{September 24, 2012}   Decided To Lawyer Up

So he has threaten me with this taking the baby things from the first night. Then he started about how he was going to get a lawyer and that he had talked to his family and they were going to get him a lawyer and told me I better lawyer up because he wasn’t backing down. I didn’t really think there was much he could do right now since I haven’t had it and all but wasn’t sure. I have heard of some strange things happening and the county we live in you never know. I was laying here with my baby boy trying to take a nap and couldn’t stop thinking about it all and what to do and wondering if I could get served with papers out of the blue. I decided to call a lawyer and set up a meeting. I have the name of one that is really good from what I have been told but don’t like going places I haven’t been before. I decided to call the one I had a few years back when I had my accident and see if they handle anything like that. I kind of figured I would be refereed somewhere else and probably to the one I already had a number for.

When the lady answered I asked her if they did family law and custody. She said yes hold on. I thought she was getting the other line or something the next thing I knew the lawyer was on the phone talking to me. I told her what was going on and how everything happen. She asked of course if there was any drug use or anything like that that he would have grounds to fight on. I told her no. She asked how many other kids I had and how many fathers they had and things. I told her. I told her how many he had and how many moms. We went over everything she talked to me for a while and was very helpful. She told me he can’t do anything until the baby comes. She said the only thing I could really do right now would be to hire her and have everything ready so that as soon as I had it they could test prove it was his and go to start child support right a way instead of it being drug out for months after I had it. I am not worried about all that. I just want to make sure he can’t take it.  It is better for me the longer I can hold off and not have to fight the better. At least I feel like now I can kind of relax and make a plan and get it in motion.

She said that if I wanted to move out of state I need to do it right a way. She said if I wait the year or so I wanted to and he did take it to court then he could make it so that I couldn’t move at all. She said that right now if I move he can’t do anything still until the baby is born. She said once the baby is born I can file from that state because that is where the baby lives is a resident. She said if he beat me to it and filed here then I could file a motion to have it thrown out on the grounds that the baby does not live here and that the state the baby lives in should be the state to decide for the baby. But they don’t have to go with that they could still do it here even though they really shouldn’t. So once the baby is born I should file and get it started so that he can’t file here. This he would have to come there and fight it and they are not going to do  50/50 custody or every other weekend kind of things with us being in two different states.

She seems to think that with his record and all the kids and mothers and the fact that the only reason he has the two he does is because DCF stepped in and took them from the mother he isn’t going to come around by the time it gets here. If I leave it alone he will too. But I don’t know just like he just now decided to find his daughter after 9 years of never knowing her. He told our friends he just don’t want me raising it that’s why he is going to take it.

All he has said from the time we talked about having a baby and said we were going to wait until next year is how he couldn’t wait to see me with a baby and how good he thought I would be with it. He has even said that he wouldn’t take it from me if something happen and we didn’t work out. But now it isn’t even here and that’s all he can say is he is taking it. I am thinking that this move is really what I need to go ahead and do. I have wanted to do it for a while keep waiting til the “time is right” and something always happens. My kids have begged me to move for a while now and since they went on their trip to NC over the summer they ask even more. They loved it up there and talk about it all the time.

So he said lawyer up I have. I have to take her $2000 if I decide to stay here or can’t get moved before then and she will take care of it. If it goes over that then I just have to make her payments. But it will be worth it if she can put a stop to all this mess.

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