{July 24, 2012}   Today My Life Begains

I posted a few things about what I have been threw with my middle son my big boy. I found this song a while back and played it. He was with me and he started singing along as loud as he could. When it was over he said play it again mommy play it again so I did. I have it on my player in the truck and every time it comes on he sings his little heart out and says play it again and we do. It just seems so fitting for him from where he was to where he is now and still changing and growing and doing so good. I know he could have been much worse than the problems he has and I think God every day that he isn’t but for a kid even the little things are hard and when you have things like he did it makes things twice as hard. For my big boy and everyone else out there who may need to hear this right now. I feel led to post it.


Video from youtube

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