{September 23, 2012}   Not What I Expected

Well RC left the 15 and went to Tenn to see his daughter. He got delayed so he didn’t get there until that night. I talked to him he said he was there eating about 9 Saturday. I never heard anything from him again until Monday morning when he sent me a text wanting to know why I hadn’t paid a bill. I had went to pay it Sat but he said they closed at 6 and they closed at 5 and wasn’t open Sunday. I went and paid it and came home to finish some stuff around the house before he came home. My friend came over Saturday evening and helped me get the place cleaned up and looking decent again. My kids had come home so I got them ready and in bed.

He came home about 1am I had fallen asleep but woke up when I heard him come in. He never said anything went threw some stuff and he brought back and that was about it then just sat there. I tried to tell him something that happen why he was gone and he go smart. I finished telling him he didn’t say anything. Then he told me the only reason he came back was because of his boys. We started talking a little bit and I asked him a few things he said you don’t want to come out of this hating each other do you? No I wanted to work on things and fix things. We had some problems but it wasn’t anything that big and nothing that couldn’t be fixed if we worked out it and got moved. We ended up going back and forth and then he got up and left. I went to bed and he came in later and laid in the chair I told him I didn’t care if he came to bed it did’t bother me I was going to sleep. He ignored me.

Oh and when we were talking I asked him if he wanted the baby and he said yes. Then he told me that he was going to have it when he wanted it and that he was going to have it every few days or so. I told him it wasn’t right to the baby to jerk it back and forth every few days and that it was no life for the baby to be done that way. He said it would either be that way or he would have it and I could see it when he said. I tried not to say anything because I knew we were both mad and things. But he kept on and I told him I would just leave and not be around here then he couldn’t do that or take it. If he didn’t know where I was. He said he would find out when I filed for support where I was at. I told him I wouldn’t so it didn’t matter I didn’t need support from him I would take care of it. He kept on and I was so mad and upset I told him I just wan’t going to have it because I wasn’t going to let it be jerked around and that he wasn’t going to take it from me that we weren’t going to fight over this baby from now on. He just said that he was going to be watching and if I did have it he was taking it.

The next day he got up and went to work. I kept my older kids home I hadn’t slept I didn’t know what was going to go down and happen and I wanted them to get their stuff packed so I could get them out of there. I called their dad and told him he was going to have to take them for a while and that I had to get a job and a place for us but that they couldn’t stay there anymore they needed to leave that day. I packed them up and took them over there and went home. I had stuff there that I had to get moved out and brought somewhere to store until I can get a place. I was in the bedroom when he came home and he started about wanting me out and that I needed to leave now and all this. He got mad because I took $200 that was supposed to go to rent. He let me get a loan against my truck Friday before he left and it all had been spent on catching stuff up and things. I had no money to buy food pay my phone or get gas and have no more money coming in. I had other bills that needed paid that didn’t get paid because it went to everything else. I thought we were going to pay the other stuff when he got home out of what was left of his check. He told me it was gone he didn’t have any money left. He was a month behind on the rent when I moved in and I started paying half of the rent and lights he was supposed to put extra with it to get it caught up and never did. The loan was supposed to be to move on but then it was we need to do this and this and we will have enough of my next check to move on. When he came home it was he wasn’t moving and he wasn’t changing his kids schools and all this other stuff on top of everything else.

I told him I wasn’t leaving and I didn’t have to I lived there too I had for months and paid half the bills there. He started about the baby again. I don’t know what made me say it or where it even came from I said it before I even knew what I had said. He said something about the baby having his last name and it was a this not a that and it would have his last name and things. I told him it may not be his. I should have never said it there isn’t a chance that it is anyone else but I was just so upset with him standing over me telling me he was going to take it and how things were going to be. He has said from the time we found out he knew it was his and he knew it wasn’t anyone else and there wasn’t a thought in his head it was anyone else. Then he said yeah I kind of wondered but I wasn’t sure and I let it go but it figures. First thing he did was get on the phone and start calling his mom and everyone and telling them. Then he tells her and his ex to come over and have some drinks and that he is going to give them a key and they can come over tomorrow and go threw the house and go threw whatever they want and do whatever they want. I called a friend to come over and help me pack my stuff so that I could at least put it in my truck so they couldn’t go threw it. But I still had big stuff there dressers and things to get I wasn’t leaving and not taking them.

