I hadn’t been out in a while not since before I found out I was pregnant. After all that has went on the last few months and all the stress I finally got a chance to go out last night. I have been talking to my friend that I talk to after me and ex split up for a while. We decided to get together and hang out for a bit. I got ready and went by and seen a few friends before I went and then stopped at another’s house to drop some stuff off to her because I left a little early. He had said between 7 an 8. I called him and told him I was in his area he needed to tell me how to get there. He moved since I seen him last. He said he was just getting ready to take a shower he been later than he thought. I told him to just call me when he was done no big deal I would hang out with her for a little big longer. So he did and I went over. He scared the hell out of me before I even got out of my truck. Where he leaves it is really tight getting in and out of  it sits right against this little store. So he told me to park at the store over by where the rigs park and come over. When I got there I called to find out what one was his and tell him I was there. It just rang and rang. I open my door and turned to get my stuff. I figured I would run in the store and call him when I came out. The phone was laying there still ringing why I was getting my stuff. All of a sudden behind me toward the back of my truck I heard something and as I turned around someone said something I couldn’t see them but could tell they were close to me. I started to slam my door when I seen him and he was laughing. I got a new truck since I talk to him I didn’t know if he seen pictures or not because I hadn’t seen him. I guess he seen me pull in and figured it was me because it is the same kind I had just different color.

We hung out talked and things for a while. He asked me when my curfew was. I asked him why he thought I would have a curfew he said he didn’t know what time I wanted to be home or needed to be home. I just told him I didn’t have one but I liked to be home before the kids got up at 7 or 8. Since we are all staying together when they aren’t here and I go out I can come in when ever. I just don’t want them to know I was out all night. Some things just aren’t for them to know. He said good you can stay with me for a while then. I ended up being there couple of hours and coming home. We laid down and I tried for a while to go to sleep but I just couldn’t sleep.

I would start to fall a sleep and then wake back up. I just had this feeling something was wrong I needed to go home. I had it since I left but everything was fine when I left. My big boy had a little cough he has had for a few days but seemed fine. I finally got up and got ready. Then I woke him up and told him I was sorry but I was going to go. He just said ok he had been sleeping. I called my friend when I got outside she was busy. I said talk to me until I get to my truck lol so she did.

I got home and walked in and my big boy was passed out on the couch. That is not him to be sleeping at like 10. He is one who is up late. I could tell by looking at him something was wrong. I walked over and touched him and he was on fire. I felt his head and back and things and he was just on fire all over. I felt his chest and his heart was racing. When I tried to wake him up he wouldn’t get up. He would just roll his eyes around and mumble something and sleep. I finally got him up checked his temp and it was 103.5. I gave him some meds and a big bottle of tea I had and told him to drink it and get his shoes on. I took him to the ER I was worried it was so high so fast and that his heart was racing so bad. My daughter said he told her his head hurt earlier the last time he told me that he ended up having a really bad ear infection. Being Saturday night I didn’t want to wait til Monday to have him looked at not with fever that high for sure. Thank goodness the ER was empty. They took us right back took his temp again it was still 103.3. I had just gave him meds 30 minutes before we got there they gave him more then gave him something for coughing and did a flu test. We were there for about and hour waiting on the test and everything. They said it wasn’t the flue it was bronchitis they gave him meds and let us come home. He is back to normal today just the cough again. I am going to give him some treatments with the alkalol. It really helps to clear it all up most the time.

It agervates me because I come in and he is laying there so sick. I go to find his dad and he is sleeping. I wake him up and he says I just checked on him about 3o minutes ago I felt his arm he seemed ok I covered him up. Then he tells me how he had been a sleep for an hour or more he thought he was just tired. He knows that he never goes to sleep that early unless he is sick and something is wrong. He also knows that he has to check more than his arm if he thinks something is wrong. I don’t know what he was thinking. Then he says you think I’m a bad dad don’t you and your judging me because I did’t know he was sick. Well you should have known that something was wrong when he went to sleep at like 8. When he was laying there you could just look at him and see something was wrong he looked bad.

I feel bad because it was really awkward when I was at my friends house because it was bothering me. I told him when I got to the ER what was going on. He seemed to understand. He knows he has a daughter that lives with him.


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