{September 4, 2012}   Everything Truly Happens For A Reason

When I met RC he told me he had a daughter up north that he had never gotten to see or talk to. He talks about her all the time and thinks about her. I have told him he should try to get in touch with her. I told him I would help him or find her if he wanted me too. I have done it before with next to no info. He has a ton compaired to what I had to work with before. He was worried about what she would say what she would think if she would want anything to do with him and what her mom had told her about him. He kept saying when things settled down and that she probably didn’t want to hear from him anyway.

Some how it came up last night and I asked him if he had looked on facebook. He said no he just got it not that long ago and hadn’t had inter net at home until I moved it. He hardly ever is online. Today we got to get ready for work and school and then my boy ended up not going because he is sick so it was way to early to leave. He got the computer and started looking up names. He found her sister and then her mom. He send them both messages asking them if he could talk to her and gave his number. They left and went to work and school. We figured it would be a while before we heard anything.

It was no time and he called me and said that her mom sent him a message with her number and said he could talk to her but she didn’t get off school until 3. He has been so nerves and not sure what to expect. I told him to expect the worst be prepared for the hard questions that may come and hope for the best. Really all that you can do. He called later and said he had talk to her mom and that she was telling him about her and things.

This poor girl she is 9 and she has had two heart surgeries and has two stints in her heart. She has or had a whole in her lung. She has scares and things from it all and the feeding tubes they have had to put in. They said she has places her hair has fallen out and won’t come back from everything she has been through on top of it. She was just over 2lbs when she was born and had a bunch of problems. He was really upset hearing that.

Later he called me about in tears he got a text from her when she got out of school she was so excited to hear from him and so happy. She said she been waiting her whole life to hear from him and she loved him and that she had a picture from him that she took every where with her. His ex told him she tried to call and tell him about what was going on and how sick she was when everything was going on. She found a number for him and called. She got his then wife and she told her he wanted nothing to do with the kids and didn’t want to be in their life not to call back and never told him they tried to get a hold of him. He was really upset and hurt about that. She text him and said thanks daddy for this. Because he found her and got in touch with her.

He called and talk to her tonight on his way home from work. They talked for a while. She took picture of herself and sent him and ask him to send her a picture she wanted to see what he looks like now. She told her mom she had to take a vacation so she could come and see her daddy and that she wants to come down and spend the summer with him. She was excited that she has brothers. He said something about his girlfriend and she asked him something and he told her that we all live together and things. She said i’m so glad daddy you have someone or something like that and she was glad for him. He said she talked to him like he had been with her all her life and he had just left her house from seeing her.

She text and called off and on for a bit. Then he got a call or text saying that she was having trouble breathing and blacking out they were rushing her to the ER. They said they would let him know something when the found something out. He is so upset and worried. I hate we are so far a way I wish he could go there and I know he does too. Said she keeps telling them she just wants her daddy. It is killing him.

So far all we know is that the valves are ok in the heart but there is a problem with one of the stints. Still waiting on more test and things to find out what they can/are going to do for her. I pray they don’t have to open her up again they have twice already. I hope it is something easy that isn’t to invasive.

She was just so happy and excited with everything going on today I guess. I know he feels bad because she was excited about talking to him and started having problems. But like I told him there is a reason he out of the blue decided to try and find her today and contacted her and got to talk to her so fast. What if he hadn’t tried or he hadn’t got to talk to her and she didn’t know he tried? What could she have maybe been doing when she had problems and they had to take her in and found it. So many kids just fall out at school before anyone knows there is something wrong. It could have maybe been much worse. This way she was at home with her mom and family they know what all is wrong all ready and she was getting to do something she has wanted to do for years. I think she is going to be ok. She now has a lot more people praying for her too since he started talking to her today. We all have people all over the place praying for her and I ask that you all please do the same.

Like I told him if she is that bad when he goes to see her he will probably have to go with her to the doctor then too. We don’t know how bad things really are when she isn’t having problems with the stint. She may be fine she may have problems like this all the time if something that big happens. I am glad and proud of him he hasn’t once said he wish he hadn’t talk t her or that he didn’t know or anything like that. All he has done is talk about getting up there to see her and bringing her down and worried about how she will be if she does come to see us. A lot of guys wouldn’t have even wanted to talk to her or even wanted them to tell her he called if they found out all she had been threw and goes threw. Like I told him we can’t do anymore or any less than what they can do for her at home if she is here and has a problem. We can rush her to the ER or we can call 911 and get her there. Then just be there for here and do what has to be done.  As long as we make sure we know all that she has had and all that we need to watch for and worry about.

Going to try and get a shower get him to eat and at least lay down for a bit. It is killing him he can’t just go there he is waiting and calling all the time to see what is going on. But he needs to rest in case he does need to leave and go up there. it’s a long drive. I think we will look into flying him if I can’t go with him. I don’t want him driving that by himself. I know him and he will drive it straight threw and just stop for gas.

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