I knew not to go up there tonight I just had a bad feeling about it. My poor baby boy was still really sick and there wasn’t really anything I could do up there. But I wanted to be there for my dad and of course my aunt too. My cousin said she was going alone so I figured I would ride up with her and keep her company and she wouldn’t be there alone dealing with it all. Ex got his mom to come help him with the kids since they are sick and things. I went up. We left here at 4 and got there at like 5:30. My aunt leaves right as we were getting there and said she was going out. My dad stayed home so he was there. He was doing a lot better than he was earlier when I talked to him. I couldn’t understand anything he was saying. We sat around there and talk to him until about 7 and went out to get dinner. We called my aunt when we were leave to so we could pick her up she got out but couldn’t get home go figure. She says no it’s only 8:30. I could tell my cousin was mad but we went home. she called at 10:30 and wanted us to come and get her. She talked like it was just around the corner. We go to get her it’s across town somewhere on these back roads we have no idea where we are get lost and everything else. Then we get there and she sits there for another hour before she leaves. I wasn’t happy she wasn’t. Then she says her friend needs a ride and my grandpa’s girlfriend was with them. We drop the one girl off and head home and my aunt starts about shit that has to do with my mom nothing to do with me I don’t even know anything about it and getting all nasty and things. My cousin told her a few times she needed to drop it and this wasn’t the time or the place and shit for it. She I don’t care and on and on. I didn’t say a word but I wasn’t happy. I am already dealing with more than I want to be or should have to be right now. Now my grandpa passed a way today on top of it all. I am just not in the mood to put up with drunk and shit that has nothing to do with me. We got home and she went in the other room. I had my phone I started trying to find someone to come around and tell ex to call me because his phone  is messed up and I didn’t have his moms number. By now it is 12 am. Everyone slowly went to bed. My phone just and hour before had been blowing up. I finally called my one friend who lives about 6 blocks a way and got her she got up ran over and got him. He drove all the way up there to get me. I tried and tried to get my one friend that lives right next to me where ex was staying when he first moved and couldn’t. He got a hold of me about 230 am. Wanting to know if I was ok and what was going on. I told him and that I had it taken care of that ex was a few miles a way at that point.

I said I guess they went to bed I don’t know don’t care I’m just taking my shit and I am leaving. They will figure out I’m gone when they come out or they wake up. He said that don’t sound like you to not say anything and leave like that. I said yeah I know but if I don’t it is going to get nasty because I’m not going to keep taking it and not say anything.

Dead or a live it is still my grandpa’s house we are all in and he did just pass today. My dad is here and that is his dad too. I have more respect for the two of them to come there and start at a time like that. But after I drop everything and leave my sick baby to be there for them. I am not going to sit there and be disrespected like that for to long and not say anything. I know it wouldn’t have been dropped and she would have been saying stuff about it in front of others tomorrow. I would have loved to just knocked the hell out of her and went on. But it wasn’t the right time or place. Just like it wasn’t the right time, place or even person to bring that up to.

I finally told my dad not long before ex got there he was coming and if he wanted to go home to get his stuff I was leaving and he would be there in a minute. I know my brother was coming up sometime today early to get him I figured save the trip. He said he was going to tell them we were leaving I don’t know if he did or not. I got my bag and got in the car to leave because I knew she would say something about that and I may have snapped then.


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