{July 24, 2012}   Our Day/ Project 1

Today was a pretty good day we all slept in well me and the kids did after the dog woke the baby up at like 6am. I had to make her hush and lay down and get the baby back to bed. It kind of worked out better for me that she woke him up then. He has started getting up around 8am. Since it was dark still I was able to give him a bottle and lay him back down. He slept in too. I really needed it today. I fell down in the bathtub and hurt myself today I am really hurting. I smacked the back of my head on the wall I don’t know how many times. I started blacking out the first time. I kept falling back instead of just down it was so weird. Then I went down and hit pretty hard too. So I was not wanting to get up bright and early. At least she didn’t wake all the kids. We sat there and talked for a little bit until RC had to go to work then I want back to sleep until they started getting up and woke me up.

We got up and they had breakfast and ran around and played until RC got home for lunch and brought me the stroller. I don’t have my truck right now it is sitting at RC’s job since we have it for sale. It is on a really busy road and they sell cars there already sometimes so people look for stuff to be out there. I had told the kids we would do a project today to give them something to do but we had to go a couple places to get some stuff. That’s why I had RC bring me the stroller so we could walk. After we all had lunch and he went back to work we got ready and headed out.

We walked up to the produce stand and I let them all pick out a sweet potato. After we left there we stopped at the thrift store on the way home. I let them all go in there and pick out a jar or vase that their sweet potato would fit into. When we got home I showed them how to put tooth picks in them and stick them in their containers and put water in the bottom to grow them.

I remember doing this in school with regular potatoes and looked it up online. It said that you could do it with a sweet potato also and that it would grow a nice vine plant. So I decided to use them instead. I figured they could take care of them and when we move put them in their rooms or in the kitchen. It was a simple project but they had fun just going to the places to get the things they needed and getting to pick out what they were going to use. They didn’t know what we were doing. I just told them to each pick out a sweet potato. They were asking if we were going to eat them and if they were going to get to help cook them and everything. Then when we got to the thrift store I found some jars and things that would work and then showed them all the vases they could pick from and they each got to pick the one they wanted to use.

All their potatoes in the window. They keep going over every time they think of them and looking at them. I ask them what they are doing. They said seeing how much they have grown. They just done them 6 hours ago.  Cheap and easy fun for the day only spent $4.30 for potatoes and jars.

They really want to make robots but I am still working on collecting stuff to make them. My oldest wants to put a egg in a jar. We shall see what all we end up doing now that they are all home pretty much until school starts back.


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