As I was sitting here typing up my other post as I sit on my couch I look up just in time to see a man disappearing around the side of my house. This is about the 4 time since I have moved back into the house that I have seen someone going threw my back yard. I know it is the same person because I have the big dog back there and they walk by her like she isn’t even there and she don’t bother to get up. If someone comes around she don’t know she has a fit and goes after them if they are in my yard. So this person has been coming around for a while for her to be that use to them. I have had problems off and on for years since I lived there. It will happen for a while and then it stops or they hide better so that I don’t know they are there. It got to the point they were hitting my dog and turning her lose when I would leave to take ex to work and the kids to school in the mornings. After they had set our alarms off that night. They have tried to open the back door and come in knowing I was up in the house. It bothers me they were so brave but it bothers me even more to know that they don’t care to come around in the day time even now. My room had two windows in the front that faced the drive way front yard street area before I moved out of the house. Other than that you can’t see out on the left side of my house with out going outside and around it. I use to lay there at night and hear them walk down the side of the house above my head where I slept or standing at the fence talking to the dogs.

You are probably reading this saying why didn’t I call the police. I did call them a few different times and they would say we don’t see anything there is no one out here now call us if they come back. Act like I am crazy making it up or afaraid to stay alone and heard a noise out there. This is far from the truth if I did not have just me and my kids there I would go out and try to see who it was and catch them but I can’t do that and put them at risk. When they turned my dog lose 4 different times and had set the alarm off in the house in the night every time before that and my ex was living with me they acted like it was nothing. They said may be the dog was just getting off her chain and it just happen to be the sames days that the alarm got set off and between the same hours every time. My dog had been on the same chain for 2 years and never got off of it. The night the man was behind my tree and she was trying to get after him and she was trying to break it and get off of it she couldn’t get off of it. She was ready to eat him up if she had gotten off because at this point she knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. One told me to padlock her to the chain when I had to leave and put her out.To see if she still got off. Um no I don’t think so they have all ready hit her and done something to her to get close enough to get her off and they want her gone for some reason. To get in the house with out having problems from her. Who’s to say they aren’t going to just get mad and kill her because they can’t get her off. Guess what they stopped coming around when I called the police and went around talking to the people in the houses around me to see if they seen anything in the night or when they let her lose. When it stopped happen my dog stop getting lose again. Funny now that I have seen this guy out there a few times the last couple weeks she was lose and off her chain again the other night.

We were just starting to get our first real cold front coming threw. I had slept with my windows open in my room for about a week straight. This one night I just felt uneasy about it It wasn’t going to get any colder than the night before but I just didn’t feel good about having the windows open that night. I was laying there of the bed messing around online and I keep thinking I really needed to get up and close them. I kind of had the feeling someone was watching me then. I kept saying no there isn’t anyone out there. Then I heard something I looked and didn’t see anything. I laid back down. Little while later I ex came in and started to talk to me then I really heard something out there I told him to look and see what was going on out there and to close the window. It had been about 20 minutes since I had looked the first time. He looked and said the dog is lose. We had to go out and catch her.

I told RC this went on and I don’t think he really thought it was or it was as I was saying. Then when he started coming over and staying there was a few nights we were laying there and hear something out there. He got up a few times and went out there to see what it was. We could hear them walking around and going threw the yards around us but couldn’t see them for all the trees mess grew up in the yards. He jumped the fences and tried to follow them or catch them but we couldn’t. It don’t help that my house sits in the middle of a bunch of empty houses either. I can’t wait to move. The people two doors down said they heard my alarms going off. I woke up at like 2 in the morning before with the cop beating on my door. The same people seen a guy messing around the houses. I told the cups then all the problems me and the kids had and the things that went on. They didn’t seem to want to hear it or care. Just another reason I want to move out of this state. This isn’t the first place we have lived that this has went on so we know it is someone following me and watching me. But we would be here all night. I my work on some post of other things that has happen and what we have been threw over the years.


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