My mom went to the doctor today and she needs 4 biopsies done on her breast. This is going to cost $4000. They are trying to figure out what to do now. They told her that they could do a MRI for around $1000 but it won’t tell them for sure if it is or isn’t cancer. They look for different things to see if they think it is. If they think it is then she still needs the biopsy. She has the 3 places in one side and a different looking place in the other she has had for years. But they didn’t think the one place was really anything to worry about and didn’t think she needed the biopsy done on it. The other 3 on the other side all just came up the last year or so and right a way when they seen them they felt she needed them done. But now she says the side they told her not to worry about all this time is really sore and painful all the time the 3 they are really worried about aren’t. They think they should go ahead and do all 4 at one time.

I asked her why they didn’t just do one of the breast that has 3 places and see what it showed since they all look the same. She said they don’t do it that way because even if they all look the same one might be cancer and the others may not. If they don’t get the right one then they say it is nothing when the one is. But I would think that if they are that close to and they are that worried about them that if one is cancer and the others would be too. With the blood work all messed up also it seems that it is pretty likely to be cancer. She says the doctor didn’t seem as worried as the first one and the person who read the test but he still wants her to get something done to check them farther.

I don’t know what she is going to do. We are going to check into some places around who help women who have things like this to get the test they need and things and hope that they can help in some way. Even if they have a doctor that will do it at a lesser rate or something. Maybe they can come up with part of it at least. I just wish they would get it done so that she knows and can get something done about it if it is. The longer they wait the worse it is going to be. She said they are a little bit bigger than a pea. They take like 6 places off of each one and test them. It seems like no bigger than they are that would be the whole thing but I guess it isn’t. Wish they could just take them out like that why they are in there since they are so small.


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