{October 29, 2012}   Definitely Not A Boring Day

Got up early with my baby boy and we just hung out around the house. We played and had breakfast tried to watch tv but it was all messed up. Late when I went to get lunch I open the freezer to get something out and see it is glowing red and I hear something sounds like water hitting a fire in the back at the bottom  I don’t know why reach back there and it is very hot odd to be on the freezer side and inside the freezer. I tried to call the ex to see if he was on his way home and couldn’t get him. Thinking it is on fire I tried moving it out to see behind it and to unplug it. But it is a big side by side and sits between the cabinet and stove. I got it out enough to see it wasn’t on fire behind it but not unplug it. I finally decided to call the fire department. I called the non emergency  line. I wasn’t really worried about it flaming up or anything to fast. But figured it would end up burning more of the fridge until it had spread to the outside. The fire department is only like two blocks a way. She said I called the wrong office to hang up and call 911 anyway. I called and the lady of course told me to get everyone out of the house. I got me and baby boy out the dog wouldn’t come. I told her we were all out I was going to get the dog. She told me not to go back in just to call him or leave him. I really still wasn’t to worried about it just wanted to get it out and needed help to get it unplugged. The dog finally came out when I called him she said to stay a way from the house. We went and sat at the end of the drive way until they came up. They had to go around back and look threw the glass door to make sure it hadn’t caught fire and all over. Then they went in and looked at it. They had me come back in and show them where it was red and everything. By then it wasn’t red or hot anymore and they are looking at me like I’m crazy. They already had to fire extinguisher and the ax out. They were going to cut it up to get it out since it was between the walls in it. They had a thing to check for heat and things they checked it from inside and outside and it didn’t show any heat at all. Was just like a normal fridge. They are looking at me like I’m crazy. They asked if they could unplug it and said that they advised that I just get a new one and not take any risk with that one they didn’t know what had happen but it had went out.

So then I try to get a hold of ex again and he finally answers and I tell him they where here and just left and that we need to get a new fridge for the month. He ask why. I tell him and he says oh I seen it do that before it is the defrosting thing that is in it is all I thought it was. Then he tells me that when him and my grandpa fixed it a few years ago that that is what they had to fix and that is where they put it in and that he hooked it up and turned it on and showed him how it worked. I called my grandpa to be sure he has worked on that stuff forever. He called me back why I was waiting for my boy to get off the bus and I was talking to him. He said yes it was normal and nothing to worry about and that it stays on for like 2 or 3 minutes that’s why it was off and cool by the time they got here. I hang up and my daughter say oh mommy I have seen it glowing like that in the bottom of the freezer before. I said you didn’t tell anyone or think anything was wrong. She said no I just did what I was doing and closed it. I guess I am the only one in the house that has never seen this and I am the only one in the house who thought anything of it when I did see it. I have had this fridge for like 4 years and had never seen it do that before. Oh well guess the fireman have a good laugh and story to tell. But hey they didn’t know what to think of it either they said toss it and get a new one. Thank god it wasn’t still glowing and hot when they got here. They probably would have took the ax to it and tried to put the fire out. i would have to buy a new one or find another one to use and that would really suck since we are only here for about another 30 days before we move.

They send 3 guys out and not one hot fireman in the three of them.

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