This is not the news I wanted to come back with after having an uneventful few days. But I guess it is what life has decided should be thrown my way next. My mom called tonight to see if I had the money I borrowed the other week and why I hadn’t brought it by to her. Then tells me how she hasn’t been there and she has been like 50 miles a way. How would I have brought it to her I am thinking but didn’t say anything. I just told her I been dealing with sick kids and that ex forgot to take it to work with him to drop off after work. He goes right by their house every day so instead of spending gas to go down there.

Then she starts telling me how she has went to the doctor the last few days and that she had a mama graham. She says they called her right a way to come in about it and told her that she has 3 spots the size of marbles or bigger that she needs to get taken care of right a way. They said they are very consistent with a certain kind of breast cancer and that she should not wait to be seen. She has no insurance she worked for a small apartment complex for years that only had two employees. Since then she got married and has helped her new husband run his business and it is just the two of them so they don’t have any. It is way to much for just the two of them.

They told her she could go to the health department here and they maybe able to help her but that it would take her months to go threw them and get sent somewhere to get it looked at and tested and that she didn’t have months to wait. They did blood work and said that there is something wrong with it and it either has something to do with the liver or the bones. If this is cancer it could be bad enough it has spread. They don’t know I guess why the test show the way they are. That is yet more test to get done to figure that out. They are calling around tomorrow to see what it will cost to get a doctor and have the lumps tested. But I don’t think she is going to find one to do it because most the doctors around here will not take cash patients they want some form of insurance or they won’t see you. I have no clue what she is going to do. I am so worried, scared and upset.

All that I am going threw with the baby and me and RC not being together, trying to find a job and figure out how/where we are going to move at the end of the month and my grandpa being sick. God must think I am like the strongest women there is out there or something. Because the things he keeps throwing at me and he isn’t even letting me get one figured out before he is throwing the next.


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