I have to say I am so very proud of my big girl they got their report cards a few weeks ago and she did very well on it. I think she got all A’s and a B. It was A’s and B’s I know that. The other day she come home all excited she got a certificate for making honor roll. This from the girl who went from what would be honor roll 3 years ago to failing 2 years ago. I went to the school and talked to them about help for her and everything I could do. But they didn’t help her. I took her out of school and put her in a charter school about 10 miles a way from my house. with in 9 weeks she pulled her grades up from all most all failing to all but one passing and by the next 9 weeks they were all passing grades. To back on honor roll with in a year. I help her when she needs it and the teachers help her when she needs help. They always make time and take the time to help any of the kids. I hate that the kids won’t be in their schools when we move a way but at the same time I think my big boy will get more help if we move a way and I think the schools will be better for her too. I think that not only will she do good grade wise but she will have chances to do things that they don’t do in the schools around here. I just had to brag on my baby girl she is doing so good and is such a great kids.


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