I am so over people today. As if the rude comment from the owner of the daycare wasn’t enough, my soon to be ex calls and says that there is a note on my door at my house saying it is empty and they are going to clean it up. I still have stuff there I need to get out. I have not been told I need to leave the house I left because I wanted too so there should be no one going in to clean up. It was to late to really call anyone or do anything about it last night so I figured I would take care of it today.

Before I could ever get out of bed my phone was ringing  and it was a number I didn’t know. I wasn’t going to answer but figured it maybe someone about the note so I did. The guy ask if I was so and so and said he was from animal control. He said the lady across the street called and said I told her husband I wasn’t going to take my dogs with me and that I wasn’t going to be back to feed them anymore Saturday. There has been someone there every night since I talk to him Saturday to feed the dogs. He was supposed to take the little dog and give her a home Sun or Mon and I was then going to go back and get the other two. I just didn’t want to leave her there by herself. I don’t want to turn her into a shelter. I told the animal control guy that too. He said he was going to drop her off to a friend that wanted her. The animal control guy was mad and said he was going over there to talk to them and tell them he didn’t want to hear from them again. He said he was tired of them calling him out there for nothing. I never heard anything back from them so I guess that has been taken care of.

Then I called the 1800 number that was on the note on the door. I told him I got the note and wanted to know what it was about. He said he got a call about the yard and was told it had been left and their people went out and found it to be empty. I said how did they find it empty when there is a trailer and my kids stuff in the yard and my dogs in the back yard barking at them when they come up to the house. They bark anytime someone comes to the door so I know they did. I said I have not been told I have to get out of my house and if someone comes over here to clean it out I will call the police and have them locked up for breaking and entering, trespass and theft. Because it is still my home. He said no no you don’t have to worry about that I will take care of it. He asked if anyone had moved or if we had been a way. I said yeah my husband moved and I was a way for a little bit. I said but just because I’m not there to answer the door when they come out and someone says I left it don’t mean it’s empty or I don’t stay there. I said how do they know I wasn’t at work or went out to the store when they came by. I told him I was going to be a way again for a few days and that I didn’t want to come home to my stuff in the trash or gone and that if I did there would be a problem. He said he made notes that someone was still in the home and that if I got another note then to just disregard it or call them back. I said if I disregard it then they will come and clean it up like they were planing. I said I better not get another note and if I do you will be getting another call. I told him the people across he street was calling places and starting stuff. He don’t like it because the yard isn’t mowed and he is one of these that if his grass is over an 8th of an inch tall he has his daughter out there mowing and weed eating it.

He don’t want to mess with me I will call them every time and tell them not to come once I get my stuff out and let it grow to the freaken roof or higher. I don’t say anything about what anyone does in their yard or street around there. I could careless. I don’t own their house I don’t pay the bills or rent or whatever on it it is none of my busness what they do. I feel the same about mine they don’t own it or pay anything for it don’t call an complain or try to start shit places. It isn’t in your yard. I could see if they said my dogs were making nose or causing problems even. But nothing like that just that I left them or that I told them I wasn’t going to take care of them and there is someone there every day feeding them and giving them water. They are just doing it to start trouble. In the 6 years that I have lived there I have only talk to them a handful of times and most the time just to say high or tell them if something was going on I thought they may want to know about when some stuff had gotten stolen or there was a man messing around the houses. There daughter would come in all hours of the night and park between the two houses where there was no light then have to go across the yard to the other end of the house to go in. I told them someone was messing around they may want to tell her she should park over by the light or just to be careful and know that someone had been out there a few different times. Other than stuff like that I didn’t talk to hardly anyone around there. I kept to myself and left people alone.

People like that just get on my nerves and make me mad when they do shit like that and just try to cause problems for others. Then to lie to do it just ads fuel to the fire. I want to go down there but I’m not because I know it will just cause more problems but when I go there Friday or sat and he is out I am going to tell him about it for sure. my soon to be ex said he was going to go over there and say something to them but I don’t think he will. RC thinks that soon to be ex called because he was mad. I told him I knew he didn’t call. I know he has done some stuff the last few month but I know him and I know that calling people like that he wouldn’t have done. He would be afraid he would get in trouble about the dogs because they are his too and they are the kids and he don’t want to hurt them. The house he really isn’t that smart he wouldn’t know where to call or what to complain about anything. Plus they called about just what I knew it would be the yard and animal control told me the lady said you told her husband. he is the only one I have talk to when I was up there the other day and he came to me and asked me about the dogs and even lied and said he didn’t call. Animal control said both calls came from them and he was tired of it.


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