Before they could get there to help me his mom and ex come down and they are sitting in there talking shit and making comments. His mom got up and came to the bedroom where I was and stood there over me yelling and telling me to get out and what I was and what I better do. I never looked at her or said a word to her. I wasn’t going to let her say I did something and have me locked up there three of them against me. My friends got there and one was outside talking to him and the other came in the bedroom where I was. I closed the door to change my clothes because I had already gotten ready for bed before he came home and all this happen. His mom come in there pushing the door open and starting again. I had it I shoved it closed and told her I was getting dressed to get out. Then she kept pushing it open and shit and telling me she was going t sit my stuff out tomorrow and call the cops and have them remove me. I had enough. I told her she was a bitch and that she needed to learn the law before she come telling me how it was and what she was going to do. She really hit the roof when I called her that and was trying to break the door in and come in telling me she was going t hit me and all. My other friend told RC he needed to get her and make her stop that it was enough and should not be going on. In the mean time I told her I would call PD and let them tell her she couldn’t just put me out and that the office couldn’t either just because she wanted me out.

PD showed up told her she needed to leave then they asked if I had somewhere to go and I told him I didn’t and I wasn’t leaving until I could get my stuff out. Then he asked him if he had somewhere to go he said no and things. He was telling me I needed to get a truck and get my stuff out of there the next day and that I needed to leave until tomorrow when I could get it. I told him I knew I didn’t have to leave and that I wasn’t. That I didn’t have money to get a truck I had to get someone to move it and a way. He kept on I finally got mad and told the cop he got my stuff here he wants me gone tell him to take it back where he got it. RC then said he didn’t have a way I said he had the truck out there he said it wasn’t his and he couldn’t use it his farther in law hated me. I have never said two words to the man and could care less what he thinks of me. I told him it got my shit there he could get it out with it. He finally got mad and said I don’t want gas or anything if she will go I will load it and take it where ever she wants it tonight. So the cops had to stand there why it was all loaded and packed. Then they kept telling me I needed to hurry and they didn’t know I had that much stuff to get together. I said I have 5 people to pack for you all said get it all out and that’s what I am working on. I got most everything out and they finally told him I needed to come back in the morning to get the rest of it and not to have his mom and ex down there in my stuff or they would be in trouble. So me and my friend went back the next day and got the rest of it. I did forget a few things. I told her I was forgetting something big and I did. I am supposed to be going back today to get miscellaneous stuff that got left and to get my truck towed out of there.

I really thought he was going to go up there have a good time have time to relax think and unwind and come home in a better mood. I didn’t figure everything was going to be fine and great but I figured he was going to want to work on it and fix things. Not just not care and be as nasty as he was. I have been having the biggest problems and he has had the most complaint about things since I got pregnant and like I told him I just need a little extra help and a little understanding. I can’t help the way I feel and things. But he don’t seem to care. I also told him things would get better with the kids and with the house being picked up when we moved because we would have more space. the kids would have their own space there would be room to put stuff not just have stuff sitting every where like it was there because there was no where for it and things. He just said yeah whatever he didn’t think so and he wasn’t moving and things. But here all this happen Tuesday and he is moved him and the two boys into a 4 bedroom house yesterday and today. His boss had for rent. I just asked him before he left if he had anything he told me a 3 bedroom and we were talking about looking into that even. then all this when he gets back and now he all of a sudden has a 4 and he is going to move. What does he need a 4 bedroom for him and two boys?

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