I hate green peppers but love the filling for them. My kids are the same way. My ex was the only one that would eat the peppers and if we have guest. I found a way to make them with out baking them. I can’t see waiting 30 minutes or so for one persons to cook why everyone else gets cold.

2 lbs ground meat chuck, turkey whatever you prefer

1 1/2 cups uncooked rice

one large can tomato sauce plus one reg can

4 to 6 green peppers

1 medium size onion

oregano, basil, garlic powder to taste

shredded cheese


Mix rice in 3 cups of water and put on to boil, cut up onion and put it and meat in skillet add spices.

while rice and meat cook cut tops off of peppers take seeds out and wash. meat and rice should be close to being done.

put peppers in large pot of water and put on to biol.

in meantime drain meat when it is done and mix it and rice together add large can of sauce and mix well. Put on med/low heat to warm.

in small pan or in microwave safe bowl heat small can of sauce.

watch your peppers boil to desired tenderness then remove from pot. for tender but not wilted looking 2 to 3 minutes. just depends how tender you want them.

Once rice and beat mixture is hot add cheese and stir

Stuff the peppers cover in sauce and serve


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Peppers

  1. Great recipe. I will try it tomorrow. I just posted my marinated red pepper recipe just minutes ago. Great minds… Please continue sharing!

    1. Thank you I will probably be making these tomorrow if not very soon. My 7 year old was asking me about them today ad upset we didn’t have any left. He don’t understand I made them over a week ago they wouldn’t have been good. Please leave a comment let us all know how you liked them. We all love them.

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