{November 7, 2012}   Was I The Only One Who Didn’t Care

About the election this year? I haven’t said anything for or against anyone or about it all this time why everyone has been going back and forth over who should or shouldn’t win. I have had to much going on to think about it or research it and try to figure out who I thought was best for the job. Nor did I really feel that my vote would really make a difference in who did or didn’t win. There for all the time and energy I put into researching deciding and then voting if I had done it would be a waste. So gasp hang me throw stones at me or whatever you feel the need to do. But no I did not vote nor did I care to this year.

I have said that Obama would win this year from the time everyone started talking about the election and who was going to win. Just like with Bush everyone complained about him for years and they said so many people weren’t going to vote for him and everyone was so sure that he wasn’t going to serve another 4 years. Then all of a sudden things happened and all of a sudden they needed to recount votes and this and that was wrong when it looked as if he had lost or was losing. Recount a few votes here and there and all of a sudden he has went from losing to wining. Pretty much anymore if you can win and get in for the first 4 years your pretty much guaranteed the next 4 no matter what you do or don’t do no matter how much you screw up or don’t screw up. They already said an hour or two ago that there are already votes in Ohio that can’t be counted for 10 days because of something that is wrong.

I am sure that my view of things are way different than everyone else’s but it’s just that it is my view and how I feel. I most of  the time keep my thought on this kind of thing to myself but I just find it funny how surprised and upset people are that Obama has won. I also find it funny how excited and happy the others are that he won. It’s like hello did you really think that anyone else was going to get it besides him?

How can they even say that anyone has won when some of the polls haven’t even closed yet. I remember 4 years ago when they were saying he had won them showing people in line waiting to vote. Proves my point again that does your vote really count?

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