{September 24, 2012}   Now I Know

Well I talked to my friend today that came and helped me move. Her husband came yesterday and towed my truck. Me and her road up together and him and RC road up together in the tow truck. We got the truck and brought it back here. She road with them when they left here. I called her and was talking to her this morning about things and about the panic attacks. She then told me she had to tell me something. She said RC is with someone else. That is why he moved and things. He is moving his ex his daughters mom and all her kids down here. After telling me there was nothing there how she did him and things. That he was only going up there to see his daughter and that was it he didn’t want anything to do with her.

Things changed shortly after he started talking to her. He was on the phone 24/7 with his “daughter” any time I was around it was her on the phone I didn’t think any thing of it. He told me she said he could stay there but that he wasn’t going to do that since I wasn’t with him and that he was going to stay with his grandma she wanted him to. His ex is married and has a kid with this guy and stuff. He said they weren’t together and things but then he was staying there with them. He could hear him in the back ground and things when he talked to his daughter and she called one night all upset because they were fighting.

Me and her were just talking about this yesterday how we went from where we were to this almost over night it seemed. It didn’t make since to her either because she had been around from the start and knew how things were. Then her husband told her that when they were together yesterday he told him all this. I can’t believe all this. It is crazy.

He told him that they are going to fight me for the baby he don’t want me raising it. What judge does he think is going to take this baby from me and give to him when he leaves me 3 months pregnant to move his ex he hasn’t talked to in 9 years down here.

But at least that answers a lot of questions and now I know that it wasn’t what I done it was him. It wasn’t like there was major problems or anything like that. We had your normal couples disagreements once in a while and we really didn’t have them. Most the time if something was wrong we would talk about it and work it out. Our friend even said that explains a lot and answers a lot of questions. She couldn’t figure it out either.

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