minutes he still wouldn’t do anything but whine and sniffle. He had a little bit of bloody snots come out of his nose. RC got here about that time looked at him and said we are going to the hospital. He went and pulled the car around to the back door since we were sitting right there. We didn’t want to move him around a lot.

I was scared on the way to the hospital I noticed his eye brow and eye lid was kind of swollen too and he would just stare off and didn’t really look when we would talk to him.  We got to the hospital and RC carried him in and I went in there was people standing around in front of us talking they were walking in as we were. I went around there an grabbed a clip board and started filling it out. As soon as the guy seen RC walk around with him he said you don’t have to fill that out whats his name and bday come this way and took us right back.

They came in checked him out said that the lump on the outside of the head forming was a good sign and that his nose and mouth looked ok. But they did a CT scan anyway since it was from so high and onto such a hard floor. It came back they said there was no bleeding on the brain or in the head and that there was no fractures and let us go home.

He didn’t learn anything from it before we went to bed he went back in there and got right back up on the top bunk. He keeps trying to get in there today. I have to get locks to put up high on the doors because he can unlock them from the outside.

My poor big boy he was saying I’m sorry mommy it’s my fault I should have told you sooner. He told me in time he didn’t fall until after he told me. He wouldn’t leave the hospital when we got there. RC was going to bring  him home because he knows it is hard for him to sit there. He wouldn’t go. Then when they took him for the CT scan the had to stay in the room. When we got back to the room they weren’t there. I text RC told him we were back he said they were at home. He said my big boy started freaking out because they wouldn’t let him go so he got him to go outside and go home. When they let us go home we were getting in the car my big boy said I was so scared I thought he was going to die. I felt so bad for him. He is very close to his baby brother.

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