I was up all night watching my baby because his fever kept trying to spike up there to high. Finally this morning it started to stay down and we finally went to sleep after everyone went to school and work. I never heard my phone go off when my dad called. Before I even got up once I woke up my cousin was calling she told me she just got off the phone with her mom and that he had passed.

She is worried her mom is taking it really really hard. I am worried about my dad too. I know he is probably taking it really hard. They were all really young when my grandma passed a way she was only like 37. My dad was very close to her and one of the oldest of the kids and helped take care of her and things. He didn’t go to her furale back then and it all still really bothers him. He has been up there most of the last few weeks and helping take care of his dad now. I know it is all coming back to him and bothering him. I didn’t want to call him my mom tried and didn’t get him. He finally called me around 230 and said that he had passed about 1:05. I told him I knew and he broke down. I couldn’t really understand anything he said after that. I finally just said he had to go. Me and my cosine are getting everything with the kids straight and heading up there. My dads side of the family all have or have had a problem with drinking and her mom was already saying something about everything and just going out and drinking. We are worried about the two of them together. So we are going up to spend the night and things.


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