{July 27, 2012}   Still Here

Just a quick check in. I’m still here just my net got cut off at the house so I can’t get on a lot right now. I was going to pay on it today when I got money but now they turned it so it will be the first or after before I can get it on because they want more money. But it’s ok I had a few dollars so I brought the kids and my computer to Mc Donald’s for a while. One good thing coming up here today a lady here with her kids just stopped and asked me about my truck. She said she was going to get the number and was out there taking pictures of it. Praying she talks to who ever she needs to talk to and they call me about it this weekend and take it. That would be so nice. If they did I would be moving this week and getting my other truck on the road. Most of all I would be moving!! We all would be so much happier. I don’t know when I will be back on again. can’t wait to really be back on so I can catch up on everyone’s post and fix my stuff. I have been getting a ton of spam stuff and things. I will have to clean it all up when I have more time.

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