I really don’t look for any one type of person. I am open to dating all different people. I just want like everyone else probably to meet someone who is decent, caring who has some kind of goals in life who works and takes care of things. Someone responsible and compatible who likes kids. I don’t mind if they have kids or they don’t. I know most that if I get with someone they probably will. If they do I don’t want someone who spoils their kids or mine or who lets them run the place. Someone who just enjoys life spending time with friends and family.

I meet guys every where I go. They talk to me and things. I never did anything because I was either married or in a relationship. After me and ex split up I seen a few guys places that I would go and thought about talking to them. I figured maybe if I found someone I was interested in and started talking to them first it would be better. I was picking them and talking to them instead of waiting on someone to talk to me. Maybe I would have better luck. I never really done this but what the heck. That kind of back fired and boy am I glad I didn’t talk to them before I found out more about them.

I forget where I was the first couple of guys I meet they were friends. Looked to be like nice guys we talked for a little bit. Later I was talking to someone about them and who they were what they were like and things. Come to find out they were really young like maybe 22 or 23.

We went to this Christmas party they held for the families where the kids do their horse back riding. Ex went and we took his grandma she knows the people and loves to be out with the horse so we met there we didn’t go together or really hang out together. There was this guy there that caught my eye. I seen him watching me a few times too. I think he was trying to figure out me and ex and things. He came over and talk to me and took some pictures of me and the baby why I was holding him and letting him pet the horse and things. He was taking pictures of everyone for the lady doing the party she always has a couple of people who wonder around and take them. So they can show what they do with and for the kids when raising money. But any way I had never seen him out there before wasn’t sure if he was with anyone or anything like that. There was some kids there and some people he seemed to be with. I figured by the end of it he was by himself that was his brother or sister and their spouse and their kids. I wasn’t even sure what his name was I hadn’t heard anyone say and we didn’t really talk more than just hi.

When I got home and got the kids to bed that night I went on line and started stalking peoples facebook pages to see if I could fine out who he was and more about him. The program has a page the lady who runs it and her daughter all have pages. It didn’t take long and I found him on one of their pages then I found he had a page. I had his name and everything now I wanted to see what else I could find out about him. The first thing I found out was he was younger too. He wasn’t too bad I think he was like 27. I was kind of considering it as I started looking threw his page to see what else I could find out. I thought well he seems to be mature for his age and likes kids. He seemed interested in me and he knows I have three. I looking around and he don’t seem to be bad at all he had a good job and a place and things. Then for some reason I clicked on his notes to see if there was anything. I don’t know why I never look at peoples notes most the time I don’t even think about them. But this night I did and something said look at them. Probably because I was being really nosy and wanted to know all I could. I was thinking he may be back out there Friday when we went and that maybe we would talk. I start reading all these notes and it took me a minute to figure out what was going on and what he was talking about. Come to find out he had spend years like 5 or 6 maybe more in prison. This was stuff he wrote why he was in there. Him being in prison most his adult life and just getting out just bothered me. I tried to look him up and see why but couldn’t find out. The fact he had just got out not long ago maybe with in the last year or so. That and his age I just decided to not even think about that anymore.

Then there is my “friend” I was talking to for a little while. He is great he works hard takes care of his daughter don’t really party or go out. We get along good and everything. When we started talking last year we were both looking for two different things. I was looking for someone to have a relationship with to a point. He really wasn’t. He was just looking for a “friend”. We decided to do what we done anyway and then he started talking about maybe wanting more. But then everything happen and we didn’t talk after that. Since then my ex has said stuff that has gotten back to him and things. He did say something to me a while back kind of coming on to me but I was with RC at the time. He hasn’t really said anything since then. I am not sure if he is with someone or if he is just not saying anything because he knows some of what went on and that I am now knocked up. I tried chatting with him online but he never really much just answered me. I don’t know if it would work out if we got together or not. I really don’t like it here and really want to move he is happy here and don’t really want to move. He has been other places before and had a hard time finding a job and things.

It always seems that the guys I see I would consider talking to are either way younger or been in/are in trouble. And most of them you would never know by looking at them. Then there are the ones I seen on them sites and others that have talked to me that I liked places. But they are way older by like 8 to 10 years. I just don’t know about that. Maybe I am too picky I don’t know. Maybe somethings really don’t matter. But the few things that really bother me the most about guys don’t seem to be that big of a deal for other people.

Even the being in trouble thing I understand that people do things and things happen. My ex has two felony charges from when he was 18. They still hunt him at 34. I don’t want to be with someone like that again either. It makes it so much harder to find a place to live if they lose their job it makes it harder to find another one or a good one. But it isn’t even like the guys that I see have been in trouble once or twice for something. Most these guys have rap sheets as long as your arm and still getting in trouble. I don’t need or want to deal with that kind of crap and have it around my kids. I guess we shall see what the future holds. Maybe there is someone out there for me. Or maybe I am desten to be the animal lady with all the dogs or something. LOL


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