{June 28, 2012}   I’m Going To Be Lost

In just a few hours my two boys will be going to spend the night with their dad. That isn’t so bad he isn’t that far a way but then sometime between like 2 and 6am they will be leaving to go to NC until Monday. My big girl has been up there since last Monday and will be coming home with them. That is the longest and farthest any of them have been with out me. I have missed my girl but I think it is going to be harder on me with my boys. I watch over them more with the autism and the other not even 2 yet.

I am worried my big boy will get up there and be upset and want to come home. He don’t like being a way from me. My baby I don’t know he is pretty happy with me or his dad. He loves and misses his dad so I hope it isn’t hard for him when they get back and come home from their dads.

I know I need the little bit of a break it is going to give me. But I feel bad for looking forward to it too. I will still have RC’s 2 here all but maybe Monday. I told them and the little boy next to us I would take them to the movie Friday. The theater shows a free movie once a week over the summer. I took all the boys last week but the baby got to upset and we had to leave. Figure this will give us some time to do somethings just the two of them.

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