Tonight I am sitting here looking around on facebook and it pops up and says that father of the year is in a relationship. It is some girl that lives around here she knows a few people I am friends with. She looks for miller to me but not sure from where.  Probably heard friends talking about her and seen her around since she is like me from here. It isn’t a big area everyone knows everyone.

I ask him about her because he told me the other day he had met someone else online and was talking to them. I said this is the girl you just met online and started talking to your in a relationship with her and never even met her. He said he had met her once. Today at lunch time and he had met her on you guessed it the meet me site for facebook. He is in a relationship with someone he has talked to for a week and met once a few hours ago. This doesn’t scream desperate at all. Unless she breaks up with him they will be together forever. He is worse than most women when it comes to having to have someone there and being in a relationship. Like I said before he don’t care what it’s like how good or bad it is he will stay as long as they will he won’t break up with them. Because then he will be alone and have to find someone else. He says they just started “dating” today but it says the first of November.

We all ready talked the other week about the kids and that if either of us got with someone that the kids were not going to be taken around them until we had been with them for a while and it seemed that it was really going somewhere. Shouldn’t be a problem with this one she only has one kid and she is like 18 so she probably isn’t going to want kids around anyway.

Oh and the best part he has started off not being upfront with her already. The plan is we are going to be moving out of state Feb or March. It is November we are making plans an arrangement for this move throwing a way and giving a way everything that we don’t have to have and everything. Not like we are just talking about maybe doing this. The house is empty other than beds t.v’s and personal stuff we have to go threw and pack. He is going into this hoping for something that is going to be long term but then don’t tell her this upfront before they decide to do this. I wasn’t planing on moving for 2 years but I told RC up front and made it very clear that this wasn’t something I was just thinking about doing but something I was making plans to do. I just had to get things settled and get some money saved. So if we were going to be together and we were looking at something long term he should know that and was he willing to move to. I didn’t have a place picked out or anything that was something we would do together. But I wanted to know that if we were still together he was willing to move too. I am moving now because of what happen and the fact that at this point I am starting over and I’m not starting over now and then in a year move again and start over again. Plus right now why ex isn’t going to fight me to keep the kids here I want to go. If he changes his mind he could keep me here just like RC threaten to do and he has more of  a chance of doing it than RC because the kids are older and he has always been in there everyday life for the most part. Oh well just find it amusing how quick people can do things and how deceiving they can be. To get what they want and not care about the other person. I just don’t see how people can be that way toward other people.


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