{November 20, 2012}   Finally Going To The Doctor

Today someone finally decided to call me back and make an appointment for me to get in and be seen. I have only been trying since the first. Then she tells me she has one at 7:45 am. This is insane it is a half hour or more a way from me. And I have my little one to take care of and drag out in the cold. Plus the fact that I haven’t been sleeping at all at night. I ask her if she has anything later and she said next week. I figured I better jump on this and take it because who knows what will happen between now and next week. I want to get in and be seen so that the first if everything is fixed I can get into my doctor. Then she tells me the nurse will see you and do a check and everything that same day so expect to be here for at least 3 hour. Like it’s no big deal and I don’t have a life and should feel so honored to spend 3 hours there. I just said ok and hung up. Of course no one is able to baby sit for me that early in the morning for 3 freaken hours. Knowing them it will probably be a lot longer. Everyone knows this so they don’t want to say yes they will watch him then get stuck with him when it is time they have to do something. This should be fun I trying to keep him from leaving the room and not mess with stuff why I am getting all checked out. Of course I will be undressed so he can’t get out of the room or I am just SOL big time. I have so much I need and want to talk to them about but don’t know if I will get to by the time they get me back there to be seen. It will depend on what kind of mood he is in and if he is throwing a fit. I hope that they give me a day and time to come back for a ultra sound soon seeing as I am 20 weeks already. They would probably do one then but having him with me I am sure they probably won’t. I still at 20 weeks yesterday haven’t felt any movement so they may want me to go ahead and get one done asap. I don’t know. I am just hoping for the best with him. He don’t like to sit in his stroller long and he likes to get into everything. If I have him in the stroller and he cant get out he will have a fit and then starts yelling bye over and over again wanting to leave.

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