{July 6, 2012}   I Should Have Known

That when I texted him back yesterday morning that wouldn’t be the end of it even though he didn’t respond back. Later that evening around 6:30pm I got a text from him again out of the blue. Saying how he still cares about me and he wants to know if there was any way we could give it another try and he knew it would take time and counseling for both of us and blah blah blah.

I told him that I had went to counseling with him. That when we went he lied to the guy attacked me and let the guy tell me how I didn’t need to be there. I also told him that he never went back to him or anywhere else but once or twice since then like he had said he was going to. He said he has been going and that he would have to go for a while that he see’s things differently now. He said we both said somethings and did somethings. I told him I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true or that I didn’t mean. I haven’t I meant and felt everything I said to him or about him and I have never lied to or about him about any of this. No matter how hurtful or upsetting it may have been. If I felt it needed to be said or he needed to know I said it. Him on the other hand has told a lot of lies to people about me and said a lot of things to me just to try and hurt me. He will say it and I can say to him that isn’t true or why are you saying that. He would get mad and say I just wanted to hurt you or just wanted to make you mad. Why play games kids do shit like that not grown adults or supposed to be grown adults.

He said we were both stuborne and needed to work on that and a bunch of other stuff. I asked him why I would leave someone that I was happy with and go back to someone making me the same promises I had heard and waited on for years. He didn’t like that he said like I said to start with I know there isn’t a chance there but I had to try one more time sorry I bothered you and wasted your time. I reminded him of the stuff he started with the last guy I was talking to and how he sat at work and talked to and about me to the guys and things. Of course he said the other person lied and said more than what he said. Oh and when I said something about the guys at work and things is when he said we both done somethings and said somethings. He still don’t know that me and my mom talked and that she knows most the stuff he has told her is a lie. So he is still doing it.

Then today I took all the kids to McDonald’s to eat and play. I went to the one by my old house because I was going to meet a friend. He met me there when he got off work and picked the kids up. As he was putting the baby in his seat he said something about yesterday. I didn’t understand what he said. Then he said you didn’t want to do something for yesterday did you? I said no why would I? He just looked at me and said he was just making sure. Last year this time I was told not to make any plans and that he had a surprise for me he was going to take me out and show me something and show me how much he cared and wanted things to change. The day came and went and he never said a word. That after noon he got up and said get ready I said where are we going and he said to my moms house. Then we got in a fight and he made a 101 excuses. Then promised we would go the next and begged me to go with them to his mommies house. I told him the only way I would go with them was if he packed all his shit in the back of my truck and stayed there when we got there. He wouldn’t and I didn’t go. The next weekend was excuses and we would go the following one. the following one came and went I never said anything about it and he didn’t either. He was at the house 3 more months 3 months longer than I had given him and never tried to show me anything. So that is why we are where we are today.


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