{June 26, 2012}   So Rude

I was having a pretty good day I took my boys for lunch and then picked RC’s up from daycare. My girl is still in NC until next week and his boys had been a way since Sat. They got dropped off at daycare so I decided to go pick them up since he was at work. Plus my boys will be leaving Thursday after noon until sometime Mon or Tues. Figured I would let them play together. Elisha has really missed them the last few days.

I have picked them up a few times and talk to the owner. She was telling me about a job before but I didn’t live up here it was to far for me to drive. The other day she told him to tell me the place was hiring again. So today I go in and she is there. They have all the kids in one room watching a move and about 5 teachers standing around there. She tells me I need to sign them out. I turn around to sign them out and she tells me the place is hiring. Then says I told him to tell you the other day. I said he did. She says I told you they were before didn’t I? I said yeah before I lived up here. Then she says you just don’t want to work do you. I went from in a great mood to pissed in just a second. She don’t know me from anyone there she don’t know our home situation or anything. Or what me and RC have worked out between us.

I turned around and looked at her. I said yes I want to work but it don’t make any since for me to go to work and make $180 a week and pay out $213 in daycare. She said you don’t think $213 a week for 3 kids is cheap? I said I guess it is if you are making it. I told her I’m not going to go to work and pay that much for someone else to raise my kids when I am not even going to make that much in a week. It didn’t make since for me to work for less than what I would even pay in daycare a week. I said besides I have $1200 a month coming in that’s as much or more than I would make in a month at most jobs so I’m not worried about it. She just said oh oh well then. I said come on boys get your stuff and come on.

There was so much more I could have said but I was trying to not cause to much of a uproar because his kids do have to go there still. I wanted to say not only have I been to school and been a temp bail bondsman but I am a doula and a massage therapist. And I am getting ready to go back to school to be a psychiatrist.  What have you been to school for other than baby sitting kids? But I didn’t. I was so mad when I left there I text RC and told him I would not be picking up the kids anymore. He called me in just a minute and wanted to know why. I said she is about one of the rudest people I have met in a long time and the next time I am going to say a lot more and I’m sure it will piss a lot of people off. I told him I would pick them up if it was emergency. Other than that they could either stay home for the day or get picked up when he got off.

I figured he might get mad but he agreed she shouldn’t have said it. Little does she know they could just stay home from now on and not come back she would have two open spots to fill. The only reason the kids are really going right now is because the place is to small and it gives them all a break from each other. When school starts back they won’t be going there anyway.

Me and RC have already talked about it he works days I am going to find a job working in the evening if I do go back to work. That way none of the kids have to be in daycare.

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