Why put a man in prison for 24 years and not give him treatment why he is in there and we are already paying for him to be there. Instead he sits in there for 24 years and does nothing. Now we are going to send him to a long term treatment center instead of letting him out. Not that I think he should be let out after only serving 24 years of a 100 year sentence. But if he was going to be able to get out after only serving 24 years why not give him treatment why he was there. That way maybe he could come out and lead a normal life. Really I think that after raping all these women he should never get out or be castrated if he gets out. Why should we pay to send him to treatment when he don’t want it and thinks he don’t have a problem. Treatment rehab or whatever you want to call it only helps the ones who want to be helped. The rest most of the time go in go threw the steps to say they did it completed it so that they can get out.

What kind of women decides to become pen pals with a man convicted or all these rapes and decides to marry him why he is in prison looking at being there for 100 years? Then to testify that she thinks he is such a great man and all this and he should be let out. She don’t really know him. Sure he can seem like Mr. wonderful right now because he isn’t out and free to do what he wants. He has no remorse or anything else for what he has done to these other women but you think he is just great and want him free so that he can come and live with you. What is she going to say when he does these things to her? Is she going to think he is just wonderful and should be free then? No she is going to be begging them to put him back in there where he should have stayed to start with.

Don’t get me wrong I know some people do things and get in trouble. Some serve time some don’t. Some change why they are doing time or after they have done whatever it is they did. I know people can change or that people make mistakes. But the ones who change and who truly just made a mistake feel some kind of remorse for what they done. They feel bad they want to say they are sorry and they live with what they done from now on and think about it. I’m not saying that because you did something wrong or made a mistake you are a horrible person and don’t deserve a 2nd chance if you are truly trying to turn your life around and change.

I know people who got into all kinds of trouble as a kid and growing up in their teens who have done wonderful now that they are adults. Never been in trouble. I know people who have done stuff and got into all kinds of trouble as adults. Been in and out of jail and everything. Who something happened and they decided that what they were doing just wasn’t for them anymore or what have you and now work and have a family and living normal lives. I know two who got in trouble one time got in with the wrong crowd and did one stupid thing almost 15 years ago and it still comes back to haunt them today when they apply for jobs and places to live. They are two that looking at them and talking to them you would never know and never ever guess they had been in trouble and would never think they would do it or anything else again.

I just think it is crazy the way people do and the way the system works when it comes to things like this. What is worse is the way people look at people and judge them. The man who just served 24 years would stand a better chance at getting a job than one of the two I was just talking about because they get tax breaks and all kinds of things for hiring them. I heard a lady on a Christian radio show one day they were talking about places hiring these people and giving them a chance and things. She said she would rather hire a murder who just got out of prison than anyone else. Because most the time the murder was a split second thing that happen and it was between two people who knew each other and things. Where as if it was a person who raped someone or robed a place it was planed out and thought about and they made a more conscious chose to do what they did and were more likely to do it again. I really don’t think that is true at all. I think it all comes down to if they want to change if they even care at all about what they did or if they just did it did there time to get out and really don’t care what they did. But who knows this is all just my opinion

Here is the story about the man they are sending to treatment.



4 thoughts on “24 Years Then Treatment Really

    1. I would think thats what it meant too. One should not be allowed to get out after only serving 24 years of 100 years. If that is possible they should have to be doing some kind of treatment why they are in there. If they don’t do it or they don’t think it is really working they shouldn’t be let out no matter what.

      1. Or no treatment at all, because A. that costs money and B. he’s there to die anyway…but to then let him out AND get him treatment? You have to be a criminal to get decent healthcare for free apparently.

      2. That’s my point either treat why they are there or leave them there and don’t waste more money to give them another free place to stay and free treatment. either do it all at once or not at all and make them serve there time. None of this time for good behavior and other legal quirks. What in the hell are other legal quirks? What kind of quirks gets 1/3 of your time done a way with?

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