I can’t believe it is 4 am and I am still awake on a night like this. We have to be at the place for the family viewing before my grandpa’s service. Then we have the viewing for everyone else and the service right after. I don’t know what to expect today out of anyone. I know his sister is going to be there I have never met her but I know that the rest of the family don’t get along with her. Then everything that was said why I was up at his house. I don’t know if anything else is going to be said about that or not.

I just don’t understand how people can act the way they do when someone passes I have never seen anything like it. It’s like no one even thinks about the person that just passed all they think about is what they are getting and what the everyone else is getting that they may not get. That shouldn’t even be the reason anyone is there. That is the last thing that is on my mind when I have to go to something like that. I wasn’t there any time that anything was gone threw or anything like that. My grandpa gave my dad and my brother some things he wanted them to have before he passed. He knew it wasn’t long and he wanted them to go ahead and take it. My cousin said she got a a couple things up there when they were going threw stuff over the weekend and my brother got a few things when they went back up. Not one of them has said is there anything that you want or would you like this or that or something that was his at all. Nor have a asked about any of his stuff. Yeah that is my grandpa and I loved him and things and it would be nice to have something of his but it isn’t a big deal. I have pictures and memories of him and that is good enough. I’m not going to go up there and say something or throw a fit like some of them because I didn’t get anything or someone got what I wanted. I can’t really think of anything he would have had that I would really want. My dad did call and ask me if I wanted a few of his records he had that they gave him. He said there were a few in there of someone he thought I liked. I told him I didn’t have anything to play them on and with moving and things I didn’t want them to get lost or something happen to them. They should all stay together. If I took anything I would have liked to have one of his guns and maybe a knife. He collected guns he had a large collection and some knifes. I know if I asked my dad he would give me any one of them probably because he got all the knifes and a lot of the guns.

I just bothers me a funereal and things is supposed to be about the person and supporting the family and they act like they don’t even care that he passed a way. Just like her jumping on me that night about stuff that had nothing to do with me. She didn’t care that that was my grandpa that just passed a few hours before. I don’t know why it would matter to her hell it was her dad and she was out the door and to the bar just as soon as he passed and they got done with taking care of everything with hospice and things.

My grandpa was never that way and would never dream of being that way or treating someone the way they treat each other. They are family he wouldn’t treat strangers or friends the way they treat each other. I don’t know where they get it from. He would be so embarrassed if he was around and they were acting that way. He was embarrassed of them when he was here some of the things they would do.

I went to school about two years ago and I was in class with this lady about my moms age or so. She kept telling me she knew me from somewhere she knew me. After a few days of talking and things I said something about my family being around here forever both sides of it. She asked me who they were. I told her who my dad was and she couldn’t believe it. She said omg your grandpa is so and so. I said yeah she said he is such a great person and just went on and on about how nice he was and how wonderful he was. She said him and my dad use to be such good friends and he helped my dad out so much when they were younger and things. She told me how her dad didn’t know how to read and things when he was younger and he needed work and stuff. My grandpa did surveying all his life I just about from what I have been told. He did all of the surveying for the first mall we had around and here and things. She said my grandpa got him a job with him and taught him how to read and how to do the job and everything else. She said your grandpa did so much for our family and helped us so much when I was little. It seems like anyone you talk to always talks about how nice he was and how he would help everyone and things. I do have to say my dad is a lot like him in ways but then in ways they are really different but for the most part they both would do anything they could for you. Why the rest are just out to see what they can get from you.


R.I.P. Grandpa Miss you more than you will ever know already. But your in heaven with grandma and Carol now. Not sure how that all works but guess your figuring it out 😉



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