{September 6, 2012}   Update Everything Happens For A Reason

Tuesday night we stopped getting text from RC’s little girls mom. We figured they were done with test and they had went to sleep for the night. She kept telling him to get some sleep and she would let him know something in the morning. She knew he had to work the next day. He text her a tried to call a few times and didn’t get them so we left it alone and went to bed not wanting to wake them up. An hour or two later we got a text saying that she was in recovery and doing good that she would probably be in the hospital for a few days. I guess after they did all the test on her they decided that the stint was to bad to wait and they took her in that night to do something about it. Not sure if they replaced it or what.

He got a text yesterday afternoon from his daughter saying she was feeling better and that she was getting to go home. She don’t know they went in and did anything. She was out when they got her to the ER and they just put her under and did the surgery. They don’t want to upset her or make her worry so they haven’t told her what was wrong. She just thinks she was sick.

The kids in her class got her a card and everyone signed it and they got her one of the really big cards and gave her. That made her day. RC said talking to her she was happy joking and things just like the day before. She text him from the time she gets up until her mom or him tells her she needs to get ready and get in bed.

RC is going to fly up sometime next weekend to spend some time with her and meet her. He was going to surprise her but she called and he was talking about it with a friend. He wasn’t thinking and answered it and she heard him. Neither one of them can wait. It’s all he talks about. He is just as excited as her and scared to death at the same time. I wish I could go with him but he wants to go alone plus I have to be here with all the kids. I don’t fly either and he is flying up and back.  We looked at some flights last night and found what we felt was a pretty good price. It was doable for us and a price we were willing to pay. He talked to his boss today about having time off to go up there. He said he thinks he can get him a price a lot better than what we found so he is going to look today. I have never booked a flight before since I don’t fly and he hasn’t flown in a a very long time some one else got the tickets and done it all then because he was going with someone.

He is going to get his tat done today after work. He has his two boys names he is going to get one for her and her name on it. Then when he gets there he is going to let her do some stuff to it and have the guy ad it when he gets back. He wants to get it done now so that it will be healed and look nice when he gets there to see her.

It’s so nice all the kids here are excited that he found her and they are talking. They all want to know when they are going to get to see her and want to talk to her. Even my kids tell him to tell her hi and ask when they are going to get to meet her. I don’t know if she will come down when they get break for Christmas and new years or if we will wait til summer to bring her down. I’m sure if she ask to come then we will work it out and get her here. If she don’t ask to come we will probably just wait until summer to bring her down. We will be more settled and prepared but we aren’t going to tell her no if she ask.

serenityluv1 says:

I love happy endings or this sounds like a begining.

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