Not really a recipe but a quick and Favorite of my kids. I was looking for something super fast but good and some what healthy for dinner, one of them night where dinner time came and went and you didn’t even notice. Digging threw the kitchen I found a big bag of rolls and a bunch of the Campbell’s thick and chunky soups I had gotten for lunches. I took the rolls got one of the small cups of the kids and made a hole in the middle of the rolls. Then let the kids each pick what soup they wanted. Heated the soup up and put it in the rolls and serve nice hearty filling warm dinner for a cool night. To me probably a lot healthier than a box of burger helper, hot dogs or something out of a bag in the freezer. Can do the same thing with a homemade pot of soup. Kids like them either way but prefer if I do the cans so they can pick their own soups out. I put the bread I cut out of the middle in a bag in the freezer and use it for meatloaf or meatballs.


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