{August 17, 2012}   Waiting Game

It’s barely 7am and I am sitting here waiting to to get dressed and take the younger kids to school. The two older ones have been up and ready they just left a little bit ago. Normally I would be gone taking them to the bus and school. But RC got the other job yesterday and he starts today. He has to be there about 20 minutes after my last one goes to school. To save gas and time he is going to drop them in the morning and I am going to drop his two off since they go close to the house and not until like 8.

I hate to wait it’s ok if it is a few minutes but when I have to wait hours it drives me crazy. Like now I really don’t have anything else that needs to be done. I don’t feel good and didn’t sleep good last night. I would like to lay down but as soon as I do and get to sleep it would be time to be getting ready. Plus even though they don’t have to get up early they are already up and the baby has gotten up. Once I take them to school I spend the rest of the day waiting for it to be time to do what I have to do next or mostly just for everyone to get home. Normally I would go out to the flea markets or yard sales things like that just to get out of the house and waste a little time. But we are trying to save money and that takes a lot of gas and I would find a ton of things I want to buy. Today I have one of the kids home with me since they don’t have school on Friday. I got news for him when the baby goes to take a nap we are all going to be taking a nap since I don’t feel good and didn’t sleep last night.

I am so glad RC got this other job and not the one at the tire place he was going to go to. He is going to be making $5 more and hour at his new job. He works 8 to 6 through the week and 8 to 1 on Saturday. That still gives us time to go out and do stuff with the kids when he gets off and things or to go out and do something together if we don’t have the kids. I don’t think he has to work Sunday’s at all. They rotate Saturdays so he will have one or two off a month but he told them that for right now he would work them since we are trying to get moved and things like that. He wants to get moved pay the car off and a couple other things. Then he wants to get some money in the bank. That’s good because our bills are going to be going up when we move we are going to be going into the holiday season and things may get slow at work so he won’t be making as much a week. Good to make as much as he can now so that we can have it if it gets a little slow here and there and if something ever happen and he needed to take time off.

Well I thought I would do this and pass some time but that really didn’t work out very good. It sure didn’t take as long as I thought. I am back to waiting again guess I should go referee the kids since all they want to do is fight this morning.

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