After posting “A woman in the streets…” I was reminded that all women are not bashful in the sheets, sometimes it’s the man that could use a bit more aggression.

This still goes back to the Physical and Emotional.  If your man is not the one who makes the move first, he’s most likely an Emotional sexual.  Emotional sexuals are typically better at responding than  initiating.  This male is more of the office worker/ analytical thinker, the straight-laced good guy.  He lives inside his mind and has  to be provoked before showing aggression.

Well Mr. “Keep it all together”, this approach works in the business world but it’s extremely out-of-place in the bedroom… unless that’s what your mate likes.  Sex is a physical act with many beneficial side effects.  This is a time to release all of the mental stress you’ve been holding on to for negative reasons.  Go ahead, wrestle, pull some hair, smack…

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