{August 8, 2012}   Love My Friends

Boy has it been a day, My soon to be ex posted something on his facebook things about someone stealing his women!! Bahahaha how did he steal something from him that he didn’t have at the time? Of course the first one to comment was the one who I done said something to before about getting into the middle of things between us. Up until we finally split and he moved out she didn’t talk to either of us anymore. She told him not to worry about it and that he done him a favor and that I am his nightmare now referring to RC. I have said very little when he post things and try not to get all into things on there. All though there has been a few times I did say something because it was lies or whatever he was telling. She said that I couldn’t not say something. I let her have it and told him that I wasn’t with him when we got together so he didn’t steal anything from him. I wasn’t real nice about it. I said more than a few 4 letter words. I know it probably wasn’t right but I’m over the poor him and this one running her mouth about stuff that has nothing to do with her. She told him when we were still together that he could do better and things. Called herself  trying to help. I told her about her and her old man and how she told me this and that about him and how unhappy she really was and all kinds of stuff. She then come back and told me I wasn’t a christian and I split my family up and that I was going to hell and all kinds of stuff. Then she said something about she knew that I cheated on my ex with my boyfriend now and that we were seen together so she knew it for a fact that I was talking to people before he ever moved out and before we ever split up. I don’t know how all this happen unless it was in her freaken dreams because me and RC didn’t even know each other until March. Me and ex split in October. We had split before that but he didn’t move out until the night before Halloween. But she say two or three times that she knows for fact I was with him well before we split up. I said I don’t know who seen us together but I would like for them to come tell me they seen us together before we split up because I will tell them to their face they didn’t see us and it is a lie because it is and they are. I asked her a few times and she never said anything. Tried to say the stuff I said about her wasn’t true and I was spreading rumors and shit. Then I said it isn’t rumors when it came straight from you. She still tried to say it didn’t until I told her I still have the text saved in my phone if she would like me to post them for every one. She has never said a word since then to anyone.

Before that why she was saying all this shit to me two friends of mine got on there with out me even knowing it and started telling her she was wrong and the stuff she was saying was a lie and that they knew we hadn’t been together until at least march. They were telling her she needed to stop and that the things she was saying about being a christian and stuff wasn’t right if she really was she shouldn’t be gossiping and tearing people down and talking about the things she was when she didn’t know what went on behind closed doors and things.  She came back and said a lot of stuff but they both came back and stood up to her and let her know she was wrong.

Not that I wanted what happen to happen or to happen the way that it did but in a way I have to say I am glad it did. I am really happy that they both came out and said something to her and set things straight rather people believe them or her I don’t know and really don’t care. But it is about time that someone stood up and said no this isn’t right and you shouldn’t be doing this. Because 100% of the time from the time we split he has posted shit and everyone has poor him poor him and acted like I was the worse thing ever and I did something so horrible. Others will say that isn’t right and we are tired of seeing it and stuff but we don’t want to get in the middle of things. I under stand 10o% not wanting to get in the middle of things or not take sides. I am not asking anyone to take sides and the two girls today who said something didn’t take sides. They both said many times they felt bad for what happen but this was between me and him and if he put something no one should respond the way they did and that no one should be dogging the other even if they did take sides and that they were both our friends and was there for either one of us but that it wasn’t right for her to say the things she said and really not right for her to be saying things that were not true at all. If more people would do that then he wouldn’t keep posting the whoa is me poor me my life is so horrible stuff. He would see that everyone knows it isn’t me or just me who messed things up and that he needs to grow up and move on and stop trying to cause drama.

Them doing that and my cuz calling to see if I was ok and checking in when he seen what was going on it’s been a pretty good day. I have talked to the three of them most the day.

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