{September 25, 2012}   Pretty Much Decided

I have decided that I am going to get a temp job here work it for two or three weeks to get some money. Then I am going to pack my truck and head north. I have wanted to move for a long time the lawyer said just what I figured move now or he will stop it. I am going to start over I may as well start over somewhere new. Someone said today it would be hard starting over somewhere new with out a support system and things and what I would be leaving behind. But truth is I really don’t have anyone here either. I have one friend I can say is a true friend and has been there for me 110% and stood beside me threw everything the last year or so. But she is limited to how much she can really do too she has 6 kids and her husband and things. The kids dad is here and he has been a huge help the last week and says he will help me no matter what. But I know how that it is it is just a matter of time before that comes to and end. Once he don’t get what he wants or gets mad about something. Or when he see’s that I really mean that no matter what we are not getting back together. Other than that I have my mom sister aunts cousins and things like that here. I hardly ever see them and they are really no help at all. They are all drama and never have anything good to say about anything and never nothing supportive to say or do. It is all about them or they could careless. If you are not doing for them they get mad. I don’t need that. I can put the kids in daycare and work and their dad does want to move around where we go just so that he can see them like he does now not just holidays or summer. I understand that and don’t mind that because he is a part of their life he has been all their life and he is starting to try more with them. He really stepped up this last week I am surprised. I figured it was going to be a big deal and he was going to give me 50 reasons why he couldn’t take them for a few months. But he didn’t he even took off work and said bring them on down when your ready. I won’t tell him he can’t be close to them. It would hurt them to much. It isn’t like we are going to live right on top of each other he can move to the next little town over or something.

I have been looking at GA and SC but don’t know a lot about either one. Been looking at Warren Robins GA and Rome GA. Looking at going up around Anderson SC. So any of you all live around these areas know about these areas any info would be great. I want to know what the jobs are like, schools (I have son with autism this is big) rents vs pay and crime. Any info you can give about any of them would be greatly appreciated.

I had pretty much just decided to go straight to SC I have a friend there. But tonight I was thinking about it and I thought if I am going to work and have some money for gas and I am going to go threw GA anyway I am going to be by myself I may as well stop these few places and check them out. I think that Rome is supposed to be a little nicer area then what I am looking at in GA so it may make since too. I have done all kinds of work from working gas stations/little stores, grocery stores, call centers, manager/photographer, bail bondsman, daycare. I am a Douala and a massage therapist. I would love to get back into bail bonds but know it isn’t something I could do right a way. Right now I would take anything I could find that paid ok so that I could get a place asap so I could come back and get my kids. I would like to have them moved before their Christmas break here is over. That way they move at the start of a new semester not in the middle of or right at the end of the year.

Again any info about any of these places or even other places in GA or SC would be great. I have been looking online to get some. But it is hard to really tell by that sometimes.

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